Dreaming of Slim Legs Is Now a Reality With Cross Trainer

Try out Cross Trainer Workout for Slim & Sexy Legs

The cross trainer offers the best feet training reducing the chances of impact injury to almost zero. With the elliptical it is possible to continue with your training even if the person were experiencing minor leg injuries. Depending on the user preferences, the resistance of the exercise can be regulated from low intensity to high intensity offering excellent cardiovascular workout for great body shape.


The cross trainer targets primarily the lower part of the body mostly the legs, though while working, the upper body parts benefit as well. The machine can be motor driven or powered by self through the fitness activity depending on the user preferences. The process of toning up the leg muscles with the elliptical is very effective with even the option of doing the front as well as the reverse movements resulting in slimmer well formed legs. They key specific highlights of the cross trainer includes:

  • Thorough balancing of the alternate muscle groups including the thigh muscles.

  • Cardiovascular tolerance is greatly enhanced through prolonged workouts and adding different additional workouts.

  • Reduced risks of injury due to the nature of the machine especially the ability to vary the resistances, and the ability of the muscle groups to work together, sees the softer muscles combining perfectly with the bigger ones to produce the best leg fitness.

  • Weight loss is enhanced due to the ability to engage the body in different exercises all the time, which speeds up the metabolic processes such as respiration and therefore calories breakdown. Repeating the same type of exercise causes a leveling in the weight loss graph which is not recommended.

  • Quick recovery of fractured limbs. Injured legs require gradual exercises with increasing intensity as time goes on.

Benefits of the Cross Trainer compared to other machines

  • The most comparable machine to the cross trainer is the treadmill. The latter is a high impact machine which can easily cause injuries on the ligaments and tendons of the joints.

  • Ability to combine training of the upper body with that of the lower body in tandem for harmonious training.

  • Ability to reverse train which enables activation of different sets of muscle groups as well as middle body workouts.

  • Research has shown that the calories burned out from working with the cross trainer far outweigh those of the treadmill considering the other forms of exercises done with the trainer.

  • The cross trainer offers a  wide range of benefits  hence more of a multipurpose training equipment as compared to cycling, treadmill, running and walking.


The cross trainer offers most effective equipment for leg muscle build up and toning as well as other forms of work outs on the upper body. Some of the major benefits from using the cross trainer are the ability to use the machine as an assistance to the healing of fractures, non impact high intensity training, well as a quick way to lose calories. Ability to do reverse exercises enable formation of well toned quads and therefore for the best leg shape, the cross trainer is recommended.

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