How to Select the Weightlifting Shoes?

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a form of sport that involves developing strength and increase size of skeletal muscles. It involves repeated lifting of weighted bars, pulleys, dumbbells or weight stacks in a gym. The weighted bars upon being lifted oppose the muscle force by eccentric or concentric contraction. Weight lifting targets specific muscles that one concentrates on. Failure to lift in the right form and not practicing precaution guidelines can result in injuries on the back, elbow and legs. Weight lifting is practiced as a sport for competition or just for a desired body image. Some careers require one to have a certain body shape and so weight lifting is a requirement. Personal and VIP security guards engage in weight lifting to be able to tackle security matters easily. The medical benefits of weight lifting include increased insulin sensitivity, reduced blood pressure and increased bone mineral density.

Importance of Wearing Shoes while Weight Lifting

Weight lifting shoes are worn for safety and comfort during the work out. They are worn for stability at the training platform and to protect the weightlifters feet. The shoes ensure that the weightlifter will not strain leg muscles that are delicate thus injuring the feet. Wearing the right shoe can also aid one while lifting weights. The heel of the shoe is made of rubber that bounces back and forth when one is lifting. Wearing weight lifting shoes is mandatory during weight lifting competitions.

Features of Shoes made for Weight Lifters, and How They are different from Other Shoes

The uniqueness of weight lifting footwear is noted on its raised heel. The heel is flexible as it moves when one lifts weight or releases. The form of weight lifting shoe has evolved for the last 100 years. The modern weight lifters shoe is designed without leather and without artificial support. It’s made of a stiffer synthetic material that allows it to bend and stretch at the person lifts weight. The upper part of the shoe should measure 130mm from the sole of the shoe. That means that the shoe should not cover the ankle joint.

Things to Consider when Selecting Shoes for Weight Lifting

When buying shoes for weightlifting one should ensure that they are specific for weight lifting. A good weighting shoe should fit perfectly for comfort. It is important to buy shoes only from reputable companies so as to buy the good quality shoes which can offer best comfort and safety during the weightlifting process. One of the recommended brands for buying of weight lifting footwear includes Adidas.


In conclusion, weight lifting is a sport that is enjoyed by both men and women. It is recommended that before one starts weight lifting they should consult a physician. A physician will ascertain if one is medically fit to train and how far can one take the sport. Weightlifting involves different apparels but most import is the shoe. A belt is also wrapped on the waist of a person to support their back. As a beginner, one should involve a training expert who is best suited to guide on the right form to do the weight lifting. This helps to prevent injuries that can arise during the training.

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