Exercise – Effects of Exercise on Skeleton System, Exercise for Body Building


  1. Stronger bones: Regular exercises improve the bone composition. Bones become stronger.
  2. Reduces bone injuries: regular exercise reduces the chances of bone injuries. Regular exercise makes the bones capable of absorbing sudden shock, impact over them.
  3. Improves ossification: regular training and exercise improves ossification process in the body. This leads to proper shape and size as well as growth of the bones.
  4. More blood supply: the level of blood supply in the bones increases through regular exercise.
  5. Faster healing: bodies trained with regular exercises  are capable to cure faster as the healing ability of their bones  become much better. Bone diseases like arthritis, spondilosys, osteoporosis, etc., are also reduced.
  6. Increases RBCs: bones are the manufacturers of RBCs in the blood. People who exercise regularly have more RBCs in their blood by which the Haemoglobin content of their body also increases.
  7. Strong joints: people who exercise regularly have strong juncture of joints. Moreover, their synovial fluid provides free and easy movements in the joints.
  8. Increases flexibility: regular exercises improve the ability of joints to move to the maximum range. Thus, the flexibility of the individual increases.
  9. Good posture: good posture is the result of good skeletal system. Regular exercises enhance good posture which results in the development of good personality and reduces postural deformities.

The skeletal system provides supporting framework to the body. It provides shape and structure to the individual. Bones protect the internal organs of the body. They provide junction or attachment to the skeletal muscles. Bones are a storehouse of important minerals and salts. Bones are capable of manufacturing RBCs (Red Blood Cells) in the blood. RBCs are manufactured in the bone marrow. Bones act as a lever and provide movement of muscles as well as body parts. Skeletal muscles attached to the bones give external visible movement to the body.  Bones are capable of self- repair whenever they are damaged.The condition of bone may be improved by exercise as it responds to mechanical stresses.Bone is a living tissue. It constantly removes old, worn-out cells and creates new cells.Weight-bearing exercise with weight plates, barbells etc., stimulates the growth of new bone and can slow, prevent and even reverse bone loss. Weight training and strength training exercises with various gym equipments like exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainer, boxing equipment, spin bike, recumbent bikes, rowing machine, kettlebells, treadmills etc, create a degree of stress on the bones and muscles, which stimulates the bone to create new tissue. With regular exercise, bone can measurably increase in density and strength. Weight-bearing exercise reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and can even reverse it by building bone tissue.

The important factors for building strong bones are good bodybuilding supplements, exercise and cheap protein powder, calcium magnesium supplementation.A key strategy for helping to ensure  strong bones is to maximize bone mineral density, and for this, regular exercise also proves to be one of the important factors in promoting this. It is never too late to start exercising to strengthen your bones.  For developing and maintaining strong and healthy bones a mix of different types of workouts  is most beneficial.

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