History and Benefits of Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is a machine used for health purposes especially in doing exercises and in training for races. For instance there is the indoor rowing that has improved the health status of many users and may be used for sporting. The indoor rowing ones are also used by boat rowers who compete for the various training races. This machine has evolved through a number of stages over the years to the present with different designs of its kind as outlined and explained below:

Initial Design
The first model came into existence in the mid-1800s.In 1871, William B.Curtis, invented a rowing machine functioned through a ratchet system and a flywheel. This model impressed many people interested in off the water practices leading to a group of rowers. This first model created a good basis in coming up with more advanced rowing machines from generation to generation.

The Hydraulic system machine
This machine came into existence in the years between 1900 and 1960s.It was invented in Rhode Island by the Narragansett Company that designed machines of different models. This machine was used during the winter season particularly by college sports clubs and teams interested in rowing. There are those rowers who came with these machines in the process of training across the Atlantic Ocean.

Technologically Air Resistant Machine.
This came into being in 1980s due to the intention of making use of rowing machines that were air resistant by combing with the flywheel models used initially. The earlier machines were no longer favorable for they used mechanical brakes and the wheels had a bigger iron material than the newly air resistant ones. Brothers Peter Dreissigacker and Dick invented a simple Concept 2 Indoor Rower which was affordable. This model applied a bicycle wheel with paddles made out a plastic material to bring about air resistance easily, in 1981.Today; this machine is used in many gyms and fitness clubs in many parts of the world. This is after some adjustments on the machine, making it even possible to be used by astronauts on space exploration.

General Benefits of the Rowing Machine
Firstly, this machine is used for improving and strengthening muscles leading to good health for prolonged existence. It brings a positive impact to almost all the body muscles through the proper stretching of the shoulders, arms, the back and thigh muscles, the joints and calves. For instance, the indoor rowing offers a good effect to the heart muscles thus improving the cardiovascular functions of the heart without much pressure on the vessels.

Secondly, the machine is used during rowing competitions. This led to the World Indoor Rowing Championships that captured the attention of people interested in this game from all over the world. Electronic monitors are used to detect speed, time and distance during using of this machine especially in sporting activities.

Thirdly, this machine can be used by astronauts living in space and for exploration purposes. This is due to the advanced technology that has been applied on this machine over the years to make it suitable for use in various activities.

Lastly, the machine can be used as means of transport. It was used to cross the Atlantic Ocean and that one way on how it was obtained by different people who had not accessed it before.

The rowing machine is an efficient gadget that serves multiple purposes especially intended to keep your body in good health conditions, in burning calories and for strong muscles. It is efficient when it come to speed, time and distance coverage. It is a fantastic machine.

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