Elliptical trainer and treadmill with latest featured brand

When you visit any gym, two exercise machines you are sure to find there are an elliptical trainer and a treadmill. The two machines are used for cardio exercises and for weight loss exercises.

With elliptical trainer you can exercise your lower body muscles with the elliptical movement of the trainer. The upper body muscles can also be exercised with this using the moveable handle bars. On a treadmill you exercise by walking or running on its moving belt.

Elliptical Trainer

Two types of elliptical trainers, residential and commercial trainers, are available. Commercial brands are more expensive than the residential brands as they are made to take more wear and tear and can be used continuously for a long time every day in the gym.

These also vary according to the position of the motor or drive, front drive, center drive or rear drive elliptical trainers.

While working on an elliptical trainer the shock or the impact of the exercise on the joints is less as compared to a treadmill due to its elliptical movement. It stimulates the movement of walking, running and climbing stairs with no extra pressure on the leg joints. People with problems of knees or hips, people recovering from an injury or the elder people can also workout on this machine to stay healthy.

Elliptical trainer offers exercises for the whole body. You can move in forward as well as backward directions, and as a result you work on different sets of muscles. You can exercise both upper and lower body with handle bars and foot pedals. So, more muscles are exercised and more calories are burnt in a short time.

Since there is diversity in the exercises, you are motivated to work out more. While working on this machine you feel as though you are walking or running not on the ground but in the air. You do not feel the exertion, at the same time you burn the desired amount of calories.


These machines let you run or walk without actually moving from the place. They have a conveyor belt which moves according to the speed set and you can run or walk according to that speed. You don’t need to worry about the weather, hot or cold, rainy etc. to do your morning walk. As compared to exercising on the road, the force exerted while running or walking on the treadmill is less than that on the road.

Besides plain walking/running on a treadmill you can create other type of exercises as well. By changing the incline you can simulate up hill and downhill walking. By altering the speed you can alter the speed of running for burning more calories.

Those who are training for events or marathon can easily train on a treadmill without the hassle of going out doors in cold climate or the rainy season.


A person who walks or runs regularly, treadmill is the ideal choice for exercise. But if you want low-impact exercises in which more sets of muscles are worked on you should opt for elliptical trainers with latest features. Both machines help you to burn calories and work on your cardio as well.

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