Different Types of Kettlebells

Kettlebell is in the shape of ball made with cast iron with a single looped handle on the top. Kettlebells are used for full body workout and are available in different weights ranging from 2 pounds to 200 pounds. The kettlebells have become important gym equipments and are found in most of the gyms worldwide. Kettlebells are used for swinging movements with release moves. The kettlebells also provide safety grips for wrist, arm and core strengthening. With the help of kettlebell workout, the user can avail the benefits of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. There are different types of kettlebells and each of them have their own benefits which are given below:-

Classic Kettlebells

The classic kettlebell is made from cast iron with a powder coated finish and it increase in size as its weight increases. Usually the beginners or new to the kettlebells go for classic kettlebells. While moving back and forwards using kettlebells, you have to adjust your technique while using a classic kettlebell. A classic kettlebell can get scratches if knocked around. Classic kettlebells are cheaper when compared to pro grade kettlebells.

Pro Grade Kettlebells

The pro grade kettlebells are made from steel and cannot get destructed. You can use these kettlebells for years altogether. The pro grade kettlebells have a standard size and doesn’t increase with the increase in weight. The pro grade kettlebell is preferred by sports persons, athletes and kettlebells enthusiasts.

Which Type of Kettlebell to be Chosen?

The pro grade kettlebells are better balanced and durable for a lifetime. The pro grade kettlebells don’t get damaged easily, whereas classic kettlebells can be chipped or scratched if knocked somewhere. Pro grade kettlebells are expensive than classic kettlebells but they are worth their money. If you are a beginner, then classic kettlebells can be the perfect choice but if you are a professional athlete, then only pro grade kettlebell can fulfil your requirements. Classic kettlebells are also good for ladies because ladies prefer to use smaller sizes in kettlebells like 4 -10 kg. kettlebells.

Buy Kettlebells Online

Once you have chosen the kettlebells of your choice, you can find one which suits you best from online store of gym equipments. The biggest benefit of buying kettlebells online is that you get standard size of kettlebells internationally and so you can compare your performance with any celebrity kettlebell user in this world. Secondly, there are many discounts available on online stores of gym equipment when compared to local stores, so you can save your dollars too. After going through the details of classic kettlebells and pro grade kettlebells, it is you who has to decide which one to buy depending upon your requirement and budget both. To buy kettlebells online, visit https://www.worldfitness.com.au.

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