How Fitness Programs are Decided for Women?

Fitness programs differ from person to person. It took a while for people to understand that men and women need different exercise regimes. Once the fitness world realized that there is a difference between exercise programs for men and women the next step was realizing that even within the same sex there are different types of bodies.

Looking at women, it is clear that there are four basic body types:
1. Pear shaped
2. Straight
3. Curvy
4. Athletic

Looking at the four different body types, four different workout routines could be created to help these women reach their fitness goals.

  • The pear-shaped body type: This body type is wider on the bottom than the top. This is very natural for women. The goal with this body type is to work in the arms and shoulders to acquire a graceful muscle tone while they get the rest of their body fit.

As a result of this shape, women are probably inclines to focus on their lower anatomy and forget about balancing it with their upper body.  To workout this type of body properly women will need to focus a lot on cardio but also include some isometric exercises to build muscles. Some of these might involve scissor jumps, lunges and leg raises.

  • The straight body type: Generally women without curves want to add more definition to their shape. They at least want their glutes to be better defined. Better defined glutes adds a little flair to the body type that is usually perfect for wearing anything.

In order to add some curves, women need to perform exercises that tighten their core. They need to tighten their ab muscles to create a much curvier look. Strength training, in the form of lunges and squats, can help accomplish this. Women with this type of body also need to include a bit of cardio for a well rounded regime.

  • The Curvy body type: Women with this type of a body have a flared out bust and hips from the center that leaves them with an hourglass figure. To maintain this precious balance, they need to use full body workouts. They need to add some muscle tone and keep their arms and legs in shape.

To avoid extra muscles in the wrong areas, like the thighs and upper arms, these women need to use full body exercises that tone muscles. A wide range of exercises like lateral step-ups, triceps extensions and tai chi lunges within a moderate amount will be helpful.

  • The Athletic body type: Women with this body type are similar to the straight body type but their shoulders are broader and they may have narrower hips. They will not need a lot of tone. Instead women with this body type need to focus on abdominal exercises to improve the inward curve at their waist.

There are many different body shapes and even more different fitness goals. What women need to remember is that they need balance. Even if they are focusing on the waist, they should remember their upper and lower body along with their limbs.


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