Health is Our Real Wealth

Health is Our Real Wealth

There are two most important factors playing a vital role in one’s life. “Heath & Wealth”. Both affect the life. Health is more important than wealth because a healthy person can earn money but it is very difficult for a wealthy person to earn health easily. Health is a prime factor in one’s life for happiness. Healthy people are always happy because they can enjoy the life better than others. In Ancient time the core focusing was on health to protect the social life interest. Today the scenario has been changed. Fast and speedy life has made people money oriented; result in losing the real wealth of life – health. This social race and competition to remain no. 1 in the field have ruined the real life gain and ultimate people suffer from weaknesses, diseases and shifted on medicine rather than nutritional food. What is the solution? – Remedy is with you to keep yourself healthy and fit. Few of the nature’s rules to follow for regain the health.

1) Wake up early in the morning and do regular exercise at home gym.

2) If you are not too much convenient and feel laziness of morning exercise, go to Gym where you can get number of people exercising on gym equipment, to be inspired watching them.

3) If you are overweight, consult your trainer and start up exercise with fitness equipment like treadmill, exercise bikes, elliptical trainer and smith machine. These are the exercise equipments to burn your fat at high rate and make you slim. Even you can check your calorie burning ratio on everyday basis on electronic panel. You can customize the speed of machine or rate to burn the energy.

4) Cardio vascular exercise is must to make your heart healthy and avoid heart attack, stroke, BP and other dreaded diseases which can make finish the life.

5) Take nutritional food to compensate the exercise and to tone up your body muscles.

6) Sport person needs to achieve the exercise speed target to make the body more efficiency through exhaustive exercise workouts. Thus need good bodybuilding supplements to nourish the internal and external body organ to make them more rhythmic in function.

7) Boxers and other heavy workouts need good source of cheap protein powder to fulfill the body nourishing requirements after heavy workouts.

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