Important Variants of Bench Press

Bench press is a staple exercise of the bodybuilders usually performed for strengthening the upper muscles of the body. The exercise helps in development of pectorals, deltoids, and triceps of the trainer. All the upper body major muscles and also the supporting muscles including anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapulae fixers and trapezii are best trained with different kinds of bench press movements. Bench press is performed using weights on a weight bench. Depending on the types of weight used, angle and the way the exercise is performed there are different classifications in bench press.

Depending on the weights used, bench press can be classified into the following

Dumbbell Bench Press

Bench press performed with dumbbells is a dumbbell bench press. In a dumbbell bench press trainer grasps two dumbbells firmly in his hands while lying on the weight bench performing different sorts of movements to create stress in muscles which helps in their toning. Dumbbell bench press works wonders for chest development. It not only trains the major chest muscles but also provides good exercise for overall upper body muscles including the secondary muscles because with dumbbells wide range of motions are possible that might not be possible with other forms like barbell bench press. Dumbbell press is safer because it is easy to drop the dumbbells in case of any accidents.

Barbell Bench Press

For those looking for intense chest or upper body training, barbell bench press is good alternative to dumbbell bench press. In the dumbbell bench press, when the lifter reaches a certain strength, he witnesses awkwardness of holding a big dumbbell and getting it into position which seriously limits his strength but with barbell which is balanced on both sides with rod is much systematic form of load which can be conveniently be used for intense exercising of muscles and fibers in those muscles. Therefore a barbell bench press with heavier weights can also help in much calorie loss too and is definitely a good exercise for body shaping too.

Depending on the position or angle at which the exercise is performed bench press can be classified as

Flat Bench Press

A bench press is also called as flat bench press usually. A flat bench press is a regular bench press that is performed while lying flat on back parallel to ground. The flat bench press is good for the pectoralis major muscle especially the lower as well as the anterior deltoid muscle workouts. It is good for overall chest and upper shoulder training.

Incline Bench Press

Compared to flat position of flat bench press, incline bench press is performed while rising up at an incline. The position of a trainer in incline bench press will be similar to position of a person while reclining in a chair which means the shoulders are at elevation while the pelvis at lower position. This inclined position helps to target the upper chest muscles. The only problem with incline bench press is that it cannot be performed using such heavier weights that are possible with flat bench press.

Decline Bench Press

Decline bench press is performed at reverse angle. Here the pelvis is at elevated position while the head being at lowered angle. The workout performed in this declined position bench press is a great work out for the lower chest muscles.

Apart from these there are still other secondary variants of bench press like flat dumbbell bench press, flat barbell bench press, incline and decline variants of barbell and dumbbell bench press, close grip bench press, reverse grip bench press etc. With so many strategies and methods for bench press workout, it is really important for a trainer to select a right bench press strategy or method that gives him the best results.

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