Development of Kettlebell Exercises and Renowned Brand in the Industry

Kettlebells is a well casted iron mass assembled to form a kettle. It was initially developed in Russia with a rationale of improving body fitness. The handle is suitably situated for safety and grip while exercising.  It is the most effective training equipment used in strength and muscle endurance.  Various exercises that can be performed used this equipment includes; floor press up, squats, and wind mill among other. It is available and affordable brand in the market. The brand manufacturers of kettlebell are professional and ensure quality. They are designed in different sizes such as 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg for women and 16kg, 20kg, 24kg for men.

24kg-kettlebell-prograde-twHistorical Development of the Kettlebells                    

Kettlebells have been used for many centuries as an energetic tool of enhancing muscle strength and endurance.  The archeological evidence shows that the remains of kettlebell were first used in ancient Greece. It weighed 143kg and stored in the Olympia archeological museum in Athens Greece. In 1704 the word ‘Girya’ meaning kettlebell was initially published in the Russian dictionary. Russian culture valued strength of its people and used kettlebells in swinging and lifting during cultural festivals to show strength. This resulted to discoveries of many health benefits that were associated with use of kettlebell. In 1885, Dr.Kraevsky opened a weight training hall with aim of improving muscular endurance. He also introduced kettlebell exercises to the Russian athletics. The Russian government in 1981 recognized the health benefit that its citizen could achieve through kettlebell exercises. This resulted to introduction of compulsory kettlebell training to entire citizen. This increased their production and decreased health cost.

Best Brands of Kettlebells Available in the Market.

Kettlebells brand are affordable and readily available in market. They are several best brands in the market that includes; dragon door, life line, ader, Apollo, kaizen, kettlebell concepts, perform better, kettlebell, Inc among others. These brands provide excellent weight training as well as cardiovascular.

Role of Kettlebell in Body Building Industry.

  • They offer a quick way of burning fat due to increasing metabolic activities in the body. They are most efficient in burning calories.
  • Ballistic kettlebell swings help in improving muscular strength and cardiovascular system in at the same time.
  • It offers a great benefit in reducing wear and tear of the joints.
  • It enhances strong back and better posture. Kettlebell exercises such as swing helps in strengthen lower back muscles. It also target gluteus muscles and hip in improving posture and reducing back pain.
  • The researches have shown that kettlebell exercises cut 20 calories per minute. This makes it more effective in weight loss and gain.
  • Body shape is highly achieved using kettlebell training.
  • They enhance smooth joint flexibility and body becomes extremely athletic.


Kettlebells originally developed from Russian with aim of improving body fitness. It has been used over centuries. The main health benefits that one can achieve includes; elimination of wear and tear of joint, eradication of back pain due to weaknesses, and  enhance body shape. The best brands of kettlebell in the market includes; dragon door, life line, Apollo, and kaizen.They are affordable and designed in different weight, sizes, and shapes such as 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg for women and 16kg, 20kg, 24kg for men. It has the following role in body building; weight loss, muscular endurance, improvement of lowers back, joint mobility among many others. All these uniqueness makes it more effective and efficient and therefore kettlebell is best equipment of training muscle strength and endurance.


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