Cross Trainer – Get Benefits of Hiking, Cross Country Skiing and Biking with Elliptical Exercise Equipment


A cross trainer or an elliptical trainer is an exercise equipment that combines the movements of the stair climber, treadmill, and the exercise bike into one. It combines the movements and benefits of hiking, cross country skiing, and biking. With elliptical exercise equipment, your legs travel in an elongated circular motion. It is as if you are standing on a cross country ski machine but instead of your feet moving back and forth, the machine forces them to move around in an oval pattern. It provides similar type of workout as jogging but without the wear and tear on your joints, thus reducing the impact on them. With cross trainer, because your limbs remain in continuous contact with the machine, its operation limits the impact to your joints.Most fitness experts recommend the cross trainer to people who have a hard time exercising because of physical ailments such as bad joints and arthritis.

The actual workout feels like a brisk walk even though you are exerting as much effort as a good run. A cross-trainer with dual action handle bars, you can actually get a true cross training workout that uses your whole body, including your upper body. The cross- trainer uses all of the muscles of the lower leg. Therefore, you will strengthen and build your lower legs.  With a cross trainer you can move at a comfortable speed while allowing yourself high intensity at intervals, as and when you wish to.

The cross-trainer is a great buy for a home gym too. Because of lesser impact, there is less wear and tear of the machine, making the maintenance quite low. It does less harm to your knees. It is great for burning calories and toning up. You can save by using this machine as it gives you a full body workout. The cross-trainer /an elliptical trainer is so designed so as to draw on a smooth, elliptical movement to provide a low impact form of weight bearing exercise that is fun and easy to learn. Because you are standing, the exercise is similar to walking or running. But the arm bars and elliptical motion create similarities with biking or skiing. Elliptical technology has come to be known as a combination of mechanisms and design features, unique to elliptical cross trainer, which create a motion similar to the natural path the feet, legs and hips follow during actual motor activities such as walking or running.This ideal piece of fitness equipment will provide weight bearing exercises while limiting impact and providing for a total body workout. It gives you cardiovascular benefits as well.

Cross trainers have the ability to help users get fit, lose weight, and improve overall health. They help us to keep the body in shape, to lose pounds and to and tone our muscles. Elliptical cross training equipment has revolutionized the world of gym equipment by introducing a motion of exercise that eliminated the harsh impact associated with traditional exercises. It also makes your movements natural and comfortable.

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