Kettlebell – An important Fitness Equipment for Body Building

The kettlebell is one of the most popular and ancient exercise equipment. It is made of solid metal and looks like a cannon ball. The large and curved handle enables us to hold it properly with both the hands. Kettlebells are highly suitable for strength, power and cardio training. They are also used for performing powerful swinging workouts; however it requires expertise and total attention in order to prevent injuries.

It is readily available in various dimensions and weights. You should always start your kettlebell exercise with a small and light kettlebell. And gradually use heavier and larger ones, after you gain confidence, develop flexibility and master the technique. Hence it is recommended that initially, women should not lift a kettlebell that weighs more than 25 lbs. And men should not lift a kettlebell that weighs more than 50 lbs.

This fitness equipment has been used since hundreds of years. And is also the favorite one today, amongst many fitness fans in the local as well as home gyms. This is due to the fact that the kettlebell is one of the best training equipments that provide a total body workout. Using a kettlebell in your regular workout routine helps to develop all the muscle fibers of our body, because it is a combination of cardio exercise and strength training.


Kettlebells basically help to improve your overall fitness level, shape your body, strengthen the muscles, reduce excess fat, and enhance your athletic performance. They are versatile and enable you to get stronger, swifter, and supple. Utilizing this single piece of exercise equipment is same as using several others and replaces many of them. Kettlebells for home gym are widely used by both men and women that include weight lifters, defense personnel, fitness trainers, Olympic athletes, boxers, sportsmen, fire fighters, wrestlers, security guards, body builders, and many more.

The unique shape and functionality of the kettlebell enables us to move the total body. Kettlebell users first need to position their legs, and then bend down for lifting the kettlebell from the ground level. It is thereafter swung back and forth and lifted up to a suitable level; such as the waist, shoulder, or head; and then kept down.

Kettlebells target the muscle groups along the posterior part, upper back and down till the hamstrings. They are also highly effective for maintaining overall health. Both new users and experienced persons prefer kettlebells, since it tones each and every muscle, shapes the body and builds your core. Kettelbells are even useful for weight losing and burning calories.  Moreover, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete a kettlebell workout; hence it also helps to save a lot of time. The best part about using the kettlebell in today’s workout world is that, it is not necessary to visit the local gym for doing a successful workout. You can also use the kettlebells at home, if you are busy and do not have sufficient time to visit the gym. The kettlebell is therefore regarded an important fitness equipment for body building.

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