The Elliptical Trainer Machine Workout Helping the Best to Remove Fat

Foods that we consume are processed by the liver to release two major compounds and these are fatty acids and glycerol. The fatty acids supply energy to tissues such as cardiac of heart organ and the skeletal tissues, while glycerol is further broken down to glucose to provide instant energy to the body. Despite this obvious importance of fats in the body, excessive fats have various negative health effects such as heart diseases, arthritis, obesity and even breathing problems. This is because most often the fats are not all burned out but will get stored in the body resulting in these health issues. To ensure that these problems are avoided, it is crucial to be aware of the current body fat percentage which according to health practitioners should be 14 – 18 % of the total weight of the body for male and female 20 – 25 %.

Infiniti ST1200EMS Elliptical Cross Trainer

The Elliptical Trainer

To achieve the above range, fitness equipments such as the elliptical trainer have been developed. This is gym equipment that simulates walking, running and upper body exercises thus enabling total body workout a burning out the excess fat. Compared to other fitness equipment it offers the best body tone up due to the combination of muscle activities going on while the person is exercising. The biggest advantage of the elliptical machine is that exercises are possible without exerting excessive force on the joints thus reducing impact injuries. It also offers varying resistances to the workouts hence enabling a gradual muscle tone up.

Various Exercises with the Elliptical Trainer

A wholesome body tone up program involves strength training as well as aerobic workouts. There are various types of aerobic workouts such as running, waking, stairs and cycling. Strength training involves weights, resistance tools and even weight machines. Some of the best exercises with the elliptical include:

  • Back side workout; Exercises target the rear muscles by manipulating the incline of the elliptical. It assists in toning the backside while at the same time getting good cardio exercises. Maximize the workout by keeping the heels lower while on the machine.

  • Core exercises. In this case, let go of the handles thereby all the muscles of the core are engaged due to the fact that you are balancing yourself on the machine.

  • Treadmill Similar workout; adopt a running position on the elliptical, release handles and keep arms in running position. This helps even out the stride.

  • Hurried workout; Very effective for burning out calories and requires short and efficient workouts.

  • Weight holding exercises. This is because while pushing down on the pedals you are utilizing the lower body muscles and bones hence serving as strength training. Addition of varying levels of resistance enhances this feature more. Know more about fitness equipments, kindly visit –


Accumulation of fats in the body may have serious health effects and it is important to regulate the fats in our bodies. The Elliptical is an effective way to get rid of the excess fats in the body. This fitness machine is optimal for body fitness primarily because it works the joints without exerting heavy impacts on them hence reduced injuries and as well ensuring gradual development of the muscles. There are various exercises with the elliptical such as stairs, running, reverse and cardio workouts making the elliptical a great fitness machine.

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Explore the Power of Different Cross Trainers

Types of Cross Trainers, their application and benefits to users.

A cross trainer is a fitness machine or equipment. It is used to keep the body muscles toned and ensures flexibility of the user. Also known as an elliptical trainer, this machine flexes overall body muscles especially the legs and the upper body by use of the movable stability bars.Elliptical trainers have become common to fitness and health enthusiast. Manufacturers have come up with different designs and types of cross trainersto suit their needs.The different designs have different features and a user needs to know which type suits their fitness needs best. Users also need to take into consideration the power of cross trainers.The Incline elliptical trainers are best known for their capability to change the incline level such that the trainer could be making an uphill kind of exercise or one on a flat surface. This particular design keeps the leg and thigh muscles toned while exerting little pressure on the knee joint.Rear and front drive machines from NordicTrack also offer great work out exercise with the rear drive giving more elliptical kind of motion. The adjustable stride elliptical trainer from Precor gives the option of changing stride lengths. This can be adjusted to suit an individual’s natural length of their stride so that they exercise comfortably.

Types of cross trainers come with different resistance levels. There are belt and magnetic resistance cross trainers. The belt resistance machine manages the levels of resistance using a flywheel and a belt. Experts however, prefer the elliptical machine that employs the use of magnetic fields to manage resistance. It offers better levels of training to increase overall fitness.Many manufacturers have become popular for their unique designs and quality elliptical fitness machines. Precor, Nordic Track and Schwinn to name but a few are common household names in the elliptical fitness world.

Models of Cross Trainers and Their Performance
The York Excel 320 Cross Trainer is a self-generating power machine that has great functionality such as the chest straps as well as a large stride length. It comes with both fixed and movable hand bars. The York Perform 210 Cross Trainer has many levels of resistance. It uses electromagnetic fields to control resistance levels and it gives smooth rides and comfortable workout. Unlike the former, its stride length is a bit shorter though it has adjustable pedals that have good grip.The First Degree Fluid Cycle Cross Trainer E720 is a fitness machine designed to give an overall and complete body muscles workout. First Degree Fluid Cycle Cross Trainer uses fluid to generate adjustable resistance during workouts. It is also fitter with a display panel that allows the user to know their speed, the distance covered and the time spent.

The Infinity Brand of Cross Trainers
The Infiniti E25i Front Drive Cross Trainer, it is a sturdy and stable machine. It is best suitable for home use. It gives adjustable pedal spacing and it has a big stride length. It gives the user smooth elliptical motions that simulate the natural gait. Like the former, the Infiniti E56i Red Zone Cross Trainer is suitable for a home gym. It is designed with a very stable steel frame and it is like a bigger version of the former model. It has hand grip bars and has an LCD in built panel display. The Infiniti Fitness EX150 Front Drive Cross Trainer is also suitable for home use/gym. It comes with a display panel that allows for programmable user profiles creation. Users have the advantage of making use of the heart rate receiver that monitors heart functions. Fully programmable and designed for gym users, the Infiniti Q21 Cross Trainer gives excellent elliptical motions exercise that I gentle on joints. It gives a great resistance range and comes with functions such as showing time used, distance covered, the speed, calories burnt, the pulse rate et cetera. Infiniti ST1200EMSElliptical Cross Trainer/ Infiniti ST990 Cross Trainer is a great model that is suitable for commercial use. It comes with adjustable stride length as well as the useof electromagnetic resistance. It gives the heart rate functions and fixed handbars. The Infiniti VG30 Elliptical Cross Trainer /Infiniti VG60B Cross Trainer come with wireless heart rate monitoring technique. It gives smoother ridesbecause of the bearings fitted on pivot points ensuring the user does not exert too much pressure on their joints.

To Know more about Cross Trainers, visit –

All these fitness machines have been developed and designed after years of intensive research by the manufacturers. The power of cross trainers is evidently great as they give overall body workouts. They are made to fit needs of different exercise programs and to be comfortable as well. The designers and manufacturers have gone out of their way to cater for the needs of all fitness enthusiasts.

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Cardio Exercise – How Important is it with Professional Gym Equipments

Cardio exercises increase the rate of heart beat. You look younger and healthy when you exercise regularly and are physically active. A good exercise regimen includes cardio as well as muscle building exercises with the help of fitness equipments.

Cardio exercises if done regularly improve body resistance, stamina and improves the immune system. The metabolic rate becomes more proficient so more calories are burnt. It also reduces stress and improves your confidence.

During a good cardio exercise you move the large muscles of your body, which require more oxygen, so more oxygen gets circulated in the blood stream of your body. As the heart has to pump more blood to the muscles being exercised it becomes stronger.

Many different types of equipment like a treadmill, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes etc. are very good for cardio exercises and they are very simple to use.

Types of Gym Equipments for Cardio Exercise

Rowing Machine- This is an advanced cardio exercise machine. Since you have to push with your legs and pull using your arms, you need to coordinate. Even your abdominal muscles are being used in order to support the back.

A number of muscle groups are used while working on rowing machines, so loads of calories are burnt.

Treadmill –A wonderful machine for cardio exercise, it is used for walking or running without actually moving from the place. It has a moving area, a conveyor belt and a motor. The belt moving backward lets you run or walk in the opposite direction. Your speed of running or walking is the speed at which the belt moves. Thus, you can control the speed of your walk.

This cardio exercise is healthy for everyone as it is not very taxing since it is just like walking on the road.

Cross Trainer or Elliptical Trainer – A cardio exercise machine, this is used to produce the effect of climbing stairs, walking and running but does not put too much pressure on the joints. While working on these exercise machines a number of muscles from various parts of your body are involved in the activity.

It is more developed than a treadmill and is good for people who are recuperating from some injury or illness since you get a low force complete body work out.

Exercise Bike – These bikes are of two types, recumbent bikes and upright bikes. If you have pain in the lower back then recumbent bike is a good option.

People with knee problems can also work on these machines as these bikes do not strain the joints too much, but to avoid tension on the knees the cycle must be adjusted to your body. Once you get used to sitting on these, it’s quite comfortable.

Stair Climber – These are a fine option for cardio exercise along with making the lower body muscles stronger. One should not incline towards the side bars as the effect of the workout on the whole will become less. During the workout you should keep up a fine posture. Further more information about various professional Gym Equipments, visit -


How effective a cardio workout is depends on how hard you work and not which equipment you use. When you work on your cardio you must also work on other muscles of your body. Do not use only one set of muscles, but involve as many muscles as you can.

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Elliptical trainer and treadmill with latest featured brand

When you visit any gym, two exercise machines you are sure to find there are an elliptical trainer and a treadmill. The two machines are used for cardio exercises and for weight loss exercises.

With elliptical trainer you can exercise your lower body muscles with the elliptical movement of the trainer. The upper body muscles can also be exercised with this using the moveable handle bars. On a treadmill you exercise by walking or running on its moving belt.

Elliptical Trainer

Two types of elliptical trainers, residential and commercial trainers, are available. Commercial brands are more expensive than the residential brands as they are made to take more wear and tear and can be used continuously for a long time every day in the gym.

These also vary according to the position of the motor or drive, front drive, center drive or rear drive elliptical trainers.

While working on an elliptical trainer the shock or the impact of the exercise on the joints is less as compared to a treadmill due to its elliptical movement. It stimulates the movement of walking, running and climbing stairs with no extra pressure on the leg joints. People with problems of knees or hips, people recovering from an injury or the elder people can also workout on this machine to stay healthy.

Elliptical trainer offers exercises for the whole body. You can move in forward as well as backward directions, and as a result you work on different sets of muscles. You can exercise both upper and lower body with handle bars and foot pedals. So, more muscles are exercised and more calories are burnt in a short time.

Since there is diversity in the exercises, you are motivated to work out more. While working on this machine you feel as though you are walking or running not on the ground but in the air. You do not feel the exertion, at the same time you burn the desired amount of calories.


These machines let you run or walk without actually moving from the place. They have a conveyor belt which moves according to the speed set and you can run or walk according to that speed. You don’t need to worry about the weather, hot or cold, rainy etc. to do your morning walk. As compared to exercising on the road, the force exerted while running or walking on the treadmill is less than that on the road.

Besides plain walking/running on a treadmill you can create other type of exercises as well. By changing the incline you can simulate up hill and downhill walking. By altering the speed you can alter the speed of running for burning more calories.

Those who are training for events or marathon can easily train on a treadmill without the hassle of going out doors in cold climate or the rainy season.


A person who walks or runs regularly, treadmill is the ideal choice for exercise. But if you want low-impact exercises in which more sets of muscles are worked on you should opt for elliptical trainers with latest features. Both machines help you to burn calories and work on your cardio as well.

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How to Select a Cross Trainer for Regular Exercise?

Exercising regularly helps to maintain good health. Hence people of all ages, use a variety of fitness equipments, including the cross trainer to remain fit. The cross trainer is widely used both in the gym and at home to perform a cardiovascular workout and tone the body. This machine basically imitates the natural foot pattern of jogging and running.

Cross trainers use the arms and legs together, however in a less coordinated manner; hence they are also suitable for beginners. Moreover, it is a low impact machine and thus most appropriate for persons with lower limb pain and arthritic knees. The arm action provided by this equipment helps to build and shape the upper body; and also train the legs simultaneously. Since the arms and legs work together, cross trainers even assist to enhance your aerobic fitness, and also burn more calories.

Elliptical Trainers

Nowadays, many types of cross trainers, or elliptical trainers are available in the market. Therefore it is not easy for buyers as they are puzzled by the several manufacturers, and various models; their differing price, and numerous features. Hence, it is essential to consider the following points in order to select a cross trainer for regular exercise. First of all you should select a cross trainer that fulfills your specific requirements, and is also within your budget limit. Further it is necessary to opt for the equipment that is as per your fitness level, and also matches your stride length.

The stride length of cross trainer is also an important factor. This is due to the fact that, a short length will not be sufficient and comfortable for some users with a longer stride; and may also cause injury to the user. Moreover, if you intend to get a cross trainer for your home, you should check that you have enough space to keep the cross trainer. It is also better to choose a compact and light model, since it is relatively easy to move and store it in your home. It is also important to select a cross trainer manufactured by a reputed company. This will ensure that the chosen equipment is of good quality and hence it will be more durable. Further you must confirm that the machine also comes with an all-inclusive and long term warranty.

Besides this you should also check whether the cross trainer has an adjustable or a fixed incline. The various inclines add variety to the workout, avoids boredom, and trains different muscles. The cost of the cross trainer is also significant. The basic models have limited features and are relatively cheaper. Whereas the latest machines have advanced features and are comparatively expensive. Many branded equipments are costly, although they may include the same features provided by a less popular brand. Hence you can go for a brand of your choice as per your budget and personal liking. On the other hand people with a limited budget, can also think about going for a used or second hand machine.
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Things to Consider While Buying Elliptical Trainer

Recently a wide range of exercise equipments are available in the market, including the elliptical trainer. This fitness equipment is highly effective for maintaining cardio health and overall fitness. Besides this many people appreciate that exercising on an elliptical trainer is as good as running outdoors. And the main advantage is that there are no time constraints or extreme climate conditions to interrupt your exercise routine.

The elliptical trainer is also commonly known as cross trainer. It is actually one of the highest selling exercise machines as it provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. Hence you can also opt for an elliptical; however there are certain things to consider while buying an elliptical trainer. Basically selecting an exercise machine is a matter of personal preference and budget. It also largely depends on your health objectives and fitness level.

Cross Trainer

This elliptical cross trainer is now highly preferred by people who want to enhance their cardio fitness using little or no impact. An elliptical trainer enables an individual to replicate the natural running or jogging movements and posture, without causing any harmful impact on their joints. The cross trainer is a low impact exercise machine, with an elliptical movement that helps to protect the back, knees and ankles. In fact people exercising on a cross trainer do not feel that they are really working so hard.

Today many types of elliptical trainers in various price ranges to suit all budgets are sold in the market. Further most of the latest elliptical machines are equipped with moving handles that train the upper and lower body simultaneously. You can also increase the intensity with the built-in resistance and handles. Another salient feature of the cross trainer is that you can exercise with a reverse stride, and thereby tone more muscle groups, especially the quadriceps. The elliptical trainer is a non weight bearing machine and helps to burn relatively more calories.

However, an elliptical trainer requires more body coordination and better athletic skills. It is a comparatively more complex workout, since it combines the exercise for your legs, as well as upper body. Besides this many compact and high performance cross trainers are also available for home use. Hence fitness fans who want to workout at home can go for this exercise equipment. Many ellipticals are available as folding units to save space in your home. They are especially made for users with limited space for exercise machines. These home gym models provide the advantage of exercising at your convenience.

The recent developments in technology have helped to introduce several new features to make your workout more enjoyable and effective. Thus, many high-end models are available that include heart rate monitors, as well as speed and distance calculators. They enable you to track the progress and help to design a suitable workout as per your health goals. Pre-programmed and custom made workout routines are also available. Each and every model of these modern elliptical machines has specific advantages to meet the personal requirements of the user.

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Elliptical Cross Trainer – The Best Exercise Equipment for Overall Fitness and Weight Loss

The elliptical trainer or cross trainer, is regarded as one of the most popular exercise machines. It is widely used in the local gym as well as at home by many fitness enthusiasts throughout the world. This multi purpose equipment trains both the upper and lower body at the same time. They have a platform to stand on and handles for holding the hands.  It is operated from a standing position by keeping your feet firmly on the foot pads or pedals. Users have to just move the platform circularly, while moving the handles back and forth with their arms.

Thus an elliptical cross trainer helps to build your arms, shoulders, back and legs, all together. Moreover since they are low impact machines, it does not affect the joints and are hence suitable for persons having lower limb problems such as arthritic knees. The arm movement provided by elliptical trainers enables to toughen and train the upper body, and also tone the legs. The cross trainer is therefore a good calorie burner and also enhances your aerobic fitness.


The ellipticals offer a cardiovascular workout without the risks of high impact activities such as running or jogging. Hence including an elliptical trainer in your training routine helps to control and prevent many diseases. It is also highly effective for cardiovascular ailments. As a result a wide range of ellipticals with unique features are now available in the market.

Some models can estimate the amount of calories burned during a workout. Whereas others have handles to engage your arms during the workout, and thereby help to burn more calories in a training session. The latest cross trainers have lots of preset cardio programs. Hence you can choose an appropriate exercise routine and also prevent boredom. This low impact exercise equipment thus permits to perform longer training sessions without straining the knees, back and hips.

Elliptical trainers are highly beneficial for shaping your body and reducing fat. A regular workout assists to burn calories and decrease weight. However it is important to also follow a proper diet. The body weight is a significant factor for determining the calories expended. For instance an individual weighing 180 pounds will burn around 900 calories in a one hour elliptical training session. While another individual who weighs 250 pounds will burn around 1200 calories by executing the same elliptical workout. Besides this one elliptical workout should last for at least 30 minutes, and it should be performed for at least 120 minutes weekly.

However, before you start your exercise routine, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and discuss your specific health conditions in order to ensure your safety throughout the training program. It is better to include sufficient warm up and cool down during your workouts. And you should also take adequate rest in between the workouts and allow your muscles to recover for future training sessions. Hence the elliptical cross trainer is considered as the best exercise equipment for overall fitness and weight loss.

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Effectiveness of Elliptical Trainer in Burning Calories and Losing Weight

The elliptical trainer is a low impact training machine that enables the exerciser to push the pedals like a bicycle, and mimics the walking or running action. It is a good calorie burner and also improves your cardio health. They help to train your arms and legs together and thus lose weight. The arm action strengthens and tones the upper parts of the body. While the act of pushing against resistance of the pedals works your legs. By increasing the resistance on the elliptical machine you can perform an intense workout for the lower body muscles.

Nowadays a wide range of elliptical trainers are available in the market. The various models have distinct features and diverse specifications to provide an effective workout. Some machines have the facility to enter your weight and age, and this enables the equipment to estimate the calories burned during a workout routine. It also ensures that your heart rate remains healthy and within normal limits. These elliptical trainers may also have upper body handles that are used for toning the arms, which eventually results in burning more calories in a session.

Elliptical trainers are highly effective in toning your body and burning calories. When you burn calories throughout the day it leads to weight reduction. However, you should also follow a suitable diet program. The weight of your body plays an important part while calculating the amount of calories burned during an elliptical workout. For instance when a person weighing 180 pounds exercises on an elliptical trainer, for one hour it helps to burn burns about 900 calories. Whereas another person whose weight is 250 pounds will burn approximately 1250 calories after performing the same elliptical workout.

Cross Trainer

The elliptical trainer is also known as cross trainer and is widely used by many people in the local gyms and homes. It is highly suitable for persons suffering from joint aches and lower limb problems such as arthritic knees. Although your legs may require more time to steadily build stamina, it will ultimately assist you to reach the level of intensity you need to burn calories. A cross trainer workout provides a number of health benefits that includes weight loss, muscle toning, calorie burning, body shaping and enhanced aerobic fitness.

In fact a cross trainer is one of the best equipments for getting into better shape and reaching your health goals. Many fitness experts advise to regularly use the elliptical trainer in your exercise routine. Implementing a constant elliptical training program helps to shape and tone the various muscles including the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. Hence elliptical trainers are very effective in burning calories and losing weight due to which many people nowadays buy elliptical trainer for their home gym in order to keep fit and healthy.

However, you should consult your physician before starting an elliptical workout. They can guide you based on your health conditions and history to ensure your safety throughout the exercise program. It is also better to take sufficient rest during the days in between your training sessions, in order to help your muscles recover for the workouts in the future.

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Elliptical Trainer V/S. Treadmill – Which One is Better for your Home Gym?

Nowadays, the elliptical trainer as well as the treadmill is commonly utilized for performing cardio workouts at home and in the local gym. Both these equipments help to enhance the cardiovascular system, burn calories and increase aerobic capacity. However many people get confused while selecting one of them, in order to meet their fitness goals. And hence they are unsure whether an elliptical trainer or the treadmill is better for their home gym. The following details explain the advantages and drawbacks of both these cardio machines, for assisting fitness fans choose the elliptical trainer or the treadmill.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer basically enables the individual to mimic the pose and action of running outdoors. Moreover, this low impact exercise machine does not injure the joints. Further the latest models of the elliptical trainer have moving handles which allows us to train both the upper body and the lower body at the same time. One more benefit of using the elliptical trainer is the facility to perform a workout with a reverse step. This assists the user to tone some additional muscles and especially the quadriceps.

It has also been observed that exercising on a cross trainer is less strenuous, because it does not make you feel that you are putting in extra efforts; although you are actually working hard. In fact, many individuals had not imagined that they could easily perform a vigorous elliptical workout. Hence an elliptical trainer practically helps to burn almost the same number of calories, yet with relatively less exertion and minimum side effects on our body.

However, the elliptical trainer does not provide an intense workout, since the speed and incline cannot be adjusted. Whereas the treadmill permits you to control the incline as well as speed, and hence enables you to carry out a relatively energetic training session. The elliptical trainer is harmless as it has a low impact. However, this reduces the strengthening of the muscles and bones, compared to the other weight-bearing workouts.


The treadmill imitates the natural movement of walking, jogging or running. This weight-bearing exercise helps to burn calories at a relatively high rate. Further it helps to maintain the posture of our body, and even strengthens our muscles and bones. This equipment also allows us to walk at a brisk pace on a flat level, or jog uphill, by setting the incline and speed as required.

Although the best treadmills have shock absorption capacity, the workouts are stressful on the hips, knees, ankles and back. You may also lose your balance and slip, if you directly try a high intensity, inclined workout without starting up slowly. Moreover, you need to safely exercise and adjust the incline and speed of the treadmill. Using a belt or holding the handles will better, however it can cause posture problems.

Actually regular workouts on the treadmill and elliptical, at similar intensity levels provide equivalent results. Hence you can use anyone at home during all weathers, as per your budget, choice and fitness level.

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Increasing Fitness and Losing Weight with the Help of a Cross Trainer

These days, lots of individuals perform various exercises and use suitable exercise equipments in order to lose weight. The cross trainer is one of the training machines that is widely utilized for weight reduction. Besides this, it also provides many other health benefits such as toning your muscles, and enhancing your aerobic capacity. A cross trainer even assists you to get into shape and attain your fitness objectives.

A vast range of cross trainers, are now manufactured in order to provide a better workout. They have various features; you can provide your weight and age in some models and the machine will tell you the approximate number of calories you will burn during the workout. While some cross trainers have handles in order to engage your arms during the workout. It thereby enables you to burn more calories in a session.

Further, a predesigned exercise regimen offers a broad variety of cross training workouts. This helps you to prevent dullness and select an interesting exercise program. And since cross trainers have low impact on the joints, it enables you to perform longer training sessions without straining your hips, back, and knees.

Elliptical Trainer

The cross trainer is also referred to as an elliptical trainer. This cardio machine has now become very popular amongst many fitness fans. Hence it is commonly used in the local gyms as well as the home gyms. The elliptical trainer permits you to mimic the foot pattern of walking or running; and yet it does not have a high impact on the joints. Therefore health professionals suggest including the elliptical trainer in your exercise routine.

Elliptical training is also regarded as an aerobic exercise. It basically involves using a large number of muscles, continuously in a rhythmic manner. Moreover, this type of training requires the lungs as well as the heart to quickly supply blood and oxygen to our working muscles. Thus exercising regularly with the elliptical will improve our aerobic capacity, and enable the heart to supply blood, efficiently to our body. This will finally increase your aerobic fitness level.

Elliptical trainers are highly beneficial in body shaping as well as calorie burning. It also helps to lose weight, when you follow a proper diet. Actually the weight of the body is directly related to the amount of calories spent. For instance a 180 pound individual will expend about 900 calories in an elliptical workout of 60 minutes. While a 250 pound individual will burn about 1200 calories during the same elliptical workout.

Elliptical training over a period of time helps to shape the working muscles such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. The latest elliptical models have handles that help to tone your upper body and arms. And increasing the resistance on the elliptical will assist you to perform an intense workout for the lower body muscles. You can therefore increase fitness and lose weight at your own home gym with the help of a cross trainer. However it is advisable to first consult a health expert, before initiating an exercise program.

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