Equipments to Perform Bench Press – Dumbbell, Barbell, Smith Machine

Equipments to Perform Bench Press – Dumbbell, Barbell, Smith Machine

Bench press is the king of all chest or upper body exercises. When done in a way specifically targeted for bodybuilding, bench press can show wonderful results for development of the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. It also helps in the development of the chest muscles serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapulae fixers, trapezii and biceps muscles. While performing a bench press a trainer lies on a weight bench and raises and lowers a weight from the level of the chest and repeats the same for number of times. Therefore the basic equipment used in performing bench press is a weight bench and a type of weight with which this exercise is performed however a variant of bench press is also performed with weight machine called smith machine.

Bench Press with Barbells (Barbell Bench Press)

Bench press performed with barbells is termed as barbell bench press. Studies show that most individuals can lift more weight by benching with a barbell. Therefore with barbells greater loads can be used and more muscles and plenty muscle fibers within those muscles can be targeted for intense weight training for enhanced testosterone production and calorie burning.

Bench Press with Dumbbells (Dumbbell Bench Press)

A dumbbell bench press is a good alternative to the barbell press. Performed with individual dumbbells, this type of bench press eliminates the muscular imbalance issues often faced in barbell bench presses. More ranges of motions much conveniently are possible to perform with bench press using dumbbells. This causes an extra stretch in the muscle and can result in a higher quality of muscle contraction. Performing bench press with dumbbells does not require any spotter for help as these are much safer and convenient to perform. They can be easily dropped off in the event of any harmful occurrence and thereby help in avoiding the freak accidents like muscle cramps that can result in barbell presses.

Bench Press with Smith Machine (Smith Machine Bench Press)

The smith machine is actually a multipurpose machine used for a variety of exercises. It is popular exercise equipment often used for working on the pectoral muscles in the gyms. A smith machine consists of a barbell is fixed within steel rails. Bench press with smith machine is a favorite chest exercise for many because the machine has built in safety guards that eliminates the need for the trainer to have a own spotter. Therefore exercising or bench press with smith machine can be done with more intensity using much heavier loads. is the best place to buy these equipments for performing bench press ncluding dumbbells for dumbbell bench press, barbells for barbell bench press and smith machine for smith machine bench press. For details visit

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