Popular Exercise and Gym Equipments Used By Australian Celebrities

There is a rising global disease burden caused by being overweight or obese. Health is wealth and most popular celebrities know the value of maintaining good health to their lifestyle and career.  Popular celebrities like Nichole Kidman states that “without health, you have got nothing”. It is therefore imperative to take good care of the body by exercising to avoid numerous lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular ailments. Australia is ranked as a healthy nation with most people exercising regularly; therefore, no individual should be left out in the fitness quest.

gym equipments

Regular exercising requires the use of specialized gym equipments at sport centers or even at home.  Fitness equipments are specially designed for different functionalities.  A wide range of fitness equipment such as barbells, weights, kettlebells, stair steppers, elliptical machines, bikes, ropes, treadmills and exercise benches provide an extensive range of workouts suitable for all classes of people. Celebrities, politicians, children, women, athletes, men can all workout by adjusting these machines.

Popular Exercises among Politicians

Many celebrities in Australia maintain regular workout routines that keep them healthy, in good shape and are able to advance their careers. To begin with, the immediate former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott is a fitness fun and regularly trains in gyms by lifting weights, jogging, cycling and surfing. He was also an amateur boxer and rugby forward. Other politicians also find time to regularly train in gyms using specialized fitness equipments.

Excising Among Actors, Actresses and Musicians

A great number of actors and actresses also believe that regular exercising keeps the body fit. Naomi Watts is quoted as saying that most people end up breaking diets and therefore do not lose weight. Naomi Watts emphasize on regularly exercise routines, Pilates, jogging, surfing and cardio dances. Nichole Kidman enjoys training at home with family, yoga, running and swimming. Simon baker, an actor enjoys surfing, exercising and going to the beach with family.

kettlebellsChris Hemsworth, a popular actor prefers to train regularly on the gym with fitness equipment. Chris works out between 60 to 90 minutes each day, 5 times a week and prefers kettlebells routines, cardio exercises and has a trainer to assist him fitness sessions. Liam Hemsworth enjoys heavy gym workouts with a trainer for 5 to 6 times a week, throwing tires and rope during workouts, lifting barbells, boxing, running and surfing. Jesse Spenser, an actor and musician maintains a vigorous workout and also enjoys surfing.  Portia de Rossi enjoys gym workouts with exercise equipments, walking, hiking, taking the dog for a walk as well as running in the morning. Popular musician, Keith Urban regularly exercises in the gym four days a week. His specialties include cardio workouts on elliptical machine and lifting light barbells and weights.

Popular Exercise Routines for Models

Models have to maintain a healthy weight and look good to succeed in their career. Models such as Miranda Kerr , Teresa Palmer , Phoebe Tonkin  maintain regular all body workouts several times a week, running regularly, using specialized exercise equipment to train all parts of the body, squats, Pilates, swimming, hiking,  lunges and eating healthy foods.

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Tips to Find the Best Fitness Advice to Convert Your Obese Appearance into Athletic Look

Basic Fitness Needs to Obese People

  • It is quiet impossible for obese people to reduce weight and get a definite shape all of a sudden. They can make use of a suitable fitness program however, before doing to consulting with a professional to find the right package for beginners would stay a suitable solution.
  • Overweight people must prepare their mind to maintain a healthy and balanced diet before they start with any fitness program. This will help them to obtain positive results at the earliest.

Selecting the Right Fitness package

  • Fitness Shops like World Fitness offers a wide range of branded exercise devices in the form of packages. Hence, by choosing the right fitness package the consumer can avail the advantage of buying more than on equipment.
  • A fitness treadmill package is available in Infiniti brand and buying a package gets you the offer to enjoy exercising with another device by paying unimaginable price for Cardio Pack. Obese people can perform plenty of work outs with this stylish treadmills presented by World Fitness website.

Pay Less and Get More from

  • World Fitness Offers wide range of devices and exercise components as affordable packages. Buying a package for Kettlebells, or Medicine Balls, or Boxing Equipment, or Dumbbells for instance is an added advantage to get multiple components at relatively cheaper price and also to enjoy fitness practice with variable gadgets.
  • Exercise Bikes and Elliptical cross trainers are available in different models that can be selected based on the expertise of the consumers such as for beginners, sports people and for those who need routine practise.


The best way for obese people to maintain fitness is to buy equipments that are designed for beginners and then slowly enhance the level and gradually go for tough practise.

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Importance of Cardio Exercise with Treadmill & Elliptical Trainer – Which You will Prefer for Better Result

These days, fitness experts advise to include cardio exercises in our workout schedule. This is because it helps you to enhance your heart condition, burn calories, and raise the energy levels. In fact, cardio exercises are primarily related to aerobic fitness. Both the treadmill and the elliptical trainer, play an important role in improving our cardiovascular system; and maintaining overall health. However, many people are unsure or unaware, about which of these machines provides better results. Hence the following description will help you take the appropriate decision.


A treadmill is preferred by those individuals who like to walk or run, even during extreme climates; when running or walking outdoors is difficult. The flexibility of running indoors is one of the major advantages of exercising on a treadmill. Thus you can now utilize the treadmill at any time as per your convenience; without bothering about the adverse weather; or worry about running on crowded streets and risky walking paths. This wonderful machine basically helps you to do an intense weight bearing activity that result in strengthening your bones and muscles. Moreover, it is also used by many people across the globe, as it is comparatively a low impact machine. As a result, the treadmill is commonly utilized in the health clubs as well in homes, for carrying out a great cardio workout. Besides this, the cardio benefits of using a treadmill include increased heart rate, improved lung functioning and blood circulation, and optimum calorie burning. It even assists in advancing your body metabolism, which ultimately helps in reducing your weight over a period of time. To actually gain maximum benefits from the treadmill, you should simply exercise at different intensities.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical cross trainer is another superb machine that ensures to minimize the chances of suffering from a number of serious health conditions such as coronary heart disease, heart strokes and hypertension. This low impact machine is also helpful in solving lower limb problems, joint aches, and arthritic knees. It involves using the arms and legs together in a comparatively less coordinated manner. Elliptical trainer assists in strengthening and toning the muscles of the upper as well as lower body; and even improves your cardio fitness. Moreover, it also acts as a good calorie burner. Exercising on an elliptical trainer results in increasing the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart as well as lungs; as compared to when you are just resting. Hence regular training on the elliptical trainer helps to improve your aerobic capacity over a period of time. As a result, it increases the capability of your heart to supply blood to various parts of your body. Besides this, the elliptical trainer enables in lowering the resting heart rate. This finally means that the level of your cardio fitness has increased after exercising on the elliptical trainer.


Actually, you can either use the treadmill or the elliptical trainer as per your choice, to regularly perform cardio exercises; as both of them deliver similar results.

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What Features To Look For When Buying A New Treadmill

In many cases people complain about the lack of time when it comes to exercising, working out, or following fitness regimes. If you are also one among these, you should purchase a home treadmill. Treadmills are a staple of home gyms. A treadmill is one of the most important exercise equipments available and used in almost every gym. To any person who wants to lose weight, or just wants to stay healthy and fit, the treadmill can be a huge help.

Features to look for when buying a treadmill

Speed of the Treadmill
One of the first things you need to check is the speed range of the equipment and whether or not it will suit your requirements. First of all, ask yourself: How intense should your workouts be? Do you want to do simple walks every day in order to stay active, or do you want to sprint as fast as possible? Do you want treadmills for cardio or treadmills for weight loss? If you only want a platform to walk on, you can feel free to spend a little less cash and get equipment which is more catered towards lower speeds. Or else, get one that offers a wide range of speeds, from slow speed to very fast speed.

A good grip
A good grip is always vital for treadmills. You do not want to slip and fall off while using the treadmill. You need to inspect the material of the treadmill mat up close in order to ensure that it is textured enough to offer good grip. Run your hands over to feel the amount of friction it generates. This is rarely a feature you need to worry about for higher priced treadmill models; however cheaper models can sometimes be developed using lower quality materials.

Enough Space
Try and have a lot of room on the treadmill. The length of the treadmills is usually more important than their width. Make sure that the treadmill has sufficient room for you to run comfortably without worrying about falling off the edge. If you want the treadmill for only jogging then you can opt for a shorter treadmill. The width is also important for wider people. Make sure that the treadmill you purchase allows you to have both feet spread easily apart without getting close to the edges.

You might want to go for a treadmill that has a thicker deck as this would provide better cushioning for the feet. The system can absorb the shock when your foot hits the belt, and provide you with a more comfortable running or walking experience.

Incline or Decline
Does the treadmill have an incline/decline feature? A treadmill that can incline/decline gives a person working out more flexibility in his or her workouts. The feature offers more resistance to the person exercising and makes the process more challenging. The feature is most suitable for those people who are experienced and are looking for something extra from their treadmill.

Now you know what features to look for when buying a new treadmill. Since the machine is expensive equipment, ensure that you invest in a treadmill that can deliver the right kind of benefits that you are looking for.
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Get the Most Out of Your Trendy Treadmill from World Fitness


Many people turn to a treadmill for their workouts. Whether they are a runner or a walker it’s a great cardio workout. With summer being right around the corner most people want to maximize their workouts to get the best results. One big variable to doing this is choosing the right treadmill for you and to know what to look for. At World Fitness, you will get all information about treadmill and even our sales representative are always helpful in providing best features of each treadmill for your better selection. World Fitness Presents wide range of treadmills for home gym and commercial gym.

When it comes to working out on the treadmill most people think that it’s an easy and quick way to lose weight. That is not always the case, at first it may seem like the pounds are coming off but before you know it you hit a plateau. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your treadmill work out and avoid the plateau.

Very Pace and incline: Start slow and gradually increase pace and/or incline. This will challenge your body, no need to rush just go a little at a time toward the end of your work out reduce pace and incline as your cool down period.

Few weeks at a time: Keep the same routine for of two weeks. Once your body has become accustomed to the work out make it a little more challenging, start a little faster or and an increased incline. This will make it hard for your body to plateau.

Warm up and Cool Down: It is important to prevent injury to your body, take a few minutes to warm up and a few minutes to cool down.

The Types of Treadmill offered at World Fitness for Home Gym & Commercial Gym

There are hundreds if not thousands of treadmills in the world. Some are made for walking others is made for running.

Manual treadmills do not have power or electricity; all that they have are rollers and a belt. To use, you just step and go at your own pace.

Motorized treadmills operate on electricity you program the pace and the incline.

Foldable treadmills are ideal for small spaces and can be folded and stored.

Must Know before You Buy Treadmill from World Fitness

Some things are to consider before purchasing a treadmill. Are you going to walk and/or run? If you decide you will run, you will want a treadmill with a high stability.

Motor size: The higher the horse power then less likely it is to burn out.

Belt Size: If you are tall you want a longer wider belt.

Cushioning and weight capacity: Avoid injury and make it comfortable as for your feet and back.

Noise: If it is really loud it is not the best quality. For further details and best quote with attractive schemes on Treadmills.

About Worldfitness.com.au

Worldfitness.com.au is an online fitness equipment store offering wide range of exercise equipments including home gym equipments, commercial gym equipments, equipments for strength training, cardiovascular training, weight training and overall fitness training. High quality fitness equipments including weight bench, kettlebells, dumbbells, weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, vibration platform, rowers, cross trainer and much more are offered here at highly competitive prices.

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Running on Treadmill Vs. Jogging

In the early days, several people performed various outdoor exercises, including running. Whereas, nowadays many individuals prefer to use exercise equipments, including the treadmill, in order to remain healthy. Today jogging outdoors as well as running on a treadmill, is highly popular amongst fitness fans worldwide. However, there are some differences, as described below.


Basically jogging on the street exposes the person to various conditions of the natural environment. Yet some individuals like to run outdoors in the fresh air, in spite of the adverse climate and heavy traffic; while others cannot bear the extreme weather and prefer to run on the treadmill indoors.


Actually jogging outdoors is a cost-effective option. On the other hand, running on a treadmill will incur costs of either the local gym membership fees, or the expenses of purchasing a treadmill to exercise at home. However in both the cases, you will need a pair of comfortable shoes, and loose clothing that can easily absorb moisture. Moreover, using sweat bands will also help to keep the sweat off your body.


Running on the treadmill is definitely safer. While jogging on the road is relatively risky. Joggers need to be careful, especially on the main streets, due to the rapidly moving, dangerous vehicles. Moreover during night time, some vehicle drivers may drive roughly and thus injure the people running outdoors.


People jogging outdoors need to be cautious about the outdoor surfaces that are uneven. They also have to avoid roads with potholes, stones, and any other major blockages. However, many individuals prefer to jog on the smooth roads, and climb hilly areas; since they find it more exciting than running on the treadmill surface. Alternately treadmills have a comfortable and steady surface for running. Besides, it also has settings for adjusting the speed and incline, in order to perform intense workouts as required.


A common grievance of many people running on a treadmill is that they get bored after a period of time. Hence several individuals watch television and listen to music while running on the treadmill. Moreover the latest models of treadmills include programs which can automatically change the incline and speed, and thus provide a variation in your workout. On the other hand, jogging on the road is interesting as it enables you to exercise with your friends, a group, or a pet. Besides you can also choose a new area or a different path; and enjoy jogging outdoors for a long time.


Actually running on a treadmill as well as jogging outdoors; provides a number of health benefits, such as enhancing the cardio system, reducing blood pressure, better lung functioning, and increasing overall fitness. Moreover, running in both the cases, enables you to build all the major muscles of the legs, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Besides, the amount of calories burned, depends on the settings you do on the treadmill; and the roads on which you jog. Hence both ways are beneficial, and it finally depends on your personal choice.

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Elliptical trainer and treadmill with latest featured brand

When you visit any gym, two exercise machines you are sure to find there are an elliptical trainer and a treadmill. The two machines are used for cardio exercises and for weight loss exercises.

With elliptical trainer you can exercise your lower body muscles with the elliptical movement of the trainer. The upper body muscles can also be exercised with this using the moveable handle bars. On a treadmill you exercise by walking or running on its moving belt.

Elliptical Trainer

Two types of elliptical trainers, residential and commercial trainers, are available. Commercial brands are more expensive than the residential brands as they are made to take more wear and tear and can be used continuously for a long time every day in the gym.

These also vary according to the position of the motor or drive, front drive, center drive or rear drive elliptical trainers.

While working on an elliptical trainer the shock or the impact of the exercise on the joints is less as compared to a treadmill due to its elliptical movement. It stimulates the movement of walking, running and climbing stairs with no extra pressure on the leg joints. People with problems of knees or hips, people recovering from an injury or the elder people can also workout on this machine to stay healthy.

Elliptical trainer offers exercises for the whole body. You can move in forward as well as backward directions, and as a result you work on different sets of muscles. You can exercise both upper and lower body with handle bars and foot pedals. So, more muscles are exercised and more calories are burnt in a short time.

Since there is diversity in the exercises, you are motivated to work out more. While working on this machine you feel as though you are walking or running not on the ground but in the air. You do not feel the exertion, at the same time you burn the desired amount of calories.


These machines let you run or walk without actually moving from the place. They have a conveyor belt which moves according to the speed set and you can run or walk according to that speed. You don’t need to worry about the weather, hot or cold, rainy etc. to do your morning walk. As compared to exercising on the road, the force exerted while running or walking on the treadmill is less than that on the road.

Besides plain walking/running on a treadmill you can create other type of exercises as well. By changing the incline you can simulate up hill and downhill walking. By altering the speed you can alter the speed of running for burning more calories.

Those who are training for events or marathon can easily train on a treadmill without the hassle of going out doors in cold climate or the rainy season.


A person who walks or runs regularly, treadmill is the ideal choice for exercise. But if you want low-impact exercises in which more sets of muscles are worked on you should opt for elliptical trainers with latest features. Both machines help you to burn calories and work on your cardio as well.

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How to Work Out on Treadmills for Best Ab Results?

The treadmill is one of the most popular exercise equipments. It is widely utilized in several health clubs and home gyms for improving the cardio health, burning excess calories, and for shaping the body. Exercising on a treadmill basically involves the natural movement of walking or running on the road. A treadmill is therefore regarded as the best alternative for people with busy schedules. They are also highly suitable for running indoors during dark, wet, and cold weather conditions. You can thereby avoid running through the crowded streets, and also prevent hurting your feet while running on the hard road surfaces. Exercising on a treadmill is relatively easy and does not require any athletic ability. A wide range of treadmills are now readily available in the market. The recent models of treadmills incorporate the latest technology to replicate walking, jogging or running; up or down a slope. They include many new features to make your workouts more interesting and effective. In fact some treadmills offer many in-built programs that can also be modified to suit your specific requirements.

Treadmill Workout

The treadmill is a track on rails that enables you to run without moving forward. It allows you to simulate a long distance run, without actually running outdoors. You can slightly increase the incline on a treadmill and thereby tone your abs, legs and the lower body. Treadmills are considered as flexible machines as their speed can be adjusted to perform an intense treadmill workout. A treadmill provides numerous training programs to run at various inclines and speeds. You can hence carry out a brisk walk on a level surface, or simply jog uphill. The treadmill also helps to reduce weight since it involves a weight bearing exercise. The energy spent to move your body weight in this manner, also burns calories at a higher rate. Further walking or running on a treadmill will strengthen your muscles and bones; and even assist you to maintain a better posture as you get older. The treadmill is a unique machine because running is an intensive activity that expends a lot of calories. Hence it is one of best exercises for rapid fat loss. Besides this as running does not require a lot of skill or muscular strength, almost anyone and especially beginners can easily use a treadmill.


One more outstanding feature of the treadmill is that you can set it on an incline in order to carry our intense incline walking. This is highly suitable for those persons who do not like to run, or cannot bear the impact of a treadmill. In fact walking briskly, can burn the same amount of calories as running and will strengthen the hamstrings, quads, and glute muscles. Treadmills help to increase fitness and remain healthy, lose weight and also build the body muscles. They even strengthen your heart, enhance your memory and also enable to improve your mood. Hence incline walking is considered as one of the ideal workouts on a treadmill for obtaining the best ab results.

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Interval Training on Treadmill for Rapid Weight Loss

Nowadays interval training on treadmill is preferred, since it helps to burn lots of calories, and quickly lose weight. Interval training basically includes combining and alternating sessions of both high intensity and low intensity training, throughout the duration of the workout. This is due to the fact that, it is relatively hard to burn fat by performing a steady intensity workout on the treadmill. While an interval training on a treadmill leads to rapid fat loss, by burning energy and reducing the fat reserves in our body, during and after the workout. Moreover, our body continues to spend energy, in order to bring itself back to a rest condition for repairing the muscles. Further, since you have executed a comparatively difficult workout, the body needs more energy. As a result it increases your metabolism and the body rapidly burns fat. Hence running at specific intervals on a treadmill, enables you to run at a higher intensity than normal. Besides, the short and sudden variation in speed; helps to burn more calories and reduce the excess fat deposited in your body.

Interval Training

Actually the timing of the workout is highly significant while performing interval training on a treadmill. It is therefore important to fix and maintain the interval timings. An interval may range from minimum 10 seconds to maximum 3 minutes. A typical interval training session is described further. To begin with you should first warm up before starting a high intensity, fat burning workout. This is done by slowly walking or lightly jogging for five to 10 minutes, in order to enhance blood circulation and warming up the muscles. You should then increase your speed and run as fast as you can for the next 30 seconds. And must thereafter slow down and run at an average pace for the next four and a half minutes. You should repeat the above steps four to six times for a comprehensive workout. It is better to do this exercise thrice a week, on alternating days for six weeks. This is a good fat burning treadmill workout, since the high intensity intervals are short.

Weight Loss

Further, you must gradually increase the length of the intervals after a few weeks. You should now run at your fastest speed for one minute. It is better to try running around 7 mph; and then return back to a slow jog or easy walk for the next one minute. Repeat this session 10 times. Hence by spending 20 minute for this high intensity interval training, you can effectively burn more calories. Moreover, you should decrease the recovery time, and increase the length of the high intensity workout after a month. Thereafter you should run as fast as possible for three minutes, and continue at a moderate pace for two minutes. You should also cool down after every high intensity interval training session. Repeat this session for one hour, three times a week on alternate days. Hence interval training on treadmill is recommended for rapid weight loss.

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Treadmill Workout for Weight Loss

Many individuals avoid treadmills, since they find them boring. Hence the following workouts can help you to lose weight effectively and enjoyably.

Card Game Workout

One way is to play an interesting card game and keep yourself occupied when you are doing a treadmill workout. So first take four blank index cards. Then write walk, jog, run fast, and run, on each of the cards correspondingly. Now place these cards in an envelope, and keep it on the control panel of your treadmill. You should thereafter perform a simple one mile warm up, and then pull out one of the cards. It is recommended to carry out this exercise using each of the cards for around 5 minutes.

Full Body Workout

This is a combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises which helps to train the arms, legs, and stomach. In involves using 3 to 5 lbs weights for half an hour. First of all you should jog for 5 minute to warm up lightly and swiftly. Then get down from your treadmill to execute 15 pushups; and thereafter perform a 1 minute run on the treadmill. You can increase your speed on the treadmill by around one mph, and finish with a 30 second sprint. It is advisable to redo the above mentioned steps thrice.

Ladder Workout

Instead of using the intervals of equal lengths, this great routine involves increasing the interval lengths progressively. To start with you should warm up for 1mile on the treadmill, and then increase your speed for 2 minutes. Now decrease your speed in the next 3 minutes for recovery. Thereafter you should increase your speed for 4 minutes; and again decrease it for 5 minutes as it is your recovery period. Then once more increase your speed for 6 minutes and decrease it for 7 minutes in order to recover. It is suggested to repeat all these steps once again.

TV Workout

You can also watch your favorite television program while exercising on your treadmill. It will help to pass your time, and also organize your schedule. This 30 minute workout can be started by climbing on your treadmill and running hard. You can decrease your speed during a commercial and then continue this pattern till the program gets over. You can even do this workout while listening to the music. Initially run fast for the first song, and then just decrease your speed during the next song.

Dumbbell Workout

This routine is highly suitable for very busy people as they do not have time for exercising. Such individuals can use a pair of dumbbells up to five lbs. and walk on the treadmill for training the biceps. Then raise and lower your arms with every step; and hold the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Ensure that the palms of your hands are facing forward. Then stretch your arms above your head and return them to the starting position. Simply do this 10 times. Hence several people now perform these treadmill workouts for weight loss.

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