Recumbent Bike Exercises for Obese People for Easy Weight Loss

These days a large number of men and women are in favor of using a recumbent bike. This is due to the fact that, it is more comfortable as well as effective. Basically this exercise bike has cushioned bucket seats. Hence you can sit back, lower to the ground and pedal conveniently. They are relatively easy to use for beginners as well as for obese people. Moreover it enables you to perform a variety of workouts in order to make your exercise routine more interesting. Further, cycling is an aerobic exercise that is also known as cardio exercise. It involves a repetitive movement of the major muscles of our body with little or no resistance. This kind of exercise helps to strengthen our heart and lungs, and also assists to quickly burn fat. Hence many doctors, experts, and trainers advise over weight individuals to use recumbent bikes for losing weight. Actually recumbent bikes are suitable for people of various fitness levels. Besides several users are likely to continue using a recumbent bike routine for a long time, as these bikes are much safer and highly effective.

Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike is a type of aerobic equipment which helps to increase aerobic fitness. Aerobic equipments are also designed to provide your major muscle groups the recurring action required for weight loss. A recumbent bike even offers various other benefits to both men and women. In fact, fat and lazy persons can also easily use a recumbent bike. You can even adjust the settings to provide least or nil resistance for pedaling this bike. Moreover, over weight persons especially find the recumbent bike more comfortable, because the seats are much larger compared to the other exercise bikes. A recumbent offers wide range of programs that will surely help to prevent a boring workout. Users can choose an easy, difficult, flat or hilly course as required. Recumbent bikes also provide a cardio workout that enables you to exert least pressure on your knees and other joints. In fact recumbent bikes allow your body to exercise at an angle, where your body weight does not stress the joints. Hence even persons who have back and knee problems can easily workout on recumbent bikes.

Exercise Bike

A recumbent bike is an exercise bike that enables you to do a fat burning workout with enough resistance, and also helps you to build a strong and muscular body. An exercise session on a recumbent bike also places less strain on the lower back. Thus a user can easily carry out their workout for a longer duration. While using a recumbent bike you should set the resistance of the exercise to a higher level. This is the best way to shape your leg muscles, build your inner thighs, burn calories, and lose weight. Generally a moderate workout done on a recumbent bike by a person weighing 150 pounds, will burn 250 calories in 30 minutes. Hence obese people are recommended to perform recumbent bike exercises for easy weight loss.

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Reviews for Different Types of Recumbent Bikes

Cycling is primarily an aerobic exercise which includes repetitive movement of the major muscles of our body with relatively less resistance. It is a highly effective exercise that assists to strengthen our heart and lungs, burn fat and reduce weight. These days a wide range of exercise bikes are manufactured, that also includes the recumbent bike. The recumbent bike is a type of exercise equipment which enables us to enhance our aerobic fitness. It basically has padded bucket seats to sit back comfortably. These exercise bikes are lower to the ground, and easy to pedal even for most of the beginners.

They avoid straining your wrist, neck and shoulder, which is usually caused by hunching down on the handles of a normal exercise bike. They offer various programs to keep you motivated, and make your workouts more interesting and less boring. Hence lots of people are likely to continue a recumbent bike routine over a longer period of time. Besides this many health experts and fitness trainers recommend using recumbent bikes. This is due to the fact, that they are safe and suitable for men and women of all ages and different fitness levels.

Exercise Bike

Different types of recumbent bikes are now readily available in the market. They are widely used in gyms, homes, local homes gyms, hotels, educational institutes, offices, health training centers, commercial and residential complexes, etc. The latest range of recumbent bike offers the facility to simulate pedaling up the hills. You can adjust the settings to provide little, more, or no resistance while pedaling the recumbent bike. Users can accordingly select an easy, difficult, flat, or hilly cycling mode. They are also categorized as light or heavy grade depending on the maximum user weight.

There are some models that are highly preferred by overweight people as they have a much larger and more comfortable seat, as compared to any other exercise bike. The seats and back rest can also be adjusted and positioned as required, in order to provide better support for your back and bottom while exercising. Some new models also offer an upper body workout, by simply adding weights and doing repetitions while you sit back and pedal the recumbent bike. They are highly durable as they are made from superior quality materials and have a heavy duty solid steel frame.

There are many other salient features, extra functions, and various programs included in the advanced models. They also have numerous resistance and tension levels that can be manually or automatically controlled. Manual seat rail movement, multi grip handle bars, smooth flywheel, and easily transportable wheels are also provided. They even have a back-lit console that displays the preset program profile, speed, time, distance, watt, calories, hand pulse, heart rate control and recovery, body fat, etc. The heart rate monitor provides the current heart rate and the targeted heart rate. It also has hand pulse grips and built-in wireless chest straps. Moreover, all the types of recumbent bikes are offered with a complete and long term warranty.

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Work out on Recumbent Bikes to Slim Down Fast and Effectively

Since the early days cycling is regarded as one of the best exercise. Therefore many people use the upright exercise bike or the recumbent bike for exercising indoors. Although the recumbent bikes were invented long ago, they have only gained popularity during the past few years. This is due to the fact that, several fitness fans later on realized that a recumbent bike workout places less stress on the body.

Cycling is primarily an aerobic exercise which involves repetitive movement of the major muscles with relatively less strain. It assists us to strengthen our heart and lungs, and also quickly burn fat and thereby reduce body weight. Hence the recumbent bike is now widely used throughout the world as it helps to improve our aerobic fitness.

Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike is a type of aerobic equipment that enables the user to sit lower to the ground and exercise in a natural, chair like position. Thus it helps to avoid straining the neck and shoulder which is normally caused due to hunching downwards on the handles of an upright bike, and also by exerting the body weight on the wrists and shoulders. It is also appropriate for individuals who are new to cycling since they provide extra support to the back.

All recumbent bikes have a chair or comfortable bucket seats. Hence you can just sit back and stretch your legs out in front of your body in a horizontal position as you pedal the bike. They are highly suitable for persons with lower back pain, joint aches, or lower spine problems. In fact this exercise bike is highly preferred by both beginners and experienced persons, because they provide a number of exercise programs to make your workouts more interesting.

A workout session on a recumbent bike causes comparatively lesser strain on the lower back. Thus the user can exercise constantly for a longer duration. They are mainly beneficial for building the leg muscles and toning the inner thighs.  It also enables us to set the resistance at a higher level for an intense workout. The ergonomic design of the recumbent actually makes exercising more simple, since it minimizes the unnecessary stress. Hence many people use them in their homes. They allow you to do multiple tasks and also provide more stability. Thus users can simultaneously read books, attend phone calls, and watch television while exercising on recumbent bikes.

The recumbent bike is more comfortable than upright bikes shown at Some models even have handles next to the seat, as well as in front of the seat. They offer a better lower body workout and efficient blood flow to the body. Hence they are also used for physical therapy that requires proper back support. These recumbent stationary bikes have pedals that provide a push and pull motion. It thereby trains the leg and thigh muscles as well as the hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. They also help to stay in shape therefore many people work out on recumbent bikes to slim down fast and effectively.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Nowadays many people prefer to exercise using a recumbent bike since it places the rider in a semi reclined position. The legs can be positioned horizontal to the ground and the back is supported by the seat. It provides excellent lower back support compared to the spin exercise bike which is used at many commercial and home gyms. And the adjustable recline of recumbent bikes enables the user to sit comfortably at a suitable angle. A recumbent bike workout helps to strengthen the hamstring, thighs and gluteals.

Further, you should consider some key factors before you decide to purchase a recumbent bike. This is due to the fact that buying an exercise bike for a perfect home gym is a long term investment. Basically you should buy a good quality bike as per your needs and budget. Following are some tips for choosing the best recumbent exercise bike. The main points to take care while purchasing a recumbent exercise bike are size, feedback mechanism, resistance, and warranty.

First of all the latest recumbent bikes are adjustable and can easily fit persons of any size. However, it is better to ensure that the chosen bike is suitable for your size and also fits into your exercise room. Secondly go for a recumbent bike that provides a feedback mechanism. It should basically display details related to the speed, distance, and the body’s performance. Some models also show the RPM, heart rate, pulse, calories and fat burned, etc.

The other important factor is the resistance. A recumbent exercise bike is available with various types of resistance. The direct tension resistance utilizes a spinning wheel and brake system in order to apply more tension on the pedals. These types of bikes are mostly low priced and include a friction-based resistance mechanism such as a fabric band brake or calliper. They are very simple to operate and provide relatively few workout options.

Another kind of resistance that is provided in a recumbent bike is the air resistance. It mainly uses variable air pressure speeds for applying resistance to the flywheel.

This type of recumbent bike utilizes a fan to generate resistance. Hence the faster you pedal, the harder is your workout. These bikes are also more durable as there is no friction involved, and the fan even provides a cooling effect.

The next type of resistance is the electro-magnetic or alternator-based resistance.

The magnetic systems use electromagnetic brakes in order to either tightly or loosely control the flywheel against the magnets. It basically makes the recumbent bike much smoother and more silent. This kind of exercise bike mostly includes a predetermined set of training programs and also a heart rate monitoring system. Moreover since a magnetic system is highly sophisticated and even very precise, it is also more expensive.

And the last and important factor to consider is the warranty of the equipment. Usually all recumbent exercise bikes are sold with a wide range of warranties. For instance, the spare parts and labor may be covered for 90 days to 6 months, while the warranty period for the frame may be for a lifetime.

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Which Type of Exercise Bike Would Be Perfect for your Home Gym?

Exercise Bikes are one of the most affordable pieces of equipment that you can buy, for your home gym. These are very popular fitness tools for weight loss and fitness improvement. Cycling on exercise bike burns excess calories and improves your health, it also  makes the heart and lungs stronger. There are different types of exercise bikes like recumbent bike, spin bikes or upright exercise bikes available in the market.

Exercise bikes are smaller in size as compared to a treadmill,  hence it is more ideal for use in the home due to the limited amount of space it occupies. Check out the many different types of cost effective exercise bikes that strike a balance between quality and price. A well-designed exercise bike provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout that is perfect for everyone irrespective of age, gender or fitness level. These bikes have dual effect as these effectively burn calories and also raise your heart rate. These bikes work on legs, abdomen and to some extent on the upper body also.

The two most commonly used bikes are the recumbent exercise bikes and the upright exercise bikes. Upright bikes are cheaper and are more traditional and resemble a normal bike. Buying an upright exercise bike is a good choice if you are used to riding a normal bike and want an exercise bike that will give you the same experience to a great extent. They are generally lightweight and can easily be moved around the house. With the upright bike you have the choice to stand up while doing exercise so you can exercise different areas of your muscles, which you cannot do on a recumbent bike.

The upright-type has a small raised seat similar to a normal bicycle and does not have back support, where as the recumbent-type has a larger seat and is positioned lower and parallel to the ground. You sit in a reclined seat position, almost parallel with the pedals. The large seat makes it more comfortable, and this can be ideal if you suffer from back or joint problems. Sitting in a seat in a reclined position enables you to cycle for a longer time, than you would do on an upright bike. People who are overweight  find it more comfortable to recline in a chair rather than sit on a seat. Most recumbent units have a back rest to lean on when you are resting.

Look for a bike with a wide range of resistance levels so you would be able to use the machine for a long time as your fitness level increases. To avoid accidents when using the bike, look for one that has a comfortable seat, has an adjustable seat height and is strong and sturdy. Choose a bike that has a display panel that tracks down your exercise course.

Most fitness experts agree that you get a more physical and intense workout on an upright bike but you should give both types a try out before you buy one.

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Exercise Bike – Which One to Choose for Excellent Performance

An exercise bike is a training machine that helps to shape your body, lose weight and maintain overall fitness. It is also commonly used for performing various cardio exercises in order to improve the cardiovascular health. Generally, two types of exercise bikes are widely used; namely the spin bike and the recumbent bike. However, while selecting an exercise bike many people get confused; and cannot decide which one to choose for excellent performance.

Hence, the following details will help you to decide whether to use the spin bike or the recumbent bike for your fitness needs. Choosing an ideal exercise bike basically depends on the personal choice, budget limits and effectiveness of the specific exercise bike. Normally you should choose a fitness machine that you enjoy, since it will help you to do regular exercises for a long duration.

To start with, a recumbent bike is the latest form of exercise bike. It consists of bucket seats that are positioned lower to the ground. They provide sufficient lower back support and enable the user to sit in a semi reclining pose. The legs can be placed in the front at an angle, horizontally to the floor in order to reach the pedals. The recline feature allows you to sit comfortably; by stretching out and lying back at a suitable angle, that can be adjusted accordingly. An ideal recumbent bike offers a better spinal posture. It helps to train the body by focusing more on the gluteals, legs, butt, thighs, and hamstrings.

The recumbent bike can be set to a higher resistance to build the legs muscles; and are also easy on the joints. These bikes are safer as they are lower to the ground and it is also impossible to stand on the pedals of a recumbent bike. Thus the lower back, knees and ankles are better protected from painful and injurious impact. Recumbent bikes even permit several exercise routines; such as easy training on a flat slope and the more difficult workout on an uphill.

On the other hand, a versatile spin bike is basically an upright bike; that is relatively less comfortable. This indoor stationary bike provides a similar experience of riding an outdoor bike; due to its pedal action, variable resistance and stability. The pedal movement is uniform and circular just like an outdoor upright bicycle with your legs hanging down. It has a narrow seat and may have a short back support. The height of the seat can be adjusted as required in all the directions.

Spin bikes may also have movable bars or levers on handles in order to train the upper body. However, on a spin bike you need to bend over the handle bars. The flywheel produces varying resistance. A shifter is used to change the resistance; and it makes a slight click when the resistance is adjusted. The pedal is double sided; in order to allow the person to use traditional bicycle shoes on the first side; and cleaved exercise shoes on the second side.

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Which Exercise Equipment to Buy for Your Home Gym – Treadmill or Exercise Bike

Nowadays many people prefer to exercise at home using various exercise equipments; including the treadmill and the exercise bike. Although both of these machines are excellent cardio equipments; selecting the right one may be confusing. So, which versatile exercise equipment to buy for your home gym – treadmill or exercise bike? Basically it all depends on the workout requirements, health conditions and fitness goals of the individual.

Maintaining a regular fitness routine at home is difficult; due to absence of personal trainers to provide instructions and inspiration. Many people also feel lonely and get bored after some time. Hence, the following details will help you to take the right decision. Anyway, you should mainly concentrate on the safety; effectiveness of the workout; and the duration of using the fitness equipment.

Although there are various exercise equipments for cardio workouts, you can actually burn more calories on a treadmill.  Generally, people burn about 750 calories per hour on a treadmill. Whereas they just burn about 550 calories per hour on an exercise bike. However, exercise bikes are more exciting than treadmills, and therefore people tend to use it for a longer period.

Although people burn more calories on a treadmill, they are relatively boring and hence people may use them for a short time. Also it is easy to workout for 20 minutes on an exercise bike; compared to the same time on a treadmill. So, instead of exercising for 10 minutes on a treadmill you can just use the exercise bike for 20 minutes, and thus burn more calories.

Further many exercise bikes include different workout plans. They allow you to select a fixed speed program for running and pedaling up the hill; or set a random speed program to exercise at different levels. The latest models recumbent bikes can also be connected to a television to view and follow an exercise routine. You can use a recumbent bike, and simultaneously read a newspaper or magazine; remotely handle a video game, or converse on the telephone. This will help to save your time, do multiple tasks and also make the exercise bike workout interesting.

However reading is not possible on a treadmill as you keep bouncing up and down. Walking at different speeds on a treadmill is boring, but walking uphill is different and challenging. You can anyway watch television while using the treadmills and make your workout less boring.

The main difference between treadmills and exercise bikes is the overall safety to your body. There are many chances of falling off while exercising on a treadmill. You may take a wrong step, or spill water or sweat on the treadmill track and thus slip off. On the contrary, it is unlikely and very difficult to fall down from an exercise bike. Also these full cardio workout exercise bikes are comparatively less stressful on your joints. Finally, both of these exercise machines help to burn lots of calories and thus enhance your overall fitness.

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Advantages of Using Recumbent Bikes

You can maintain good health by either exercising at home or by visiting a gym. Nowadays, a wide range of fitness equipments are available; including the recumbent bike. A recumbent bike is a bicycle that allows a person to ride outdoors or exercise indoors, while sitting in a relaxed and reclined position.

Compared to the normal upright bicycles, it is preferable to use recumbent bicycles; as the rider’s weight is uniformly distributed over a larger area; and they also provide better back support. Following are the numerous advantages of using recumbent bikes, mainly due to its ergonomic design.

Recumbent bikes are extremely stable as compared to the upright exercise bikes; hence they are highly preferred by people with balance problems. It is also advisable to use recumbent bikes, for people who cannot perform work outs on an upright exercise bike or a well functional spin bike.

A training session on a recumbent bike will help to lessen the strain on the lower back; thereby allowing the person to exercise continuously for a relatively longer time. You can use a recumbent bicycle for building up the leg muscles and even for toning up the inner thighs.

While exercising on a stationary recumbent bike, you can also do some other activities like watching television, reading a newspaper or attending phone calls; without losing balance or falling down. The recumbent bikes are ergonomically designed to minimize effort and reduce stress. They can be utilized inside your home or in the local gym. It is also a better alternative for exercising outdoors compared to conventional bicycles.

A recumbent bicycle is safe as well as comfortable; and is therefore considered as a relatively better for a home gym. It helps to significantly reduce the body strain, and is therefore recommended for weight loss and increasing stamina. The seat angle helps to avoid pains and injuries related to the hands, neck, arms, lower back, shoulders and wrists. It is also suitable for people with back pain or genito-urinary problems as the pedals are not under the seat.

These recumbent bikes enable the rider to sit in a relaxed manner. This prevents bending or leaning forward while riding. You can thus maintain a better body posture and prevent a shoulder pain and a stiff backache. Using a recumbent bike will even help to avoid numb hands or fingers; that usually occurs after riding an upright bike for many hours.

Recumbent bikes can also decrease saddle sores; since the body weight gets distributed over a larger area. This improves blood circulation to the compressed body parts while riding for long durations. It also helps to prevent the compression of the perineal nerve that runs under the symphysis pubis.

One more remarkable advantage of a recumbent bike is that the legs are positioned much closer to the heart. This posture increases the blood flow, to and from the heart; thereby enhancing your body stamina. You can thus use recumbent bike, one of the best exercise bikes for an excellent cardio workout and also for strengthening your legs.

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How to Setup a Commercial Gym?

There are many health related problems people are facing nowadays due to which they get inspired to work out and exercise. Buying a home gym equipment and exercising at home has a major drawback and that is there are no personal trainers to motivate you for exercising and informing you the right way of workout for a particular fitness goal. Moreover, you can buy limited fitness equipments for your home gym whereas; in a commercial gym you find so many versatile fitness equipments enabling you to perform different types of exercises. If you are interested in body building, you also require doing cardiovascular exercises which can be possible with the help of a best recumbent bikes or a treadmill. It would be not at all practical to buy a multi station and an elliptical cross trainer at home as it will occupy lot of space and may prove to be expensive too. So, people who are really interested in bringing a drastic difference to their health and lifestyle, always choose to join a commercial gym instead of buying home gym equipments. In that case, commercial gyms are in high demand and if you are thinking of setting up a home gym, you need to take care of certain factors which are given below:-

Who will be using the gym?

As an owner of a commercial gym, you need to first determine, what type of users you are aiming at? Are you aiming for body builders or people interested in losing weight? The choice of fitness equipment for your commercial gym can be based on the answers of the questions mentioned above. If you are targeting body builders as your customers, then installing a multi station becomes a basic requirement of your gym. If the basic requirement of the members of your gym is to lose weight and inches from their body, then you need to buy different types of elliptical cross trainers, helping them to perform several cardiovascular exercises. You need to identify the majority of users visiting your commercial gym and then decide on which gym equipment to buy and how many of each of them to buy.

Budget to Setup a Commercial Gym

The total setup of a commercial gym which includes the space, lighting, flooring, gym equipments etc., depends on your budget. You need to decide the budget for each and every element of your commercial gym otherwise you may end up spending on things which may not be required in your gym. To setup a commercial gym, the quality of gym equipment is most important, so you cannot compromise on the quality of the gym equipment otherwise you may have to pay high maintenance and repairing costs in the future. So, the bifurcation of the budget in a smart manner is very much important while setting up a commercial gym.

Space Available

If you already own a space where you are going to setup your gym, then there is no problem, you can get your gym equipped according to the space available. But, if you don’t have the space available, you need to search for one and whether you want to buy it or lease it depends on the investment amount you possess. You can choose the gym equipments depending on the area and the shape of the room where you are setting up your gym. After having a look at the space available for the gym, you can imagine where you will be placing the treadmill, multi station, versatile power rack, exercise bike etc., keeping the convenience of your customers’ in mind.

Besides going through all the above factors, you also need to ensure that the fitness equipment you choose is completely commercial gym equipment which is suitable for heavy use throughout the day. You also need to take care of the overall design of your gym which includes flooring, lighting and ventilation so that your customers are comfortable while exercising. Just make sure that your commercial gym has proper water facilities as people performing heavy exercises require water frequently. After setting up your commercial gym, you need to make sure that you maintain exercising equipments regularly to provide safe exercising to your customers.

If you are planning to setup your own commercial gym and requiring best quality gym equipments at affordable prices, then visit

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Recumbent Bikes – Most Comfortable Workout Equipment for Realizing the Fitness Goal


A recumbent exercise bike is a bike in which the user is in a laid back or reclined position. It distributes the user’s weight more comfortably over a larger area and is more ergonomically correct thus making it much more comfortable. The recumbent exercise bike is seen more and more in gyms, exercise rooms, spinning classes, and anywhere workout equipment is found. This is one workout that gives a great deal of gain without the pain. For those who include it in a regular workout, the benefits are great.

Stationary or mobile, a recumbent exercise bike is comfortable. You can get some great exercise in relative comfort. Recumbent bikes are available in a wide range of configurations, including: long to short wheelbase; large, small, or a mix of wheel sizes; over seat, under seat, or no-hands steering; and rear wheel or front wheel drive. In a recumbent bike, the seat is located almost in-line with the pedals. Sitting reclined, leaning back with the arms hanging naturally to your sides eliminates sore hands, wrists and arms because there is no weight or stress put on them by leaning while riding. The gluteal muscles of your butt get a better workout in a reclined position. Cycling in a more natural position of body alignment reduces fatigue and increases both the ability and the desire of the rider to continue the workout. Why not be comfortable while you are exercising so you can do your very best toward realizing your fitness goals?

A recumbent exercise bike can be used by just about anyone, young or old, any fitness level, or any skill level. With a stationary recumbent exercise bike you won’t have to be concerned about balance, turning radius, weather or traffic conditions and simply provides a good low impact workout with recumbent bikes. A recumbent bike has lumbar support and you put less strain on your body. Using a recumbent bike for exercise may find you looking forward to exercising, since they can be so much fun. They provide a good workout for your leg muscles and joints. These bikes are known for their comfort, strong ergonomics and good cardiovascular workout. Recumbent bikes are easy on your wrist, back, hands, shoulders, neck, arms, and lower back. Your shoulders, arms and hands are in a relaxed position that does not bear the weight of the torso. You sit back and lower to the ground as you pedal. These exercise bikes are easy enough for even the most sedentary beginners, and they usually offer workout programs to keep the workouts from becoming boring. Even the most sedentary person will find a recumbent exercise bike easy to use. You can adjust the settings to offer little or no resistance as you pedal. People who are overweight will definitely find the seat much larger and more comfortable than other exercise bikes. You can simulate a course that is easy or difficult, flat or hilly. Recumbent exercise bikes are so comfortable and easy to use that eventually you can do workouts giving you results like you’ve spent hours a day on a stair-stepper.

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