Kettlebells for Commercial Gym & Home Gym

A kettlebell is a ball like exercising equipment with a handle at the top made of cast iron. It traces its origin back in Russia and resembles a kettle hence it name. For a comprehensive exercise in body fitness, one cannot work out with other gym exercising equipment and afford to ignore a kettlebell for its immense importance in physical workout.

Health importance of using kettlebell
Use of kettlebells to work out in the gym be it in a home based gym or commercial gym is among the best and recommended ways of improving your functional fitness. The reason for this is that when you are exercising using kettlebels, lots of different muscles are involved and made to work together as a unit. They help eliminate tension mostly those on your neck (especially those causing headaches) and eliminates muscular imbalances. Since they include several groups of muscles at the same time, kettlebells are quite demanding and thus improves your cardiovascular system.

The use of these equipments in exercising helps one greatly reduce and cut on their fats. This results from the intense work out involved with lifting kettlebell which leads to usage of a lot of energy in the body and hence burning substantial amounts of calories. Should you have a problem with the size of your body do not hesitate to get yourself a kettlebell or exercise with one.

Are you a white collar worker and experiences regular back pain and a tense neck? Well, the problem with is that you’ve got a weak rear kinetic chain and the best way to have it strong is by exercising using kettlebells. The work out strengthens the rear kinetic chain through the swinging part and not only that but also leaves you with a well-shaped brittle butt.

Types of kettlebells
There are different types of kettlebells ranging from their size, weight and make. Several types include:

· Cast iron kettlebells- these are the most commonly used for muscle building and comprise of a big chunk of iron. Their come in varying sizes and the exercise using these types of kettlebells depend on an individual and how far you want to challenge your shoulders and your general arm’s stability.

· Rubber coated kettlebells- as their name suggests, these kettlebells are coated with rubber unlike cast iron kettlebell and thus are not prone to rust neither do they scratch. They too come in different sizes depending on the weights.

· Vinyl kettlebells- this type consists of kettlebells that are coated by vinyl i.e. a synthetic resin or plastic comprising of different colours thus giving the kettlebell a more sophisticated appeal.

· Pro-series bells/ pro grade kettlelbell- this type has its handles taller assuming a square shape as compared to the other. It moves extremely freely since it’s finished to a high fawn smooth surface which is more spacious.

· Classic kettlebells- these kettlebells generally increase in size as the corresponding weight increases. Meaning a 50 kg kettlebell is more voluminous as compared to a 10 kg kettlebell. They are different from the pro-grade kettlebell since the latter are all uniform in size and the shape of the handle and the bell is constant.

· Kettlebell pack- This type of kettbell comes in a pack of several kettlebells with different kinds of weights e.g. ranging from 4kilograms to 20 kilograms.

The above described kettlebells can be used for commercial purposes i.e. in commercial gyms in order to provide variety and meet the customers’ different needs. However, the pro grade and vinyl kettlebells are recommended for personal use i.e. for home based gyms since they are capable of lasting for a long while without getting damaged or chipped.

A kettlebell is with no doubt essential when it comes to body fitness and exercise. However, it is important to incorporate other different working out equipment for excellent results in your exercise endeavor.

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