How to Maintain Your Home Gym Equipments for Long Run Use

Home Gym WorkoutNowadays, many individuals prefer to exercise at home as it is relatively economical and convenient. Hence they purchase suitable home gym equipments and either workout in a separate room, or in the corner of their living room, bedroom, basement, garage, etc. After investing a considerable amount in various home gym equipments, it is also necessary to maintain them properly in order to avoid frequent repairs and replacement of some parts, or the complete equipment. Moreover, a well maintained machine will work efficiently and safely. You can thereby prevent accidents and injuries to yourself, or any other person while using the equipment. Besides this, regularly maintained equipments will function continuously for a long time. It will thus have low wear and tear, and less repairing expenses. You should therefore follow the below mentioned steps in order to maintain your home gym equipments.


Gym equipments get dirty easily due to the body sweat and dusty air. Hence you should clean them regularly and use an antiseptic spray that does not contain bleaching agent or alcohol, since it may damage the seat pads or rubber parts. Moreover, after each training session, you should spray the equipment and clean it thoroughly with a clean cloth. Ensure that you clean the whole surface and all the corners of the machine. You should also spray and clean all the weights, and also remove any dirt that may have gathered in the joints and wheels.


Further, you should make sure that all the parts of the gym equipment are tightly connected. This is essential because after regular usage some screws, nuts, or bolts may get loose; and if any loose part comes off while you are exercising, it may cause serious injury, or damage the machine. Hence the joints of the equipment should be checked periodically and loose parts should be tightened accordingly.


It is also necessary to regularly lubricate all the parts of the gym equipment. This is due to the fact that, some parts of the machine move close together and may rub against each other. As a result, the related metal parts can get scratched and may get damaged permanently. Hence it is advisable to periodically lubricate the machine using a suitable lubricant that is suggested by the manufacturer of your gym equipment.


Besides this, you should always use your gym equipments properly. For example, after completing an intense workout, you may be tired and thus bang the weights on the floor. This may cause breakage of any machine parts. Hence you should handle your equipment carefully by gently keeping the weights down; and assure that kids do not play with your equipment.


If your gym equipment gets noisy, there may be some internal problem which is not visible to you. Hence you should get the machine repaired by an authorized technician. Although this is costly, it is better than completely replacing the damaged equipment. You should therefore maintain your home gym equipments as described above for long run use.

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