Equipments Required for a Boxing Workout – Punching Bag, Speed Boxing Bag, Weights, Boxing Gloves

Equipments Required for a Boxing Workout – Punching Bag, Speed Boxing Bag, Weights, Boxing Gloves

Boxers are the fittest atheletes. The reason behind their fitness is the complete workout that a boxer usually follows to remain fit and train himself for the game.  A boxing workout routine is very effective for health and helps in losing weight, building endurance, and building lean muscle. It is usually divided into various segments like endurance training, strength and power training and speed co ordination training. Just as in the game even during boxing workout, different kinds of equipments are used. These include jumping rope, punching bag, speed boxing bag, weights and also some protection equipment like boxing gloves, focus mitts and headgear is often preferred in a punching practice workout session by the boxer.

One of the most important aspects of boxing training is endurance development. For a boxer it is very important to build up the cardio endurance. Training for cardiovascular fitness helps to build and add on the lean mass to leg and arm muscles. The calories are burnt during the exercise and this prevents the boxer from putting on weight and helps to remain healthy. For cardio training a boxer can either go for running or brisk walking or can workout with a skipping or jumping rope which is the cheapest and best equipment for cardio training.

The second and most important aspect of strength training that helps in strength building and lean muscle put up which is an important requirement to keep the boxer physically strong enough for the game. Just as any other strength training, a boxing strength training session is also performed using some equipments like resistance bands, free weights, weight machines or body weight exercises like bench press and so on. In the case when these equipments especially when weights are not accessible, one can go for push up exercises which are good alternatives for weight training with equipment.

For power training the equipment that is commonly used by a boxer is a boxing bag. Practicing punching with a punching or boxing bag will help in burning out lot of calories and will build a lot more lean muscle. Moreover by practicing with a heavy boxing bag, one can also develop a more correct punching technique. While punching practice it is always better to put on the boxing gloves as this will protect your hands from the scars and injurires that can cause while punching or scarring practice.

Last but not the least comes the session of speed and body movement and co ordination training which can be best practiced with the speed boxing bags. A speed punching bag is a small pear or tear drop shaped bag that is usually hung from over head. These are suspended from above with the help of some hooks and elastic bands. Working on the speed punching bag will help with develop upper arm strength, endurance and hand eye coordination of the boxer.

Therefore by following this workout routine consistently a boxer trainee can achieve good fitness as well as can improve on his boxing skills greatly. For those looking to buy equipments for boxing workout, could be the best destination for shopping as some of the best quality and durable boxing training equipment including Everlast boxing bags, boxing gloves, speed punching bags, boxing protective gears, jumping rope and weights are available here at most cost effective prices.

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