Effectiveness of Elliptical Trainer in Burning Calories and Losing Weight

The elliptical trainer is a low impact training machine that enables the exerciser to push the pedals like a bicycle, and mimics the walking or running action. It is a good calorie burner and also improves your cardio health. They help to train your arms and legs together and thus lose weight. The arm action strengthens and tones the upper parts of the body. While the act of pushing against resistance of the pedals works your legs. By increasing the resistance on the elliptical machine you can perform an intense workout for the lower body muscles.

Nowadays a wide range of elliptical trainers are available in the market. The various models have distinct features and diverse specifications to provide an effective workout. Some machines have the facility to enter your weight and age, and this enables the equipment to estimate the calories burned during a workout routine. It also ensures that your heart rate remains healthy and within normal limits. These elliptical trainers may also have upper body handles that are used for toning the arms, which eventually results in burning more calories in a session.

Elliptical trainers are highly effective in toning your body and burning calories. When you burn calories throughout the day it leads to weight reduction. However, you should also follow a suitable diet program. The weight of your body plays an important part while calculating the amount of calories burned during an elliptical workout. For instance when a person weighing 180 pounds exercises on an elliptical trainer, for one hour it helps to burn burns about 900 calories. Whereas another person whose weight is 250 pounds will burn approximately 1250 calories after performing the same elliptical workout.

Cross Trainer

The elliptical trainer is also known as cross trainer and is widely used by many people in the local gyms and homes. It is highly suitable for persons suffering from joint aches and lower limb problems such as arthritic knees. Although your legs may require more time to steadily build stamina, it will ultimately assist you to reach the level of intensity you need to burn calories. A cross trainer workout provides a number of health benefits that includes weight loss, muscle toning, calorie burning, body shaping and enhanced aerobic fitness.

In fact a cross trainer is one of the best equipments for getting into better shape and reaching your health goals. Many fitness experts advise to regularly use the elliptical trainer in your exercise routine. Implementing a constant elliptical training program helps to shape and tone the various muscles including the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. Hence elliptical trainers are very effective in burning calories and losing weight due to which many people nowadays buy elliptical trainer for their home gym in order to keep fit and healthy.

However, you should consult your physician before starting an elliptical workout. They can guide you based on your health conditions and history to ensure your safety throughout the exercise program. It is also better to take sufficient rest during the days in between your training sessions, in order to help your muscles recover for the workouts in the future.

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