Fitness Among The Masses – Importance of Gym & Fitness Centres in Our Society

Fitness among the masses’ is the order of the day. A healthy being is a happy being and is a good citizen.

Gyms, fitness centres and health clinics are fundamental step if one wishes to curb one’s weight. Scientific studies and research across the world have conclusively proved that regular physical activity with gym equipment leads to a higher life expectancy and better quality of life. Gym is important to exercise and prevent obesity. The importance of exercise with fitness equipment is being recognized increasingly day by day. Exercise makes us fit in body and mind.

Physical fitness includes cardio-vascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. The aim of physical fitness should be the wholesome development of personality. An individual with a well- balanced personality is one who is physically fit, mentally alert, socially outgoing, and morally and ethically sound.

Objectives of physical fitness can be summed up as…

Health and vigour, worthy use of leisure time, improved physical fitness, regular physical activity, self-discipline, stress reduction, improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

Today, more and more people are recognizing the place of fitness for leading a healthy life. Through a well-organized program of proper exercise an individual develops muscular strength, increases endurance, and hence is able to stretch his physical abilities to an optimum level. Regular exercise boosts self-confidence and this aids in the development of individual’s character. It brings about a sense of positive attitude. So, regular exercise has a positive influence on the individual’s personality, character, and works wonders for his self-confidence. Exercise develops your motor -skills and strengthens your reflexes. It develops your eye-hand coordination with a sound body posture. It is a welcome break and which reduces stress and is a source of recreation too.

Today, the scenario is that the young and the old are looking for gyms and fitness programmes to remain fit, free from diseases and look good.  “Prevention is better than cure” is the dictum right down the ages and today people realize how vital it is to exercise and prevent diseases. When an individual develops interest towards health promotion and starts exercising the other members of the family are inspired to follow him and later this chain extends to the community.  In the society today there has been an expansion of gyms and health clubs to cater to the fitness of the public where packages are being offered for individuals and families, so more and more people are joining these fitness programmes.

Physical fitness is an integral part of our life. Through vigorous muscular activity a person modifies his behaviour. A person becomes physically, mentally, socially and emotionally adjusted. Through physical activities a person improves and strengthens his body which is essential for leading a fruitful life. It promotes effective functioning of the body.

Make a commitment to yourself and your body to get fit! Having access to the proper gym equipment and exercising in a luxurious environment with other like minded people has its benefits. You can avail the health benefits of exercising on a variety of equipment in a gym. Going to gym increases your level of commitment towards exercising.

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