Exercise Bike – Which One to Choose for Excellent Performance

An exercise bike is a training machine that helps to shape your body, lose weight and maintain overall fitness. It is also commonly used for performing various cardio exercises in order to improve the cardiovascular health. Generally, two types of exercise bikes are widely used; namely the spin bike and the recumbent bike. However, while selecting an exercise bike many people get confused; and cannot decide which one to choose for excellent performance.

Hence, the following details will help you to decide whether to use the spin bike or the recumbent bike for your fitness needs. Choosing an ideal exercise bike basically depends on the personal choice, budget limits and effectiveness of the specific exercise bike. Normally you should choose a fitness machine that you enjoy, since it will help you to do regular exercises for a long duration.

To start with, a recumbent bike is the latest form of exercise bike. It consists of bucket seats that are positioned lower to the ground. They provide sufficient lower back support and enable the user to sit in a semi reclining pose. The legs can be placed in the front at an angle, horizontally to the floor in order to reach the pedals. The recline feature allows you to sit comfortably; by stretching out and lying back at a suitable angle, that can be adjusted accordingly. An ideal recumbent bike offers a better spinal posture. It helps to train the body by focusing more on the gluteals, legs, butt, thighs, and hamstrings.

The recumbent bike can be set to a higher resistance to build the legs muscles; and are also easy on the joints. These bikes are safer as they are lower to the ground and it is also impossible to stand on the pedals of a recumbent bike. Thus the lower back, knees and ankles are better protected from painful and injurious impact. Recumbent bikes even permit several exercise routines; such as easy training on a flat slope and the more difficult workout on an uphill.

On the other hand, a versatile spin bike is basically an upright bike; that is relatively less comfortable. This indoor stationary bike provides a similar experience of riding an outdoor bike; due to its pedal action, variable resistance and stability. The pedal movement is uniform and circular just like an outdoor upright bicycle with your legs hanging down. It has a narrow seat and may have a short back support. The height of the seat can be adjusted as required in all the directions.

Spin bikes may also have movable bars or levers on handles in order to train the upper body. However, on a spin bike you need to bend over the handle bars. The flywheel produces varying resistance. A shifter is used to change the resistance; and it makes a slight click when the resistance is adjusted. The pedal is double sided; in order to allow the person to use traditional bicycle shoes on the first side; and cleaved exercise shoes on the second side.

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