How Safer Boxing Equipment evolved with Time?

Boxing is the art of two people trying to punch each other with their fists wearing boxing gloves and trying to avoid being hit at the same time. Boxing competitions are segmented into three or more rounds each taking three minutes long and a one minute break after every round. The sport originated when a person raised his fists on another person while playing but officially it started in Roman times because the Greeks believed it was the game played by the gods of Olympus. The first heavyweight championship was held in England in 1719 and after that it grew in other parts of the world. Initially the fighting was done with bare fists but later some kind of soft leather was introduced to cover the hands. This was developed with metal vases which ended up causing a lot of deaths in the ring. Metallic helmets were also worn to protect the head. Sacks filled with sand, flour or millet was used as punching bags for practice. The sport took place in a square drawn with chalk.

Evolution of Boxing Equipments

Through the years boxing equipments have evolved with some safety features. In 1983, the first square ring was made from ropes. Gloves made of pads are now available to ensure good punching and still protect the opponent from severe injury. Unskilled boxers now use a safe punching bag to train and there is always a ringside doctor who can take care of any injuries on time. The headgear has also evolved a lot; it’s soft but thick and no longer soaks up sweat. This protects the boxer from the previously common ruptured eardrums.

Safety Features and Equipments that were not there in Early Times

Boxing shoes made from nylon with suede toe wrap are now available and they provide stability and ventilation to the feet.

Speed bags are now there and they come with a jump rope, hand wrap, change of gloves and a Cardio trainer to cater for all the physical needs of a boxer.

Punch mitts and sparring gear to help boxers train with each other.

Best Boxing Equipment Brands

Best boxing equipment is necessary to ensure a boxer is safe and ready for boxing, quality equipments are needed and one can only get quality from the best brands that make them.

1. Everlast based in the USA ranks top in manufacturing boxing gear and sponsors some of the big names in boxing like Paul Williams, Jon Jones and Andre Berto.

2. Adidas is a German based corporation that also tops in manufacturing quality boxing equipments and other sports gear too especially footwear.

It is best to buy boxing equipment of these brands to get ultimate quality advantage. To Know more about Boxing Equipment, visit –


Boxing has come a long way from being a street fight to now having its own world championship and has proved to be a perfectly safe and fun sport that people of all ages and gender can enjoy to watch.

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