Favorite Exercise Equipments of Australian Boxers

Boxing is never about your feelings but about performance and professional boxers know that body fitness is very crucial to achieve stardom. In comparison to all other sports, boxing comes on top of in terms of physical fitness level required.

Some of the most important fitness components to boxers include;


Helps them to produce power in the punch, to deliver a knock out, as well as endurance to maintain power over a longer period of time.


This is very important because poor stability increases chances of being knocked down, as well as inability to deliver a strong punch.

Muscular Endurance

Poor muscle endurance will rapidly lead to defeat in the ring. The body must be able to keep fighting to the end.

Speed and Anaerobic Fitness

Efficient speed is critical in boxing as you must be able to punch and move fast. Movement at high intensity constitutes anaerobic activity and a boxer must have this to fight continuously and win.

Celebrities that have stood out in boxing have also enjoyed immense health benefits not only from the glory of winning but also from body physical stamina.

Exercise equipments of australian boxers

Fitness Benefits from Boxing

  • Enhanced cardio vascular health; this exercise protects fro heart diseases, reduces calories and even weight reduction. Its effect is to exert some pressure/stress on the heart and the lungs for the organs to make physiologic adaptations for higher levels of activity.
  • Improved total body strength; the repeated punching moves engages the upper ,lower and core to engage as contact is made with punching bag;
  • Hand eye coordination; this exercise plays a crucial role in a person’s fine motor skills. Sharpened coordination creates faster reflexes and better physical coordination in total.
  • Decreased stress from increased physical activity; Exercise enhances endorphins, boosts moods and acts as a meditation program. Equipments such as the treadmill allow people to “sweat out their stresses” especially when they go through periods of high intensity workout followed by moderate intensity periods.

Exercises for Boxing Champions

Boxers are able to increase their endurance through exercises such as barbell dead lifts, improves the quads, glute, lower back and abs. Barbell squats, dumbbell shoulder presses, pull-ups, crunches and hanging leg raises.

Equipments Used By Boxers

Australian boxers have used various training gym equipments and the rigorous trainings have helped them to be at the top of their careers.

Strength training is an important part of fitness that is very crucial in the boxing arena. It largely involves use of the weights and gravity to enhance the skeletal muscles.

Kettle bells

These are effective tools used by Australia celebrity boxers for body strength and conditioning. There are six fundamental kettle bell exercises referred to as “Sacred 6”; these are the swing, the goblet squat, the Turkish Get up, the strict press, the Kettlebell clean and the snatch.


The main impact of these exercises as applied by celebrity boxers is their impact on building other stabilizing muscles. These exercises therefore allow other muscles to develop, while also preventing development of muscle groups in isolation.


Alternating between walking briskly, jogging, and slow running burns calories fast as well as building endurance.


Boxers such as Danny green, Michael Katsidis, and Daniel Geale have gained their celebrity status through focused fitness programs and workouts using the best training equipments available. Other celebrities such in other fields have also emphasized the importance of fitness for successful career.

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