Effects of Exercise on Respiratory System and Circulatory System


  1. Increase in tidal volume: with regular exercise with fitness equipment, the tidal volume and vital capacity of the lungs increases, as the chest expands more.
  2. Respiratory muscles become strong: the respiratory muscles (inter-costal and the diaphragm) become strong to work to their maximum capacity.
  3. Expansion of Chest: regular exercise with gym equipment causes greater expansion of chest improving the physical personality.
  4. Increase in the Number of Alveoli: there is an increase in the number of alveoli (which purifies blood). Thus the efficiency of the respiratory system is improved.
  5. Efficient Respiratory System: as the alveoli efficiency improves, more oxygen reaches the working tissues for the energy production during a stressful activity.
  6. Increase in Aerobic Endurance: as the increase in the oxygen supply decreases the production of lactic acid, fatigue is delayed, this improves endurance.
  7. Faster removal of carbon dioxide: regular exercising habit ensures faster removal of carbon dioxide from the body.
  8. Improves metabolism: exercise with fitness machines like rowing machine, treadmills, kettlebells, elliptical trainer improves metabolism in the body. The metabolic reactions are faster for the production of energy with less consumption of oxygen, thus there is lesser stress on the heart.
  9. Hydro-balance in the body: the water balance in the body is maintained through regular exercise. Thus, dehydration can be prevented.
  10. Increase in the resistance power: the respiratory system comes directly in contact with the environment. Thus the chances of health problems increase. Regular exercise boosts immunity.


  1. Hypertrophy of heart: regular exercise with gym machines like spin bike, cross trainer etc leads to hypertrophy of the heart. With this effect there is an increase in the stroke volume and cardiac output.
  2. Resting-pulse increases: with the increased stroke volume the basal heart rate decreases, thus the resting time of the heart increases. So the heart does not get stressed during normal work.
  3. Faster adaptation to working load: a person who is well trained in regular exercise with various equipments like weight plates, rowing machine, recumbent bikes etc, the heart can adapt to working load quickly i.e., quick adjustment of heart as per the demand.
  4. Return of the normal pulse quicker: the pulse/heart rate returns to normal quicker after the exercise. Thus, the body feels relaxed after some time.
  5. Increase in Haemoglobin: regular exercise with gym fitness devices increases the Haemoglobin content in the blood. Haemoglobin rich blood can carry more oxygen which improves the energy flow.
  6. Decrease in the viscosity of blood: when the viscosity of the blood decreases, there is easy flow of blood through capillaries.
  7. New capillaries are formed: regular exercise develops new capillaries. This brings more blood to the working tissues. As a result of this, efficiency of muscles improve.
  8. Blood pressure regulation: a well-balanced blood pressure is maintained. Moreover, proper body temperature is regulated throughout the body.
  9. Improvement in the chemical composition of blood: regular exercise improves the chemical composition of blood.
  10. Faster removal of waste: there is a faster removal of wastes from the body. Moreover, there is a better defence against diseases, germs, etc.
  11. Reduction in cardiac problems: regular exercise decreases the cholesterol level in the blood. This reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiac problems.
  12. Faster healing: the increased circulation of blood makes healing faster, and therefore healing of injuries is faster.



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