The Most Compelling Benefits of Working out on Spin Bikes

spin bikeAll about Spin Bikes

Road work outs like cycling cannot be performed during all the days, either people do not have time to spend time outside cycling on roads or they might want to manage their fitness needs privately. Exercise bikes have replaced the need for road workouts. The design of the stationary exercise bikes have been made in such as way that it gives strenuous workouts wherein fitness can be obtained more effectively. Among the several stationary bikes available, a spin bike is exercise equipment that is useful to practise fitness cycling exercises indoor. It is stationary cycling equipment where the user can easily adjust the intensity of the speed. It is suitable exercise equipment for both men and women. It works on the resistance mechanism in which the pedal rotation can be used to manage the speed of the equipment like that of a brake.

In what ways Spin Bikes are exclusive

Unlike other cycling bikes stationary Spine bikes have exclusive front flywheel made of steel which can hold up to 44 pounds of weight. The wheels are pulled by a chain which activates while you start pedalling thus will make you feel like climbing the hill. Apart from that there are exclusive benefits a spin bike can obtain such as

  • The resistance control feature helps the user to adjust the resistance in terms of either setting the pedals to downhill or uphill position.
  • Adjustable seat according the height of the person
  • Less heavy when compared to other stationary cycling devices
  • Good option to maintain leg muscle strength and cardiovascular strength
  • The user will not feel the stress of running this equipment
  • Above all the user will not get bored of practising in the same direction or position as there is option to change over the practising position

Health and fitness benefits of practising with Spin Bikes

The Spin exercise bikes have many benefits related to health and fitness as well some of the notable benefits which both men and women can obtain are

  • It is one of the best cardiovascular workout equipment by practising with which one maintain healthy heart and lung functioning
  • It is an effective method to lose relatively maximum calories than any other fitness equipment.
  • The individual practicing with Spin bike cannot feel much stress over his spin like in the case of other stationary exercise bikes
  • One can maintain his muscle strength and bring back to lean shape
  • It is flexible to reduce extra muscles at your back, lower truck and hip area and train effectively to improve stabilize posture. Check out more information about spin bikes at –

How to buy durable spin bike for your personal use

You can prefer online exercise equipment stores or supplier or even visit the manufacturing company and get it touch directly with the representatives. Reviews of the existing customers will help a lot to choose a brand that is durable, cost effective and safe to work with. In addition, online purchase will provide you with variety of options in selecting the best supplier.


For those who wish to maintain a mini fitness center for tough workouts in their living space can prefer to invest on these compact spin bikes.

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Why One Should Incorporate Spin Bike Exercise in Daily Workout Plan?

The spin bike has been widely utilized since the past several years by both men and women. Hence this exercise machine is regarded as one of the most popular fitness equipments globally. They are easy to use and look just like the traditional road bicycles. Spin bikes are highly beneficial for increasing the heart rate, enhancing the cardiovascular system, and also burning calories. Moreover this exercise bike enables you to perform a complete aerobic routine. They offer an effective workout for the legs, especially the thighs, as well as the aerobic system; with limited impact on the knees and leg joints.

A spin bike is primarily an indoor stationary bike which is very sturdy and highly stable. It has well balanced and smooth turning wheels and pedals. The variable resistance can be adjusted as needed. It has a narrow seat like a real outdoor bike, with adjustable settings for the height, and front or back positioning. The wheels of the bike produce resistance, which can be varied using a shifter to ride the bike at the required speed. The two sided pedal enables the user to wear the conventional exercise shoes on the first side, and the special bicycle shoes on the second side of the pedal.

Exercise Bike

The spin bike is actually an indoor exercise bike that offers a convenient and low impact cardio workout. These spin bikes have adjustable levels to imitate riding a bike, up or down the hill. Some of the latest models also include a number of preset exercise routines. The modern range of this exercise bike also has many other outstanding features. This exercise machine provides details about the bike speed, distance travelled, and time of the workout. The most recent models also have a digital display that provides information regarding the total calories utilized and fat burned; the resistance level, the heart rate, and the program mode.

It is a fact that, the expensive bikes are more sophisticated and are built using superiorquality materials. Hence it is better to opt for a costly bike if you intend to utilize it regularly, as they are more durable. Besides, many bikes also include a comprehensive and long term warranty. The best thing about the spin bike home gym equipment is that you can use it comfortably in your home at anytime. You can therefore workout when you are viewing your favorite television program, or while keeping an eye on children nearby, and also while reading a book, magazine or newspaper.

Moreover, you can use the spin bike for cycling indoors, during the extreme weather conditions. Besides some areas do not have side roads, bike lanes, or a safe place to ride a bike outdoors. Hence in such situations you can exercise on your spin bike to remain fit. Another advantage is that you can train yourself without getting injured. Therefore one should incorporate a spin bike exercise in their daily workout plan, in order to stay in shape, and also improve cardio health from the comfort of their home.

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Spin Bike – Helping You to Getting In Shape Quickly

Nowadays a wide range of exercise bikes are available in the market that can either be used in a local gym or at home. Some bikes are upright, where your body leans slightly forward and makes you feel like riding a road bicycle. In fact exercise bikes are very useful for burning calories, and for building the leg and thigh muscles, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. These exercise bikes are commonly used since many years and are similar in form to the traditional outdoor bikes. You can approximately burn 200 to 300 calories after completing a 30 minute cycling workout.

A perfect spin bike is a type of indoor stationary bike that provides the experience of an outdoor bike due to its pedal action, variable resistance and stability. In this competitive workout world everybody knows that how important it is to remain fit and healthy. These bikes help to achieve goals and make the training sessions more interesting. In fact they have also made people more eager to perform indoor exercises. Spin bikes basically offer an effective workout for the legs and aerobic system. A spin bike has a two sided pedal that permits you to use the cleated bicycle shoes on one side and the traditional exercise shoes on the other side of the pedal. The pedal action is circular and smooth just like a good outdoor bicycle.

Since these spin bikes, are stationary and upright, they place less stress and limited impact on the knees and leg joints as compared to the other cardio equipments. It also has a seat that is slightly narrower than a real bike. The height of the seat can be adjusted, and you can also position it in the front or back. You will actually feel more comfortable after some time, once you get used to sitting in the saddle for a long time. It even has a flywheel that creates the resistance that can be varied by the bike’s shifter. And when the resistance is changed this shifter makes a slight click. Some spin bikes include numerous resistance levels and riding position adjustments.

Generally a spin bike is the most important exercise equipment in a well equipped home gym as it is simple to operate and are very effective for improving the heart rate, enhancing the cardio vascular system, and burning fat.  Moreover, a spin bike helps you to get in shape quickly. Like all other types of exercise bikes, a spin bike is also very useful for aerobic fitness and weight loss. These spin bikes are mostly utilized to conveniently perform a complete cardio workout at home; while watching your favorite TV program, taking care of your children, or while reading a book.

Spin bikes even help to train you for an outdoor cycling event. You can also tone your body and stay health during the harsh winter season and hot summer climate, by comfortably exercising indoors on a spin bike. Additionally, exercising on a spin bike is safer, and hence you need not worry about the traffic and pollution, or injuring your body. You can therefore avoid the risks of riding outdoors and yet stay in shape by training yourself indoors on a spin bike.

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Which Type of Exercise Bike Would Be Perfect for your Home Gym?

Exercise Bikes are one of the most affordable pieces of equipment that you can buy, for your home gym. These are very popular fitness tools for weight loss and fitness improvement. Cycling on exercise bike burns excess calories and improves your health, it also  makes the heart and lungs stronger. There are different types of exercise bikes like recumbent bike, spin bikes or upright exercise bikes available in the market.

Exercise bikes are smaller in size as compared to a treadmill,  hence it is more ideal for use in the home due to the limited amount of space it occupies. Check out the many different types of cost effective exercise bikes that strike a balance between quality and price. A well-designed exercise bike provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that is perfect for everyone irrespective of age, gender or fitness level. These bikes have dual effect as these effectively burn calories and also raise your heart rate. These bikes work on legs, abdomen and to some extent on the upper body also.

The two most commonly used bikes are the recumbent exercise bikes and the upright exercise bikes. Upright bikes are cheaper and are more traditional and resemble a normal bike. Buying an upright exercise bike is a good choice if you are used to riding a normal bike and want an exercise bike that will give you the same experience to a great extent. They are generally lightweight and can easily be moved around the house. With the upright bike you have the choice to stand up while doing exercise so you can exercise different areas of your muscles, which you cannot do on a recumbent bike.

The upright-type has a small raised seat similar to a normal bicycle and does not have back support, where as the recumbent-type has a larger seat and is positioned lower and parallel to the ground. You sit in a reclined seat position, almost parallel with the pedals. The large seat makes it more comfortable, and this can be ideal if you suffer from back or joint problems. Sitting in a seat in a reclined position enables you to cycle for a longer time, than you would do on an upright bike. People who are overweight  find it more comfortable to recline in a chair rather than sit on a seat. Most recumbent units have a back rest to lean on when you are resting.

Look for a bike with a wide range of resistance levels so you would be able to use the machine for a long time as your fitness level increases. To avoid accidents when using the bike, look for one that has a comfortable seat, has an adjustable seat height and is strong and sturdy. Choose a bike that has a display panel that tracks down your exercise course.

Most fitness experts agree that you get a more physical and intense workout on an upright bike but you should give both types a try out before you buy one.

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Exercise Bike – Which One to Choose for Excellent Performance

An exercise bike is a training machine that helps to shape your body, lose weight and maintain overall fitness. It is also commonly used for performing various cardio exercises in order to improve the cardiovascular health. Generally, two types of exercise bikes are widely used; namely the spin bike and the recumbent bike. However, while selecting an exercise bike many people get confused; and cannot decide which one to choose for excellent performance.

Hence, the following details will help you to decide whether to use the spin bike or the recumbent bike for your fitness needs. Choosing an ideal exercise bike basically depends on the personal choice, budget limits and effectiveness of the specific exercise bike. Normally you should choose a fitness machine that you enjoy, since it will help you to do regular exercises for a long duration.

To start with, a recumbent bike is the latest form of exercise bike. It consists of bucket seats that are positioned lower to the ground. They provide sufficient lower back support and enable the user to sit in a semi reclining pose. The legs can be placed in the front at an angle, horizontally to the floor in order to reach the pedals. The recline feature allows you to sit comfortably; by stretching out and lying back at a suitable angle, that can be adjusted accordingly. An ideal recumbent bike offers a better spinal posture. It helps to train the body by focusing more on the gluteals, legs, butt, thighs, and hamstrings.

The recumbent bike can be set to a higher resistance to build the legs muscles; and are also easy on the joints. These bikes are safer as they are lower to the ground and it is also impossible to stand on the pedals of a recumbent bike. Thus the lower back, knees and ankles are better protected from painful and injurious impact. Recumbent bikes even permit several exercise routines; such as easy training on a flat slope and the more difficult workout on an uphill.

On the other hand, a versatile spin bike is basically an upright bike; that is relatively less comfortable. This indoor stationary bike provides a similar experience of riding an outdoor bike; due to its pedal action, variable resistance and stability. The pedal movement is uniform and circular just like an outdoor upright bicycle with your legs hanging down. It has a narrow seat and may have a short back support. The height of the seat can be adjusted as required in all the directions.

Spin bikes may also have movable bars or levers on handles in order to train the upper body. However, on a spin bike you need to bend over the handle bars. The flywheel produces varying resistance. A shifter is used to change the resistance; and it makes a slight click when the resistance is adjusted. The pedal is double sided; in order to allow the person to use traditional bicycle shoes on the first side; and cleaved exercise shoes on the second side.

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Which Exercise Equipment to Buy for Your Home Gym – Treadmill or Exercise Bike

Nowadays many people prefer to exercise at home using various exercise equipments; including the treadmill and the exercise bike. Although both of these machines are excellent cardio equipments; selecting the right one may be confusing. So, which versatile exercise equipment to buy for your home gym – treadmill or exercise bike? Basically it all depends on the workout requirements, health conditions and fitness goals of the individual.

Maintaining a regular fitness routine at home is difficult; due to absence of personal trainers to provide instructions and inspiration. Many people also feel lonely and get bored after some time. Hence, the following details will help you to take the right decision. Anyway, you should mainly concentrate on the safety; effectiveness of the workout; and the duration of using the fitness equipment.

Although there are various exercise equipments for cardio workouts, you can actually burn more calories on a treadmill.  Generally, people burn about 750 calories per hour on a treadmill. Whereas they just burn about 550 calories per hour on an exercise bike. However, exercise bikes are more exciting than treadmills, and therefore people tend to use it for a longer period.

Although people burn more calories on a treadmill, they are relatively boring and hence people may use them for a short time. Also it is easy to workout for 20 minutes on an exercise bike; compared to the same time on a treadmill. So, instead of exercising for 10 minutes on a treadmill you can just use the exercise bike for 20 minutes, and thus burn more calories.

Further many exercise bikes include different workout plans. They allow you to select a fixed speed program for running and pedaling up the hill; or set a random speed program to exercise at different levels. The latest models recumbent bikes can also be connected to a television to view and follow an exercise routine. You can use a recumbent bike, and simultaneously read a newspaper or magazine; remotely handle a video game, or converse on the telephone. This will help to save your time, do multiple tasks and also make the exercise bike workout interesting.

However reading is not possible on a treadmill as you keep bouncing up and down. Walking at different speeds on a treadmill is boring, but walking uphill is different and challenging. You can anyway watch television while using the treadmills and make your workout less boring.

The main difference between treadmills and exercise bikes is the overall safety to your body. There are many chances of falling off while exercising on a treadmill. You may take a wrong step, or spill water or sweat on the treadmill track and thus slip off. On the contrary, it is unlikely and very difficult to fall down from an exercise bike. Also these full cardio workout exercise bikes are comparatively less stressful on your joints. Finally, both of these exercise machines help to burn lots of calories and thus enhance your overall fitness.

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How to Choose Fitness Equipment for a Gym?

One of the most difficult decisions which are necessary for setting up a gym is the choice of fitness equipment. The gym equipment plays a major role in setting up a gym whether it is a compact home gym or a commercial gym. As an owner of a commercial gym you would like to give the best facilities to your customers coming for body building and weight loss. If your gym has not been setup properly, you may lose lot of business. And if you have got fed up of exercising in a crowded gym, then you would of course like to setup a home gym and will require high quality fitness equipments which can help you in achieving your fitness goals.  With the thousands of gym equipments available in the market, you might be confused as to which gym equipment to buy and which one not to buy and the decision of buying fitness equipment may become quite challenging. No matter whether it is a commercial gym or a home gym, you need to establish it with precision and care. The criteria of setting up a home gym can be different from setting up a commercial gym because in a commercial gym, you need to decide proper mix of different types of fitness equipments. The decision of how many to buy from each type of gym equipment becomes important in a commercial gym. Whereas, in a home gym, you can buy only one or two gym equipments as per your choice and requirement. So, below mentioned are some guidelines which are required to be followed if you need to setup a home gym or a commercial gym.

Fitness Equipments for Home Gym

While setting up a home gym, it becomes necessary that you choose the fitness equipment which is cost-effective and occupies very less space. Secondly, you also need to keep your fitness goals in mind before selecting a home gym. Always ask yourself first that what kind of results you expect otherwise you may end up getting frustrated for choosing the wrong gym equipments. If you are planning to lose weight, then you may require a well functional spin bike or a treadmill but if your goal is to build muscles and six pack abs, then you may require a multipurpose home gym equipment machine like a multi station which can tone up your entire body. Another important aspect you need to consider is the price of the fitness equipments you buy. If you are beginner to building body, you can start with buying kettlebell instead of expensive power rack or multi stations. It is just amazing that you can perform full body workout with the help of kettlebells also and they require very less space to store. So, before spending your hard earned cash, it becomes necessary to plan the setup of a home gym carefully which includes considering your requirements consulting people who already own a home gym.

Fitness Equipments for a Commercial Gym

Nowadays, competition amongst commercial gyms and fitness centres is increasing day by day. So, if you need to setup your own commercial gym, you need to be aware of the ongoing trends relating to fitness equipments prevailing in the market. Your fitness centre should be equipped with latest gym equipments which are safe, comfortable and are able to give desirable results to your customers. If the fitness equipment is not up to the mark in your commercial gym, then you might lose many customers which can adversely affect your business. The fitness centres with high traffic require more number of same type of fitness equipments in order to reduce the waiting time spent by the customers. So, if you expect more traffic to your commercial gym, then you require buying gym equipments accordingly. While buying fitness equipments for your commercial gym, you also need to consider the space. If you have less space in your gym, it would be better to look for compact fitness equipments, where more than one person can exercise at the same time for example a versatile multi station. It is always better to go for the combination of cardiovascular gym equipments and body building fitness equipments while setting up a commercial gym as people with different fitness goals expecting quick results may join your gym. To ensure that the fitness equipment is safe and long lasting, always go for commercial grade fitness equipment for your commercial gym.

So, whether you are setting up a home gym or commercial gym, you would definitely like to buy quality gym equipment which can be found in wide variety at, the best online store of gym equipments based in Australia.

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Essential Body Solid Fitness Equipments Required for Setting up a Home Gym

Every man and woman has a desire of possessing well shaped and healthy body nowadays. But many times due to junk food eating habits, stressful life, carelessness etc., people are not able to maintain good health and at that time they understand the importance of being fit. Exercising is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape and take you in the direction of physical perfection.  Not everybody has time to attend gyms and perform workouts. So, many people now buy fitness equipment for setting up their home gym, so that they don’t have to stand in queue in a gym, waiting for their turn to come. Moreover, they can just exercise at their own convenient time. If you are planning to setup your own home gym, but don’t have an idea as to which fitness equipments are required, then this article will tell you about the essential Body Solid fitness equipments required for setting up a home gym. The fitness equipments you buy for your home gym depends on your fitness goals. If you are a serious body builder, then you may require weight training fitness equipments and if your aim is to lose some weight, then you may need cardiovascular fitness equipments like treadmill, exercise bike etc. Just go through the below mentioned details about the fitness equipments available for weight training as well as cardiovascular exercises and then decide on which gym equipments are essential for your home gym.

Body Solid Home Gym Equipments for Cardiovascular Exercises

Weight gain is the common problem of many people. In that case, the basic requirement of people becomes losing weight and maintaining body in shape. For that, you require to do many cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, jogging etc. It is not practical to go for jogging and running in the park because of either weather or your busy schedule. So, for that you can buy a treadmill or an exercise bike to perform exercises which can help you in losing weight. You can also select an elliptical cross trainer which is multipurpose and can help you in performing many exercises so that you don’t get bored of the workout in which you need to repeat one exercise over and over again. For cardiovascular exercises, rowing machine is also highly popular, as it gives movement to the muscles of your arms and legs both. Rowers give complete workout to the body which can cut off extra inches and reduce your weight both resulting to a well toned and shaped body.

Body Solid Home Gym Equipments for Weight Training

If the main purpose of yours to set up a home gym is to build your body, then your basic requirement would be dumbbells and a weight bench. You can do many body building exercises enhancing every group of your body with the help of dumbbells. Moreover, there is not much space required to store dumbbells. After you have got dumbbells, you require a comfortable and solid weight bench, where you can sit in a straight or inclining position while exercising using your dumbbells. Barbell and kettlebells can also be wonderful option when it comes to body building. If you have got a barbell, you can definitely buy weight plates depending on your weight lifting capacity and requirement. A power rack, smith machine or a multi gym can be the best choice if you have more space in your home gym as these Body Solid gym equipments are versatile and will enable you to do many exercises relating to body building.

Which Home Gym Equipments to Buy?

If you are confused with the idea as to which fitness equipments to buy for your home gym, then you need to first decide your fitness goal. The decision of buying home gym equipments depends on whether you need to lose weight or gain muscles. Even if you are into weight lifting, you may require exercising on a treadmill to improve your heart beat rate and metabolism. So, the decision of buying home gym equipment entirely depends on your fitness goals and the exercises you need to perform. For setting up a perfect home gym, as per your requirements, you can consult your personal trainer and decide accordingly. This decision can be very crucial as home gym equipments are quite expensive and it should not happen that you end up buying fitness equipments which are higher than your capacity or lower than your capacity which will result to failure in solving your purpose of setting up a home gym. Thus, just think over again and again to buy home gym equipment just suiting to your requirement, capacity, space, budget and the most important your fitness goal.

From Where to Buy Home Gym Equipments?

As you know that buying home gym equipments is a crucial decision and needs to be taken carefully, just go through the features and specifications of the exercising equipments you require at different online stores of gym equipments. Compare the prices and features to make the perfect choice. There may be many local shops of gym equipments, but if you need to buy home gym equipments at affordable prices, always go for online store of home gym equipments and select the latest exercising equipments and accessories with best features available at competitive prices.

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Spin Bikes for Cardiovascular Cycling Workout & Burn Calories


Spin bikes were originally designed for exercise class group cycling. Group cycling classes have an instructor on a bike in the front of the class yelling out commands. Spin exercise bike is a specialized stationary bicycle to simulate outdoor rides. Spin bikes have gained popularity in the home workout category as well. The well-made steel frames and heavy flywheels allow people to stand and pedal to make the workout more challenging.

Spinning bikes feature a mounted flywheel that is made to mimic the inertia and momentum of riding an outdoor bicycle. The difficulty of pedalling is controlled by a resistance knob or lever that puts pressure on the flywheel, making you feel like you are increasing gear or pedalling up hill. The height of the seat and handlebars can be adjusted to each user. A spin bike better simulates outdoor riding. Spin bikes are one type of cardiovascular machines that simulate riding a bike. These bikes can be used in a class format or by themselves, and they come with many benefits. When you use a spin bike at a moderate intensity, you can increase the muscle endurance in your legs. Stationary spin bikes are used in a seated position with no force coming down on the joints, making it a safe, non-impact exercise.

Exercises for spinning class include infinite combination possibilities from sitting in the saddle, standing, pedalling faster or slower, or using more or less resistance. Flat roads, using resistance for climbing and hills, speed work and sprints, interval training and riding to music are key components of spinning classes. A flat road in spin class is used for warm-ups, to give the rider a recovery period and for cool downs. A hill or climb simulates riding on an incline. The objective of hills is to build leg strength, endurance and power through increased resistance. Sprints and speed work are about intensity and pedal speed. The objective is to work on increasing pedal speed to the top speed possible, while still remaining in control of cadence and proper form. Intervals consist of short blocks of high intensity effort, accomplished through speed or resistance, separated by periods of recovery.

Spinning offers a great cardiovascular workout. Spinning is a cardiovascular cycling workout on a stationary bike on which the tension can be increased, decreased, mileage and lapsed time is kept by a small computer, and calories burned and heart rate can be tracked by using an inexpensive additional heart monitor. A good thirty minute workout on a Spinning Cycle can burn as much as 500 calories. Planned Spinning programs include both endurance and cardiovascular training during the workout. As you work harder during your Spinning workout you will learn to work on controlled breathing, as well. This may help you with anxiety and help lower your heart rate when you get into a situation where physical exertion begins to take your breath away. You are able to work out hard on a Spinning bike without hurting your knees and feet. You feel better throughout the day following a workout and you have more energy.

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Exercise – Effects of Exercise on Skeleton System, Exercise for Body Building


  1. Stronger bones: Regular exercises improve the bone composition. Bones become stronger.
  2. Reduces bone injuries: regular exercise reduces the chances of bone injuries. Regular exercise makes the bones capable of absorbing sudden shock, impact over them.
  3. Improves ossification: regular training and exercise improves ossification process in the body. This leads to proper shape and size as well as growth of the bones.
  4. More blood supply: the level of blood supply in the bones increases through regular exercise.
  5. Faster healing: bodies trained with regular exercises  are capable to cure faster as the healing ability of their bones  become much better. Bone diseases like arthritis, spondilosys, osteoporosis, etc., are also reduced. Continue reading
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