Guide to Complete Body Workout on a Body Solid Smith Machine

Body Solid is highly reputed throughout the world, for providing a wide range of superior quality exercise equipments, including the Smith machine. In fact, the Body Solid Smith machine is one of the most popular exercise equipments. It consists of a self guided barbell which moves vertically between two robust poles. One of the outstanding features of this versatile machine is that, it helps you to exercise safely without a spotter. Moreover the unique design of Smith machine allows you to do numerous exercises to train the whole body and perform a total body workout.

Body Solid Smith Machine

The Body Solid Smith machine comprises of a metal rack which can hold heavy weights while lifting them. It provides the facility to safely do various lifting exercises since the barbell is attached to two steel rods that avoids dropping the weights. Hence you can train all the major muscles and work the full body. Besides, the Body Solid Smith machine also allows you to use a lifting belt and do free weight exercises for stabilizing your core muscles. It thereby reduces the chances of back injury while lifting the free weights. For increasing the core strength, you should first tighten your core and take a deep breath; then get into the correct posture, tighten the abs and compress your glutes. This will help to tone your core as well as the back, abs and glutes.

Complete Body Workout

The ideal way to carry out a complete body workout with a Body Solid Smith machine is to do a variety of exercises in order to build the different parts of your body. This machine is specially designed to enable the user to quickly and easily move from one exercise to the other. You can perform the following free weight exercises on the Body Solid Smith machine and train the related body parts. This includes squats, dead lifts, lunges, and calf raises, for training the lower body and core. Further you can do the bench press to tone the chest, triceps, and core; and upright rows for building the upper body and core; and shoulder shrugs for working the traps. To work the whole body, do each exercise for 3 sets of 10 reps with minimum rest. Then, swiftly move to the next exercise. You should alternately execute the upper body and lower body exercises to avoid getting tired soon, and thereby increase the duration and intensity of your workout. For maximizing the total body workout on a Body Solid Smith machine; ensure that the concentric phase takes 3 seconds, the isometric movement takes 2 seconds, and the eccentric work takes 3 seconds. For instance, to perform a calf raise with the bar on your shoulders; first push upwards on your toes for 3 seconds, then hold on for 3 seconds in this top position, and slowly return back to the initial position in 3 seconds. This is the best way to do a complete body workout on a Body Solid Smith machine.

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