How to Test Your Fitness Level with Gym Equipments?

Following are the various steps to test your fitness level with gym equipments


First keep your body straight from your head to heels. Then join your feet together and ensure that your elbows are beneath the shoulders. Now look straight down and continue watching as long as you can. Moreover assure that your hips do not bend, and this test is over when they bend. This helps to test your core strength. You can then perform this test by placing your hands and/or feet on the unstable surface of the exercise ball. You may not be able to hold it for long time, yet it will help to easily do this test on a stable surface. Hence, if you can do this test for less than 1 minute, your fitness level is poor; whereas for 1to 2 minutes it is good; and for more than 2 minutes it is excellent.


Next keep both your feet at a distance of your shoulder width, then turn your toes slightly outwards. Now bend your core such that your thighs are parallel to the ground, and the knees are in line with your feet. Then just push back to the initial position through your heels. When you are unable to maintain a perfect form, this test is over. This will help to test your core, quad, and hamstring strength. You can then swing light dumbbells while walking, to enhance the muscular strength of your legs and glutes. Hence, if you can do less than 16 reps your fitness level is poor; and between 16 to 29 reps it is average; whereas between 30 to 49 reps it is good; and more than 50 reps it is excellent.


To start with, adjust your treadmill incline at one degree, and then run at a steady pace. Basically this is done to test your cardiovascular health. You can run for a distance between 500 and 1000 meters; in order to enhance your aerobic capacity, and to maintain a higher speed for a longer time. Hence, if you can run for 3 minutes or less your fitness level is poor; whereas between 3 to 3.29 minutes it is average; and between 3.30 to 4.29 minutes it is good; and for more than 4.30 minutes it is excellent.


First choose a resistance of level ten on the rowing machine. Then sit upright with your shoulders back and keep your core straight. Now start rowing with your arms and legs. This helps to test the coordination of the upper and lower body muscles. You can perform sets of 250m rows, separated by few minutes of moderate rowing, for increasing your stamina. Hence, if you can do it for 1.30 minutes or less your fitness level is poor; and between 1.31 and 1.44 minutes it is average; whereas between 1.45 and 1.59 minutes it is good; and for 2 or more minutes it is excellent. Hence people can easily test their fitness level with these gym equipments. Further more information about test your fitness level with Gym Equipments, visit -

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