How Medicine Ball is Effective in Fitness Training Program?

Combining exercises for total body workouts is good for health and body building. Medicine ball is one of the best gym equipments for workout change and bodybuilding with fun play. People enjoy this change in workouts with medicine ball frequent and this is the reason, fitness trainer always gives importance to medicine ball in their workout plans for their clients. The multiple movement patterns in medicine ball workouts stimulates your brain as well the body and the candidate feel the workouts well. A good exercise to start with is the squat and shoulder press combo. Holding your ball with a comfortable yet challenging weight, squat down holding ball between knees, then stand up and press the ball over head. Immediately return to your squat and so on. You will be amazing at your increase in breath after just one set of 10. Walking lunges with a twist performed turning in the direction of the lead leg while in the knees bent position will work core with legs. Postural muscles are triggered while you work on keeping your shoulders back, chest out and head neutral. The medicine ball is also known as plyoball. If you want something more difficult and hard, go for burpess holding the medicine ball, which combines the squat and shoulder press movements with pushup movement, while hands remain on the ball incorporating upper body balance and strength.

Medicine balls are available in various sizes and weights. Beginner should start with lighter balls first and as you are trained with lighter exercises go for higher weight balls. The main principal of medicine ball usage is use the medicine ball with weight for which you know the correct technique of drill to perform. Too many sets or reps, or not enough recovery time could cause fatigue and improper skill performance. In short one must use basic sets and reps for beginners. Few of the important steps and achievements the athletes must acquire through exercise with gym equipments are flexibility, power, balance, strength, technique, speed, agility, awareness, endurance, psychological development and injury prevention. You can get this all through medicine ball exercise workouts. Medicine ball exercise is good for building strength, pillar strength and core strength training which is important for effective training program.

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