Full Body Workout with Kettlebell – Strength Workout & Cardio Workouts

Finding time for a good, regular workout can be a challenge for those of us with busy schedules. It makes it very easy to squeeze in a high-intensity, full-body workout in a shorter period of time. The advantage to using a kettlebell is that you are able to get both- a strength workout and a cardio workout at the same time. Working with a kettlebell builds dense muscle mass, that burns more calories. You move through a series of exercises without stopping so your heart rate and metabolism get kicked into high gear as you swing and throw the weight around.

Kettlebell exercises are full-body movements which work both the major muscle groups along with the smaller, stabilizing muscles. You can get a full workout, from head to toe, while using the same piece of equipment. Compared with other exercise equipment, kettlebells are fairly inexpensive and you only need a couple of different weight levels to get an excellent kettlebell workout. Kettlebells are easy to move around and you can store them just about anywhere. That makes them ideal for people with limited space who want to be able to work out at home.

The five components to physical fitness are: muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory efficiency and body composition. Kettlebell training will help you improve in all of these areas. No other piece of equipment will allow you to do a swing like a kettlebell, and no other exercise conditions your body like a swing does. Kettlebells are compact and easily transported. The freedom of movement you have, all the different exercises available, the rhythmic flowing nature of the training itself… it’s enjoyable. Kettlebells allow easier training across body planes. Kettlebells provide a better cardio workout because of the extra movement involved in the standard exercises. The thick handle provides the opportunity for additional grip training. They are more adaptable when it comes to performing various workout routines. Kettlebells provide users with the opportunity to build muscle strength, speed and endurance all at once. Because of the motions involved, Kettlebells stimulate abdominal contraction so that you can exercise the abs without even trying to. You can work out most muscles in your body simultaneously without feeling tired. The unique exercises allow you to build both strength and flexibility in your joints.

They are accepted throughout the world and are used by regular people who hope to lose weight, as well as athletes and bodybuilders. With kettlebells, you’re working a range of different muscle groups and using more oxygen than with a conventional workout that uses weights. One total workout will grant you at least the advantages of a total cardio workout and also a session with weights in a reduce amount of time. Kettlebell training is an excellent way to lose weight, become stronger and get into shape. If we use them right they can make us better, more coordinated and healthier.  Kettlebell workouts can make us stronger, faster, and leaner.

The kettlebell is currently one of the hottest fitness fads of today. They allow you to produce a much higher volume of work leading to greater conditioning and fitness. If done properly, they condition your body to an extent you’ve never experienced before.

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