How to Choose Punching Bag for Beginners?

Nowadays many people use the punching bag in order to build strength and speed. In fact the repeated action of punching the bag provides a cardio workout for your heart and lungs. It is also effective for training the abs, obliques and lower back. And since punching and kicking involves rotation of the trunk, the defensive movement also stimulates and strengthens the core. The punching bag training actually targets multiple metabolic systems, and thus gives you a total body workout.

A punching bag workout helps to develop self defense skills, improve stamina, build strength and energy, enhance your punching power, build self confidence, also increase your mental focus,  improve your fitness level, develop timing, and hand eye coordination, lose weight, burn calories, condition the body, relieve stress, etc. A wide range of punching bags are now available in the market. They are usually offered in different sizes, shapes, weights, and materials.

These punching bags are normally filled with grains, sand, rags, or some other material; and are generally hung from the ceiling or attached to a stand. The recent varieties of punching bags can also be filled with air or water. The punching bag is sturdily built in order to take repeated kicks and constant punches without breaking. The bag is also well designed to absorb the impact of blows, without causing any harm to the user.

Punching Bags

The different types of punching bags are named as per their size, usage and mounting method. Punching bags are primarily covered with natural materials like leather and canvas; or synthetic materials such as vinyl that can withstand abrasion and various atmospheric conditions.  People usually choose a punching bag based on their budget, personal liking and specific requirements. While choosing a punching bag for beginners you should basically select a light weight and small size bag.

The first one is the heavy bag that is used for practicing power punches. It is hung fromJim Bradley 180cm Jumbo Punching Bag the ceiling or a stand. These bags may weigh between 25 and 100 lbs. The lighter weight bags move easily, and are more suitable for beginners. They also help to improve your foot work. The heavier bags are more solid and are suitable for strengthening the hands.  Beginners are recommended to start with a 25 to 50 pound punching bag. The next variety is the standing bag. It is mainly utilized for improving kicks and to precisely strike specific areas of the dummy target. They have a stand or base and come in many shapes and sizes. A small and light one is suggested for beginners.

Another one is the inflatable standing bags. This is especially designed for juniors and beginners as they bounce back after being hit. They can only resist a limited force, and are good for developing hand and eye coordination. The other types include the horizontal upper cut bag, the double end bag, and the speed bag. They are also widely used by beginners for practicing upward strikes, simulating the counterstrike, and for perfecting the timing.

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