Kettlebell Therapy in Management of Back Pain

Research has shown that over 80% of adult working population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. The best solution to this problem has not been found yet. It is always important for the person to look back and find out the factors leading to the development of back pains.

Development of Back Pain in Working Adults

There are various causes of back pains. These include ;

  • Mechanical problems; the most common form is referred to as vertebral disk degeneration. The disks located in the vertebrae of the spine break down with age causing persistent back pain.
  • Injuries of the spine such as sprains and fractured bones can be a cause of pain. The injuries can occur while lifting heavy objects or working in a bending posture.
  • Acquired body conditions and diseases, these include problems such as scoliosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Spinal stenosis adds pressure to the spine and nerves resulting to pain, while scoliosis produces curvature of the spine with the resulting symptoms occurring during midlife.
  • Infections; they are not a very common cause of back pain but when they occur can cause serious pain. Osteomyelitis is one of the conditions, which leads to back pain because it affects the vertebra.
  • Psychological factors such as stress and depression are also known to influence the severity of back pain. This is due to tensioning of the back muscles.

Determining Best Corrective Exercises

Despite there being many therapies for eliminating back pain, most of them do not completely restore the full functionality of the body. A program should not only seek to remove the pain but also ensure non-recurrence of the pain during work.

Back Pain Management Program

Therapy based on motion of the spine can be an effective remedy for back pain management. Recently, Kettlebell has gained popularity as effective tools for physical recuperation. Research is also ongoing seeking to develop various Kettlebell exercises for sports rehabilitation, spinal health and cardiovascular exercises. A therapy program must be corrective, dynamic and must produce desired results.

Restoring Movement with Natural Physics

One of the basic Kettlebell exercises is the ballistic swing, derived from ballistic exercises. The motions associated with this exercise are angular and centrifugal in nature hence the term natural physics. The importance of this is based on the notion that major human joints are circular hence, these exercises complement natural joints movements.

Effect of Kettlebell on the Posterior Shear of L4 Vertebra on L5

Recent research has credited the Kettlebell swings due to its effect on the L4 vertebra movement on L5.Bioengineers have concluded that ballistic swings enhance better movement of the spinal muscle and kinetic links allowing better body coordination.

Functional Wall Squat

This exercise serves as a good precursor before engaging in the ballistic exercises. It illustrates the correct squatting position to enhance the swinging mechanics. This technique uses the wall or solid structure as a guide to the correct posture and squat position.


The Kettlebell is gaining popularity as a tool for physiotherapy. This has been attributed to the wide range of movements possible with the Kettlebell as well as the circular range of movements done with them. The management of back pain has been one of the medical conditions addressed through the Kettlebell.

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