Importance of Punching Bag for Boxers – Types of Punching Bags widely used in Boxing

Punching BagThe punching is basically a stuffed bag made of a tough material such as leather or vinyl, and usually weighs between 50 and 100 pounds. It is also commonly known as a boxing bag, and is mainly used for repeatedly throwing punches. Hence boxers utilize it for building punching power, and enhancing their boxing ability, as well as technique. Moreover boxing workouts are unique and also provide enjoyment.

In fact boxing has been a very popular sport from the early days. Although it is essential to master the boxing skill, the boxing equipment or punching bag also plays an important role. Besides practicing punches, the boxing bags are even utilized for relieving stress. Punching bags are used to improve upon expertise and also to gain strength. Thus both new and professional boxers throughout the world use boxing bags for training.

Punching bags are an important part of boxing training as the bag enables the user to practice striking with full force, without bothering about getting injured by another boxer. A regular punching bag workout helps to thoroughly train the heart and lungs. Boxing bag training actually involves multiple metabolic systems, and hence provides a complete body workout. It is also often used for cardiovascular training.

Punching Bags

Punching bags are normally filled with grains, sand or any other type of shredded material. They are either attached to a stand, or hung from the ceiling with a sturdy chain. The main benefit of the punching bag is that you can fix it anywhere. In fact you can easily keep it in a corner of your room. It saves space, and requires very less maintenance. Boxing bags are used as training tools for boxers to practice punches, kicks and other exercises against a similar solid object, such as a dummy boxing partner.

These days many types of punching bags are widely used for boxing exercises. In fact a broad variety is now available in the market, which sometimes makes it difficult to decide a suitable boxing bag. These boxing bags mainly differ in weight, height, quality and several other factors. Usually leather, canvas or vinyl material is utilized for manufacturing the outer cover of boxing bags. It also has two leather balloons which are placed inside one another and filled with air. A strong synthetic thread, generally nylon is used to stitch the punching bag. Either genuine or artificial leather is normally used for making these boxing bags.

Conclusion: Typically, there are three basic varieties of boxing bags at The smallest variety is generally known as the speed bag. It is fastened at the top and is utilized for developing hand speed, rhythm and coordination. While the largest one is known as the heavy bag. It is cylindrical in shape and mostly standing. They are used to build strength and enhance the foot movements. The third type of boxing bag is normally suspended from the ceiling, and enables the boxer to improve timing. Hence punching bags are widely used for boxers to build power, accuracy and skill.

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