Endurance Ability Characteristics of Professional Sportsmen

Endurance ability in sports is the ability of body to withstand continued strain to muscles without exhaustion. Kettlebell workouts are cyclic in nature as compared to other body exercises and fortitude is an important trait to achieve victory. Great performance in these exercises goes together with strength endurance. In line with this, high aerobic and anaerobic capacity must be developed by the body to generate energy for the body during the exercises. There is also a direct correlation between   physical capacity and the functional ability of the body.

Regular practice loads causes the heart to be adapted to higher rates during workouts and decreased heart rates during the resting period.

Similarity between Kettlebell Lifters and Cyclists

The endurance ability can be expresses by metabolic capacity indicators such as aerobic and anaerobic maximum loads, changes in the heart rates, and amount of oxygen up taken. The similarity of the kettlebell and cycling is the ability to achieve speed with much less oxygen consumption as well as repeated movements. Cardiopulmonary activity testing is the technique used to analyze heart activity, the breathing system and determine the physical capacity of the body.

Physical Work Capacities between Cycling and Kettlebells

Results from research show that the functional abilities of the body and the endurance are directly affected by the level of adaptation of the body to the physical load. Regular physical load that is of a cyclic nature such as the kettlebells increases the bodies’ abilities.

At a physical work capacity of 3.2(W/kg), cyclists showed a 61% aerobic threshold while that of the kettlebell showed a 38% aerobic threshold with a work capacity of 1.4 w/kg. The seemingly higher aerobic capacity of cycling is compensated in the kettlebell by the returns in the strength gains and muscular development.

Heart Rate Transformation during Relaxation and Increased Physical Load

The coordination of the changes in the heart rate before, during and after workout occurs in the sympathetic nervous system. At relaxation there is increased tonus in the parasympathetic system and subsequent decreased blood flow through the arteries of the individual muscles. Improvement in oxygen supply at rest leads muscle recovery of oxygen debt and better biochemical processes.

Changes in Oxygen Uptake during Activity

Oxygen consumption increases linearly with increased activity. Every individual’s body has an upper limit for the amount oxygen up taken depending on the state of the body. This upper limit is constantly improved by physical training. Kettlebells are excellent training Gym equipments for the improvement of aerobic activity as well as strength building .This explains their crucial importance in a gym facility.

Discussion and conclusion

The endurance ability is the capacity of the body muscles to withstand continuous strain without developing exhaustion. This ability is influenced by regular physical exercises that the individual is exposed and there is a direct relationship between level of exercises and the functional abilities of the body.

The use of kettlebell is recommended for personal workouts due to their ability to increase aerobic activity of the body and consequent increased endurance of the muscles to more strenuous workouts.

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