Ensure the Best Lower Body Workout with the Right Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment

Significance of Lower Body Workout in a Daily Workout Regime

A variety of lower body muscles are used when performing even the most basic movements like walking, running, jumping, as well as creating a well balanced, potent body. Endurance in many cases depends highly on these muscles as they carry the weight of the whole body and make daily exercise possible. Therefore it is of great importance to pay special attention to this group of muscles in your daily exercise routine.

Among the most important muscles in this group are: inner and outer thigh muscles, that help your knees and hips flex; quadriceps, that are located in the front part of the leg, above the knee; calf muscles, gluteus maximus, and of course the hamstring, located opposite to the quadriceps.

The Best Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment used for Lower Body Workouts

Out of many pieces of equipment you can use to exercise these sets of muscles kettlebells are among the highest rated.

One exercise you can do with kettlebells is called The Clean-and-Jerk. Basically you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees only slightly bent. Grip two of the kettlebells that are on the floor. Bring them up 8-10 inches slowly and swing them through your legs, back and forth, five times. Then jerk upward using your shoulder muscles as fast as possible up to your chest. Use the strength of your legs to drive the bells overhead until your elbows are locked, and then hold for one second. What this exercise does is it works on you quadriceps and calves as well as your back, strengthening them as you progress.

Plyometric boxes are also among the most significant pieces of equipment out there. Their concept is very basic but quite functional: you can jump on and off the boxes, with one leg or both of them or just walk back and forth like you would on steps. The plyometric boxes help activate all the muscles in legs by performing power jumps.

Squat boxes share the immense benefit with plyometric boxes. A box squat removes the stretch-shortening cycle component from the squat, and thus, helps the squat be more effective. At the bottom of the motion the squatter will sit down on a box and then rise again. The box squat is commonly utilized by power lifters to train the squat while pausing on the box creates additional stimulus in the hips and glutes, and provides extra stress on the muscles.

Running is also considered one of the best exercises for the lower body muscles as it activates all of them, extending the durability while toning the muscles heavily during sprints. Running with parachutes tied on your back or waist is the best form of running exercise. Probably the most interesting of all the equipment are running parachutes. The basic concept is fairly simple as you run just as you would normally however it is made quite difficult with the parachute as it slows you down and puts much more stress to the muscles. Click here to know more about Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment.

Agility ladder is also one of the beneficial pieces of equipment that aims not so much at speed as to precision in doing these exercises. Many uses of the ladder are possible, for example in a ladder drill with the ladder approximately a foot off the ground, you must raise the knees high in order to execute each step successfully thus stimulating a range of muscles.

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