Elliptical Trainer V/S. Treadmill – Which One is Better for your Home Gym?

Nowadays, the elliptical trainer as well as the treadmill is commonly utilized for performing cardio workouts at home and in the local gym. Both these equipments help to enhance the cardiovascular system, burn calories and increase aerobic capacity. However many people get confused while selecting one of them, in order to meet their fitness goals. And hence they are unsure whether an elliptical trainer or the treadmill is better for their home gym. The following details explain the advantages and drawbacks of both these cardio machines, for assisting fitness fans choose the elliptical trainer or the treadmill.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer basically enables the individual to mimic the pose and action of running outdoors. Moreover, this low impact exercise machine does not injure the joints. Further the latest models of the elliptical trainer have moving handles which allows us to train both the upper body and the lower body at the same time. One more benefit of using the elliptical trainer is the facility to perform a workout with a reverse step. This assists the user to tone some additional muscles and especially the quadriceps.

It has also been observed that exercising on a cross trainer is less strenuous, because it does not make you feel that you are putting in extra efforts; although you are actually working hard. In fact, many individuals had not imagined that they could easily perform a vigorous elliptical workout. Hence an elliptical trainer practically helps to burn almost the same number of calories, yet with relatively less exertion and minimum side effects on our body.

However, the elliptical trainer does not provide an intense workout, since the speed and incline cannot be adjusted. Whereas the treadmill permits you to control the incline as well as speed, and hence enables you to carry out a relatively energetic training session. The elliptical trainer is harmless as it has a low impact. However, this reduces the strengthening of the muscles and bones, compared to the other weight-bearing workouts.


The treadmill imitates the natural movement of walking, jogging or running. This weight-bearing exercise helps to burn calories at a relatively high rate. Further it helps to maintain the posture of our body, and even strengthens our muscles and bones. This equipment also allows us to walk at a brisk pace on a flat level, or jog uphill, by setting the incline and speed as required.

Although the best treadmills have shock absorption capacity, the workouts are stressful on the hips, knees, ankles and back. You may also lose your balance and slip, if you directly try a high intensity, inclined workout without starting up slowly. Moreover, you need to safely exercise and adjust the incline and speed of the treadmill. Using a belt or holding the handles will better, however it can cause posture problems.

Actually regular workouts on the treadmill and elliptical, at similar intensity levels provide equivalent results. Hence you can use anyone at home during all weathers, as per your budget, choice and fitness level.

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