Kettlebell for Women – Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises For Women

Kettlebell for women

A kettlebell might seem intimidating but the truth of the matter is that it’s your best friend on any workout session. Kettlebell for women are designed to throw them off balance. This at the end of the day forces anyone working out to find a central position that will keep them from falling over. A number of kettlebells have got weight handles; this ensures that you are able to perform different full body exercises. This will burn a lot of calories. The kettles weight also lies below the handle. This ensures that as you move the muscles in your body you try very hard to counteract the momentum gained.

Top 5 Kettle bell exercise for women

When you need to build up enough power that will help you out at the playing field, you need to constantly work with the kettlebell. The exercises must also be performed at a high speed; this is enhanced by most of the kettlebell for women. There are different kettlebell exercises for women that will boost their power. The kettle bell swing is the initial step in creating a good stamina especially when running and stopping. There are also those that are banded, this type of kettlebell routine ensures that you easily build up your acceleration and also deceleration. The other kind of kettlebell workout is the sumo squat jumps. Sumo squat ensures that you always have enough power to get you off the ground especially when undertaking different games. There is also the snatch; this is also a good workout for women who require them to use most of their power from the ankle, knee and hip. The push press is also one best routines, in this case you have to gain more power from your legs then transfer them to the hips then to the rest of the body. It is one way of developing chains of muscles required in most of the sports.

Importance of Kettle bell Training on Women’s Health

There are a lot of benefits that can be gained by many women who undertake this kind of exercises on their health. First of all, anyone who uses the ketellbells is in a position to easily loss a lot fat. This is because the motion produced when using them stimulates growth hormone that produces high energy which is used in burning of the fat in the body. Constant working out with the ketellbells ensures that you develop a maximum capacity for your heart beat rate. This has been renowned as one of the factors which reduce high blood pressure. Many of the women are also able to strengthen their tendons and ligaments. This is important since most of them are known to contract anterior acute ligament.


When you are to buy kettlebell, you have to choose those that suite your weight. Many people do not know how to go about buying them. Therefore, you are required to buy kettlebell from an expert who will determine whether it is authentic for you or not. This will ensure that your health is okay and you are also cool or your physical appearance.

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