Kettlebell Workouts; Self-Training That Restores Body Vitality

kettlebellThe Kettlebell is a cast iron mass resembling a kettle that was originally developed in Russia for the purposes of body fitness. The center of gravity is extended from the arm to facilitate swinging of the arms while exercising. The handle is also conveniently situated for safety and grip while exercising.

Development of the Kettlebells and Target Muscles

These workouts basically target the lower back muscles, legs, shoulders and strengthening the grip. The aim of Kettlebell exercises is to mimic daily muscle activities such as lifting, farm work, running and engaging the whole body muscles in workouts.

They involve a number of repetitions until the particular muscle is exhausted. Due to the holistic nature of the Kettlebell exercises they are excellent for muscle toning and development similar to the high intensity interval training.

According to research, a 20 minute workout of the Kettlebell exercise will burn approximately 14 calories per minute which is roughly equivalent to a running pace of 6 miles per minute.

Various Kettlebell Workouts

  • Wind mill exercises; they are strength training exercises targeting the abdominal, gluteus and hamstring muscles. The weight is lifted upwards with one arm and swing the body sideways as far as possible. This engages the abdominal and gluteus muscles very effectively.
  • The floor press exercises target the chest, abdominal, shoulders and the triceps. They are best for a beginner and you lie down flat on the back with two weights next to the shoulder. Lift the Kettlebells upwards above the chest repeatedly in a vertical motion for the best results.
  • Hang clean exercises target the hamstrings, biceps, forearms, lower back, traps and the gluteus. While standing upright, the weights are lifted at the fore center of the body and repeatedly pulled to the shoulders. Due to the muscle orientation this movement has a huge muscle toning effect.
  • Kettlebell row workouts target the middle back and involve repeated lifting of the weights towards the stomach while bending forward. This effectively engages the muscles of the middle back of the body as well as the biceps.
  • Front squats: These target the quadriceps, the calves and the gluteus. Lift the weights to the shoulders and squat repeatedly without moving the position of the Kettlebells.

Benefits of the Kettlebell Exercises to the Body

  • They provide a quick way to burn fat due to the increased metabolic activity of the body. They are a form of high intensity training thus very effective in burning calories.
  • They serve as very effective strength training workouts. The two major body muscles which are the gluteus and the back muscles are worked well using the Kettlebell.
  • They improve joint mobility and the body becomes highly athletic.
  • Body shape is highly improved using the Kettlebell training.
  • They are best for any age body type and will give excellent results.


Kettlebells are training equipments that are very effective in strength training and body fitness. Exercises using these equipments include windmill, floor press, hang clean and front squats exercises and are very effective. The main benefits are that they are a good strength training, body shape workouts and good for any age and body type.

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