Fitness Training Using Power Rack

It is not unusual nowadays, that more and more people want to build their body and achieve their fitness goals. Various fitness equipments and gym equipments are available in the markets which are used for weight training like dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells etc. Amongst all the weight lifting equipments, dumbbells are very much popularly used. To support the dumbbells while doing a weight lifting workout is known as a Power Rack. Normally, a power rack is seven feet in height, six feet in length and five feet in width. A power rack has adjustable bars to hold the weight plates at the height you require. Mainly, power rack is used for safety purpose while workout because you can set the bars of power rack in such a way that the weight hits the bars before hitting you at the time of a mishap or an accident. To achieve your fitness goals, you can set the bars in such a way that it helps you in testing your capability every time. A power rack enables you to study your weakest areas and helps you in strengthening them. Power racks also have extra features like chin up bars which enable you to do pull-ups and dip bars to exercise for your triceps muscles and a lat tower which can enable you to do back exercise. So, a power rack is multi-purpose fitness equipment using which lot many exercises can be done.

Benefits of Using a Power Rack

  • Power Rack is multi-purpose gym equipment and can be used in different kinds of workout.
  • If you buy a power rack, you need not buy dumbbells, weight bars etc. All you need is just some weight plates and you are ready to go for weight training.
  • Power rack is suitable for professional body builders, who are seriously involved into weight training and who want to achieve new fitness goals every day.
  • Power rack can help you in doing more number of exercises and thus help you in getting a body you have always dreamt about.
  • There are many people who don’t have time for going to gym but at the same time want to perform many exercises. A power rack is just right for them as it is all in one fitness equipment which can satisfy all the fitness wants of an individual.

Power Rack v/s. Squat Rack

It is a myth that power rack and squat rack is one and the same, but this is not the case. The most important difference you can notice between a power rack and a squat rack is the size. A squat rack doesn’t provide as many features as a power rack provides.   Using a power rack you can perform more exercises than using a squat rack. As the squat rack is smaller in size, it can be perfect for a home gym but a power rack can only be suitable to a fitness centre or a commercial gym.

So, now if you need to buy a power rack which can help you in achieving your fitness goals, then visit as here you will find a wide range of power racks which you can buy for your home gym or a fitness centre.

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