How to Choose a Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves?

Nowadays, a vast range of boxing gloves are readily available in the market. So you can buy your favorite gloves of the required size and color. Yet many people get confused when they have to select a pair of gloves that exactly meets their requirements. Basically, you should choose a good pair of boxing gloves, as they protect our hands. Besides this you should keep in mind the following details to choose a perfect pair of boxing gloves.

Boxing Gloves

First of all it is advisable not to purchase a cheap pair of boxing gloves. This is due to the fact that although you should consider the cost of boxing gloves; it is equally important to buy boxing gloves of the superior quality within your budget limits. This is essential because cheap or substandard gloves may not protect your hands and will seriously injure you. Selecting boxing gloves also depends on the specific purpose of using them. If you want to exercise using the punching bag, then you can buy gloves with Velcro as they are much easier to put on and take off. Whereas, to participate in the boxing sport, you should go for a pair with laces as these gloves are tighter and provide a more secure fit. They are also more comfortable and provide maximum protection.

Further, boxing gloves are available with various types of padding. Gloves with a thick padding help to completely protect your hands, but offer a soft punch. While gloves that have a relatively thin padding can enable you to give a hard punch, but will provide less protection to your hands. Moreover standard quality gloves are appropriate for boxing workouts and boxing practice. On the other hand, high quality gloves are necessary for professional boxing.

Besides this, boxing gloves are usually available in a broad range of weights. They vary from the lightest gloves that weigh approximately 10 oz; while the heaviest gloves weigh around 20 oz, or even more. Further, a heavier glove is basically harder and unsuitable for your hands, if you are starting an exercise routine. Hence you should start with a lighter pair and gradually use heavy gloves. Moreover, a heavy weight glove will help to tone your arms and will be ideal for the boxing ring. Normally adults are advised to use a regular pair of gloves that weighs 15 oz. in order to get better results.

Further, you should never exercise or compete without hand and wrist wraps. Hence while buying a pair of gloves, you should also select wraps that fit well with the chosen gloves. Thus ensure there is enough space for hand wraps, and choose gloves of the right size in order to have a comfortable fit. The gloves will remain loose, if there is extra room inside your hands and may also injure you. Finally, choosing a perfect pair of boxing gloves suiting to your boxing bag at home gym, actually depends on the particular user; because although it is suitable to you, it may not be appropriate for someone else.

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