Latest Kettlebells Workout for Professional Athletes

A kettlebell is an exercise device that is easy to use. It is like a cannon ball of cast iron with a handle which can be easily carried around. Training with kettlebells is a very useful workout for everybody. It is very beneficial to athletes for their professional training.

The exercises done with this are precise and many muscles are involved to move the weight. As more energy is used, so more calories are burnt. The exercises help to make muscles strong and it builds the muscles vigorously. Cardio as well as weight training exercises are combined together in the workout.

Workout for Professional Athletes

Working out with kettlebells one must be very careful to perform the exercise in a correct manner and the movements must be perfect. Professional athletes are using these weights to increase stamina and strength as these two qualities are needed in sports.

Sports persons like football players, boxers, and swimmers need stamina, while strength is required for dancers, weight lifters, and tennis players.

A good posture is very essential during the workout in order to get the maximum gain. While lifting the weights the movement has to be quick and forceful. Your breathing must be regular. You will learn better as you train with kettlebells. A full body workout can be completed in about 20 minutes. It burns more calories than any other exercise equipment. You burn about 20 calories a minute.

Many exercises for weight training like bench presses, rows and curls can be done with kettlebells. With fast workouts like snatches, cleans, jerks etc. best results are achieved.

Kettlebell Deadlift

The basic exercise with these weights is the swing. It is a deadlift movement in which the body weight must be on the heels and the back should be kept straight. Deadlift is the basic pattern of movement in which lower body is used to create force, especially at the hips, so that the upper body can lift the weight from the ground.

Kettlebell Swing

In sports when you need to push, throw or swing, the force is transferred to the upper body by the hips. So more force is produced which gives better control. When you swing a kettlebell in front of you between your legs, same pattern of movement is produced in the hips and legs.

Kettlebell Squat Press

In this exercise force is produced using hips and legs and it is transferred to the upper body, combining squat and shoulder press. This is important for weight lifting and in combat sports.

Benefits of Training with Kettlebells

  • Cardio and weight lifting training can be done at the same time.
  • Workout can be done anywhere, and less pressure is put on the joints.
  • Stamina improves and you get a better posture, which is very important for athletes.
  • Muscle mass is built, and you gain strength, muscles are stretched well so you become flexible.
  • Training with kettlebells is a complete workout.


Kettlebells are small in size so these can be kept in a small place and can be easily carried around. Athletes can take them with them where ever they go. They can have a lean and strong body and enjoy the benefits of working with kettlebells.

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