Interval Training on Treadmill for Rapid Weight Loss

Nowadays interval training on treadmill is preferred, since it helps to burn lots of calories, and quickly lose weight. Interval training basically includes combining and alternating sessions of both high intensity and low intensity training, throughout the duration of the workout. This is due to the fact that, it is relatively hard to burn fat by performing a steady intensity workout on the treadmill. While an interval training on a treadmill leads to rapid fat loss, by burning energy and reducing the fat reserves in our body, during and after the workout. Moreover, our body continues to spend energy, in order to bring itself back to a rest condition for repairing the muscles. Further, since you have executed a comparatively difficult workout, the body needs more energy. As a result it increases your metabolism and the body rapidly burns fat. Hence running at specific intervals on a treadmill, enables you to run at a higher intensity than normal. Besides, the short and sudden variation in speed; helps to burn more calories and reduce the excess fat deposited in your body.

Interval Training

Actually the timing of the workout is highly significant while performing interval training on a treadmill. It is therefore important to fix and maintain the interval timings. An interval may range from minimum 10 seconds to maximum 3 minutes. A typical interval training session is described further. To begin with you should first warm up before starting a high intensity, fat burning workout. This is done by slowly walking or lightly jogging for five to 10 minutes, in order to enhance blood circulation and warming up the muscles. You should then increase your speed and run as fast as you can for the next 30 seconds. And must thereafter slow down and run at an average pace for the next four and a half minutes. You should repeat the above steps four to six times for a comprehensive workout. It is better to do this exercise thrice a week, on alternating days for six weeks. This is a good fat burning treadmill workout, since the high intensity intervals are short.

Weight Loss

Further, you must gradually increase the length of the intervals after a few weeks. You should now run at your fastest speed for one minute. It is better to try running around 7 mph; and then return back to a slow jog or easy walk for the next one minute. Repeat this session 10 times. Hence by spending 20 minute for this high intensity interval training, you can effectively burn more calories. Moreover, you should decrease the recovery time, and increase the length of the high intensity workout after a month. Thereafter you should run as fast as possible for three minutes, and continue at a moderate pace for two minutes. You should also cool down after every high intensity interval training session. Repeat this session for one hour, three times a week on alternate days. Hence interval training on treadmill is recommended for rapid weight loss.

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