Cross Trainer Or Treadmill – Which One is Better for a Home Gym?

Nowadays many people workout at home using suitable training machines. This also includes various cardio equipments such as the cross trainer and treadmill. Both of these equipments are used for performing cardiovascular exercises. They help to enhance cardio health and also burn calories, yet each machine has specific advantages and drawbacks.

First of all running on a treadmill is the best way to reduce weight. Moreover, you do not require special skills or extra strength, to run on a treadmill. You can also walk on a treadmill to do your workouts. One more benefit of the treadmill is that you can also perform the incline walking and shape the lower body. In fact walking briskly helps to burn the same amount of calories as running, and also assists to build your quads, glute, and hamstrings muscles.

Further a treadmill needs to be maintained properly. If you are using the treadmill extensively it should be regularly serviced in order to keep it in working condition. It is also better to buy a good quality machine, even if it is slightly expensive. Also ensure that you go for a treadmill that includes long term warranty.

The drawback of a treadmill is that it does not provide high impact hence it is not suitable for persons with backache or knee pain. However incline walking does have some impact, and hence it is relatively more effective. Moreover, since a treadmill is used for lower body workouts, you should also include rowing exercises to train your arms or perform some other upper body workouts and weight exercises. This is necessary in order to maintain overall muscle balance and body building.

On the other hand, the cross trainer is a low impact machine. Hence it is highly suitable for people who cannot walk or run on a treadmill, as it enables them to perform a painless cardio workout. Another benefit of a cross trainer is that it is a better calorie burner. They help to burn more calories if you set the resistance higher, since it also trains the upper body. Further the cross trainer assists to build both the lower and upper body, because it works against the resistance. However, you will gain relatively less strength by using the cross trainer as compared to the free weights.

Also some people find it difficult to adjust with the movement pattern of the cross trainer. Another drawback is that if you have a strong lower body you will basically use your lower body muscles to perform the exercises and hence the upper body will not get trained. And similarly if you have strong upper body, only your upper body will be used for doing the workouts and thus your lower body will not be trained. Hence whether the cross trainer or treadmill is better for a best home gym mainly depends on your specific requirements and fitness goals. You should therefore use the equipment you enjoy exercising, because you will use it regularly and this will ultimately improve your health.

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