Increasing Fitness and Losing Weight with the Help of a Cross Trainer

These days, lots of individuals perform various exercises and use suitable exercise equipments in order to lose weight. The cross trainer is one of the training machines that is widely utilized for weight reduction. Besides this, it also provides many other health benefits such as toning your muscles, and enhancing your aerobic capacity. A cross trainer even assists you to get into shape and attain your fitness objectives.

A vast range of cross trainers, are now manufactured in order to provide a better workout. They have various features; you can provide your weight and age in some models and the machine will tell you the approximate number of calories you will burn during the workout. While some cross trainers have handles in order to engage your arms during the workout. It thereby enables you to burn more calories in a session.

Further, a predesigned exercise regimen offers a broad variety of cross training workouts. This helps you to prevent dullness and select an interesting exercise program. And since cross trainers have low impact on the joints, it enables you to perform longer training sessions without straining your hips, back, and knees.

Elliptical Trainer

The cross trainer is also referred to as an elliptical trainer. This cardio machine has now become very popular amongst many fitness fans. Hence it is commonly used in the local gyms as well as the home gyms. The elliptical trainer permits you to mimic the foot pattern of walking or running; and yet it does not have a high impact on the joints. Therefore health professionals suggest including the elliptical trainer in your exercise routine.

Elliptical training is also regarded as an aerobic exercise. It basically involves using a large number of muscles, continuously in a rhythmic manner. Moreover, this type of training requires the lungs as well as the heart to quickly supply blood and oxygen to our working muscles. Thus exercising regularly with the elliptical will improve our aerobic capacity, and enable the heart to supply blood, efficiently to our body. This will finally increase your aerobic fitness level.

Elliptical trainers are highly beneficial in body shaping as well as calorie burning. It also helps to lose weight, when you follow a proper diet. Actually the weight of the body is directly related to the amount of calories spent. For instance a 180 pound individual will expend about 900 calories in an elliptical workout of 60 minutes. While a 250 pound individual will burn about 1200 calories during the same elliptical workout.

Elliptical training over a period of time helps to shape the working muscles such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. The latest elliptical models have handles that help to tone your upper body and arms. And increasing the resistance on the elliptical will assist you to perform an intense workout for the lower body muscles. You can therefore increase fitness and lose weight at your own home gym with the help of a cross trainer. However it is advisable to first consult a health expert, before initiating an exercise program.

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