Ensure the Best Lower Body Workout with the Right Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment

Significance of Lower Body Workout in a Daily Workout Regime

A variety of lower body muscles are used when performing even the most basic movements like walking, running, jumping, as well as creating a well balanced, potent body. Endurance in many cases depends highly on these muscles as they carry the weight of the whole body and make daily exercise possible. Therefore it is of great importance to pay special attention to this group of muscles in your daily exercise routine.

Among the most important muscles in this group are: inner and outer thigh muscles, that help your knees and hips flex; quadriceps, that are located in the front part of the leg, above the knee; calf muscles, gluteus maximus, and of course the hamstring, located opposite to the quadriceps.

The Best Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment used for Lower Body Workouts

Out of many pieces of equipment you can use to exercise these sets of muscles kettlebells are among the highest rated.

One exercise you can do with kettlebells is called The Clean-and-Jerk. Basically you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees only slightly bent. Grip two of the kettlebells that are on the floor. Bring them up 8-10 inches slowly and swing them through your legs, back and forth, five times. Then jerk upward using your shoulder muscles as fast as possible up to your chest. Use the strength of your legs to drive the bells overhead until your elbows are locked, and then hold for one second. What this exercise does is it works on you quadriceps and calves as well as your back, strengthening them as you progress.

Plyometric boxes are also among the most significant pieces of equipment out there. Their concept is very basic but quite functional: you can jump on and off the boxes, with one leg or both of them or just walk back and forth like you would on steps. The plyometric boxes help activate all the muscles in legs by performing power jumps.

Squat boxes share the immense benefit with plyometric boxes. A box squat removes the stretch-shortening cycle component from the squat, and thus, helps the squat be more effective. At the bottom of the motion the squatter will sit down on a box and then rise again. The box squat is commonly utilized by power lifters to train the squat while pausing on the box creates additional stimulus in the hips and glutes, and provides extra stress on the muscles.

Running is also considered one of the best exercises for the lower body muscles as it activates all of them, extending the durability while toning the muscles heavily during sprints. Running with parachutes tied on your back or waist is the best form of running exercise. Probably the most interesting of all the equipment are running parachutes. The basic concept is fairly simple as you run just as you would normally however it is made quite difficult with the parachute as it slows you down and puts much more stress to the muscles. Click here to know more about Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment.

Agility ladder is also one of the beneficial pieces of equipment that aims not so much at speed as to precision in doing these exercises. Many uses of the ladder are possible, for example in a ladder drill with the ladder approximately a foot off the ground, you must raise the knees high in order to execute each step successfully thus stimulating a range of muscles.

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Infiniti E56i Red Zone Cross Trainer – Benefits & Salient Features offered at World Fitness

Melbourne, Australia

You possibly have seen a machine with two long handles at the cardio section. Some people call this equipment as an Elliptical Exercise Machine or Elliptical Bike. Some call it Cross-Trainer. A cross-trainer, or an elliptical machine, is a motionless piece of exercise equipment that was introduced into the world of health and fitness in the 1990s. Cross trainers, are one of the most popular pieces of fitness tool that are used for weight loss. Elliptical Cross Trainers are great alternative to treadmills and easily available with different models and salient features at World Fitness. We are a leading gym equipment store providing all types of equipments for home gym and commercial gym at most affordable rates.

Here it is mentioned some of the best features and benefits of elliptical cross trainer that you wouldn’t stop yourself from online buying it from our large database.

Helps in weight loss
Cross trainer helps lots of people to lose weight and get in shape. The amount of calories you can burn on a cross trainer will differ depending upon on your age, gender, physical fitness and the amount of effort you exert during exercising on cross trainer. Exercising on an elliptical cross trainer can help you to burn a lot of calories and improve and strength and health of your heart and lungs as well. It also helps in the maintenance of bone density.

Safe to use
When you stop cross trainer will also stop moving. The speed will be determined by your own movement. So it is absolutely safe to use.

Cross Trainer can be used anytime
One of the major benefit of a cross trainer is that you can exercise whenever you want it can be day or night hot or cold. As in recent times we are so busy that we don’t get time for gym so if you have elliptical trainer at home you can enjoy your exercise regime without any hassle.

Cross Trainers work out the lower and upper body
With the cross trainer, you can work both your upper and lower body at once by providing resistance to the muscles of the legs, chest, arms and shoulders. There’s no equivalent for this on the treadmill or the stationary bike.

Exercise in private
Many individuals who want to lose weight are extremely self conscious and don’t want to exercise in public. Having your personal cross trainer permits you to exercise privately at your home so you won’t feel embarrassed working out at your personal pace.

Health benefits of Elliptical Trainer
· Improved join mobility
· Better for your joints
· Strengthened bones
· Diminish body fat levels

Selecting the right Elliptical machine for yourself
Selecting the right cross trainer with the right stride length will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your workout. For best elliptical trainer as per your body workout you may visit -  and check the features. Even you can call at World Fitness store and our representative will let you know the best suitable elliptical trainer for your exercise needs.

But before placing order with World Fitness, we also recommend you to consider few of the below points for selecting the right one for you
Consider quality over the price.

· Measure your space
Check its braking system
· Considering the warranty
· Cross trainers that come with elliptical programmers
· Self-powered or a mains connection cross trainers

Infiniti E56i red zone cross trainer – best elliptical cross trainer from World Fitness
The Infiniti E56i red zone cross trainer is suitable for home gym. This a very smooth and powerful cross trainer that comes with warranty as back-up which allow you for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Features of Infiniti E56i red zone cross trainer are
· Quick start operation
· Manual
· Built in reading rack
· Custom user programs

Elliptical cross trainer is an exceptional option for those looking for a weight bearing yet low impact workout which will provide them desirable results. So pick your best one from World Fitness Database and start your work out today.

About Worldfitness.com.au

Worldfitness.com.au is an online fitness equipment store offering wide range of exercise equipments including home gym equipments, commercial gym equipments, equipments for strength training, cardiovascular training, weight training and overall fitness training. High quality fitness equipments including weight bench, kettlebells, dumbbells, weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, vibration platform, rowers, cross trainer and much more are offered here at highly competitive prices.

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Cross Trainers and their Benefits

There are several types and brands of cross trainers in Australia, all differing in their features and the quality of service offered. There are four main featured in this article and they include Sunny SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer, Body Flex BRM 3671 dual trainer, Stamina in motion elliptical, and Infiniti E56i red zone cross trainer.

The Infiniti E56i Red Zone Cross Trainer

The machine is smooth, flexible and solid steel frame makes it a suitable choice for trainees at home. The stability the trainer has gives the device the upbeat from many customers. The features include

Software program for easy start

Manuals provided for users

High fat burn

Cardiovascular strength increase

Saved memories

Back lit liquid crystal display

Reading rack that is built in

Integrated soft pedals

Multi grip handle bars

chest strap

multifunction capability

electronic display of run, calories, hear beat et cetera

full cycle warranty and

Maximum weight of two hundred and sixty pounds

Sunny SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

This elliptical trainer gives a low impact cardio and muscle training at the comfort of the trainees homes. The features of the trainer include

Large anti-slip foot platform and easy arm movement

It has a computerized work out measurements ranging from speed to calories and other scans.

Micro-tension controller with smooth magnetic resistance

Heart read outs provided by the system

The system can carry a weight of two hundred and twenty pounds and

Hand pulse monitor allows the trainer to monitor their heartbeat.

Body Flex BRM 3671 dual trainer

It is a two in one exercise machine that serves cardio and muscle strength. The features include

· Two in one multi function in that it can be used as elliptical trainer or exercise bike

· LCD console features for easy user for the trainees

· Heart driven programs

· Adjustable seats and

· Fourteen-inch stride length

Stamina in Motion Elliptical

The elliptical machine gives bodywork out with great impact, the features include

Manageable work out intensity through adjustable tension

Flexible foot pedals that allows forward or reverse directions for full body work out in different directions

Electronic display of the calories, strides, scans and other statistics and

Non-slip pedals for easy and comfortable work out.

Cross trainers mostly know as elliptical machines and mainly used in health fitness-training exercises. The machines are a combination of biomechanical movements of stair climber, exercise bike and treadmill. In a single workout session, hiking, biking and running are all combined hence the trainee benefits from good blood flow, body fitness and improved health status of the body. Cross trainer offers a platform where the trainee can benefit from cardio work out and muscle strength building. Elliptical cross trainers target the leg muscles and glutes. The trainer is built in such a way that it encompasses motion and resistance from cycling hence improving upper body strength. The cross trainer’s aid in fat burning and increased blood circulation hence keeping heart diseases at bay. When obtaining a cross trainers its features require great consideration for successful achievement of the objectives of the program.

In summary, cross trainers provide a wide range of choices regarding exercises and maximizing its use at homes can aid in body and general health fitness. The choice of a cross trainer is dependent on its features, price and the consumer preference.

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Benefits of Exercising with Cross Trainer for Family Fitness

A cross trainer is a stationary exercise machine which is used to stimulate stair climbing, walking or running without excessive pressure on joints. Hence it decreases the risks of knee and joint pain. For this reason, people having injuries are also able to stay fit with the help of cross trainer as the low impact affects them a little. Elliptical trainers offer a non-impact cardiovascular workout that can vary from light to high intensity based on the speed of the exercise and the resistance preference set by the user. Most of the cross trainers now use both upper and lower body.

Exercising with cross trainer has many benefits. It helps burn much more calories and will improve health and strength of your heart and lungs. It has helped millions of people to achieve there fitness goals. One of the most common mistakes people make when they first start exercising is to train too hard. Training too hard in the beginning of your exercise program can lead to injuries and may encourage you to quit because you feel it’s too hard and not worth all the effort. By giving you the ability to regulate the speed at which you exercise, cross trainers can help you avoid this common exercise mistake. Some cross trainers are even sophisticated enough to monitor your heart rate while you are exercising. By exercising with cross trainer you can make maximum utilization of time like you can also watch television while doing cross trainer or also listen to your favourite music.

Cross trainer can also be used by whole family for exercising and get fit. You can also save money by buying a cross trainer. When more than one person from the family wants to go to the gym, it can be expensive. Many cross trainers available now are of good quality and can be used for years. Cross trainer uses both upper and lower body. This helps in burning more calories. You can also exercise in private. People who want to lose weight are very self-conscious and don’t want to exercise in public. By using cross trainer they can exercise in private and at their own pace. Cross trainers provide a similar workout to jogging and running, but without the impact on our muscles and joints that these other exercises involve.

For those of us with existing injuries or soreness in these muscles and joints (ankles, knee and hips), cross trainers are a godsend because they allow us to get a similar workout without the associated pain. For those of us without existing injuries, training on a cross trainer may help prevent us from experiencing them altogether and may prolong our ability to exercise well into old age as a result. This ideal piece of fitness equipment will provide weight bearing exercises while limiting impact and providing for a total body workout. Optimizing cardiovascular benefits is also important. Runners can also use cross-training to rehabilitate injuries, improve fitness, promote recovery, enhance motivation, rejuvenate the mind and body during breaks from formal training, enjoy competing in other endurance sports.

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Cross Trainer – No Impact Workouts with Statutory Exercise Machine


Cross TrainerA cross trainer or an elliptical trainer is an exercise machine on which climbing, walking and running can be done without excessive pressure. It is a statutory exercise machine. It decreases the chances of impact on joint. For this example people who are suffering from joint pain are able to do cross trainer and are able to stay fit. It has very low impact on joints hence these people can use this type of machine. In cross trainer movement of hand as well as legs both are used.

Cross trainer has many benefits such as people who think swimming and cycle are excessive exercises can use cross trainer. Cross trainer not only helps in cardio but also increases your bone mass, lung capacity and heart health.  This can be done by using cross trainer.

Many people have a misconception that exercising on a cross trainer has less impact than running or biking or cycling. But, they are wrong. By using cross trainer you can do intense cardio without having an impact on joints. This means that a person who does running and on one side a person who uses cross trainer will have same effect but the one using cross trainer will have less impact on joints. While using a cross machine gives you a no impact workout, the resistance exercise still helps to build bone density and fight off osteoporosis. As well, weight-bearing exercise helps you burn calories much more efficiently.

Cross trainer also saves your time as in cross trainer your both hands and legs are used. Commercial Cross TrainerBy this way you burn more calories in less time with less impact on joints. Elliptical trainers have also been proven to offer a lower ‘Perceived Rate of Exertion’ when working out. This means that you’re doing more work and burning more calories while feeling like you put out less effort.

Cross trainer also fights boredom and you will have fun doing exercise. This is because cross trainer is a mix between climbing stairs and exercise treadmill. You will have fun doing this.

You can save your gym fees if you opt for a cross trainer. If one or more person wants to join gym in the family it can be expensive. By opting for a cross trainer at home it will be cheaper as well as will take quite less space. The whole family can use cross trainer including kids. Most of the Cross trainers which are available now come with good warranties so you can be tension free and can use them for years without any problems. By this you have one more benefit that people can exercise in private. Most people now who are conscious on losing weight would not want to exercise in public. By having a cross trainer at their home they can exercise in privacy and no one would disturb them. If you own a cross trainer you can do two things at a time. For example, you can watch television while doing cross trainer. When you watch television you would feel that the exercise is shorter and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

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Functional Fitness Exercise – A Training of Sprinting, Weight, Power Lifting, Rowing and Gymnastics

Functional Fitness Training 

Functional Fitness is based on the diversity of the human body and spirit, not specializing in any single exercise program, but rather trying to bring out the maximum overall potential of our bodies. Functional Fitness is a training concept that combines elements of several disciplines like sprinting, weight and power lifting, rowing, gymnastics and several others, depending on the training program itself.

Functional Fitness is a form of intense exercise that has many benefits for your body and health. The program delivers cardiovascular endurance, an increase in strength, weight loss, muscle gain and athletic explosiveness. Functional Fitness workouts are typically shorter in duration, around 30 minutes max, but they hit hard and deliver in that short amount of time. It incorporates lots of jumping, high repetitions and other exercises that force you to use your whole body to perform. It is an intense overall body workout. It will also increase your cardiovascular endurance. A typical workout could include various functional fitness exercises such as squat jumps, sprints, hang cleans, power cleans, burpees, pullups, kettlebell swings and handstand push ups. Functional Fitness is a popular form of exercise involving weight lifting, running and gymnasics. It is designed to build all round functional strength. It is great for building muscle and burning fat.

Functional Fitness is such a challenging workout that fat loss is inevitable. This is crucial to health because being overweight can cause a string of related health-problems such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cancer and osteoarthritis. For that, fat loss is an important benefit of functional fitness. Functional Fitness is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Functional Fitness training is a program geared to prepare the body for better fitness by not focusing on any one activity. Functional Fitness exercise strengthens bones and may be the best treatment for osteoporosis. Exercises builds and tones muscles which support joints.  It builds confidence and self-esteem. It is a super stress reliever and antidepressant. The Functional Fitness program seeks to achieve balance in fitness categories such as heart and lung endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. It is a program that does not need a whole lot of fancy equipment, but does offer a nice variety to keep the interest level up and provide the challenge needed to keep the exercise fun. Functional Fitness training is great for any occupation that requires physical strength. Part of any workout is nutrition. Eating the right food is the most important part of preparing yourself for a workout.

Functional Fitness can be a great base for kids to carry them into other sports and also develop them as healthy fit human beings. Functional Fitness is great for kids because of the wide variety of disciplines it involves, from weightlifting to calisthenics to gymnastics. It can develop children on an emotional level. It is important to instil the value of fitness at an early age. Better cardiovascular condition,  better endurance,  a little  better flexibility  and more determination and focus…and you will be in the best condition of your life.

For futher information and purchase of various exercise equipments including treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, smith machine, boxing equipments, weight plates etc., visit – www.worldfitness.com.au

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Use Functional Fitness Equipment for Healthy Lifestyle

The foremost reason as to why functional fitness equipment is becoming popular nowadays is that the people have become health conscious and knowledgeable about overall fitness. If you notice the latest trends in health and fitness, you may find that lot of fitness trainers are focusing on those high intensity training programs which bring quick results. Functional Fitness training is one of the most high intensity program which include multi functional exercises covering full body motion. Functional Fitness training includes strength building workout like using dumbbells, jumping using a rope and something related to gymnastics using medicine ball and push-ups, pull-ups etc. In short, functional fitness training gives a complete body workout which no other fitness equipment can. There is no rest at all between two exercises in  functional fitness training.  Functional Fitness training is done using different  functional fitness equipments like rope, medicine balls, push-up bars etc. The equipments used for  functional fitness training are movable, compact and so can be stored anywhere. You can even open your  functional fitness gym in your garage as no traditional gym equipments are required. Besides,  functional fitness equipment all you need is a  functional fitness trainer who is experienced and knowledge of  functional fitness techniques as well as can guide you and make sure that you are following a right  functional fitness technique. After an effective  functional fitness training, you not only feel and look great but also achieve a high level strength and endurance in your body which is not possible while using traditional gym equipment. It is no wonder now why people have started using  functional fitness equipments to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you need to include  functional fitness training in your daily routine then consider a gym having  functional fitness equipments or buy  functional fitness equipment which suits you the best.

How to Choose  Functional Fitness Equipment?

Choosing right  functional fitness equipment might not be as easy as it seems to be. For those who want a  functional fitness equipment for home gym need to be very precise and clear about the  functional fitness training they are attaining. You need to make sure that you get best value for the cost you are paying and maximum number of  functional fitness techniques can be done using one  functional fitness equipment, so that you don’t need to keep on buying different  functional fitness equipments and spend money unnecessarily. Below are the factors which should be considered before buying  functional fitness equipment which suits your requirement:-

  • Always go for a reputed branded  functional fitness equipment because then only you can expect durability and desired results out of your  functional fitness equipment.
  • Check the prices of  functional fitness equipment chosen by you in different online stores of fitness equipments and buy the  functional fitness equipment which provides more features in lower price.
  • Check the customer reviews about the particular  functional fitness equipment you have chosen and make sure that people have experienced great results out it.
  • Last but not the least, speak to your  functional fitness trainer and then decide on a  functional fitness equipment to be purchased because only an experienced  functional fitness trainer can guide you in selecting the  functional fitness equipment which can give you quick and guaranteed results.

Besides so many benefits of  functional fitness training and  functional fitness equipments, you would be pleased to know that  functional fitness equipments like pull-up bar, kettlebell, medicine ball, hanging rope etc., are much cheaper than heavy gym equipments. If you need to buy best quality  functional fitness equipment to get quick results, visit https://www.worldfitness.com.au, an online store of fitness equipments.

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Fitness Training Using Functional Fitness Equipment

Many people have started taking interest in fitness training because of the trends going on nowadays. Women now want to look beautiful and attractive with a perfect figure whereas men want to look handsome with six pack abs. Moreover, besides looking attractive, exercise is essential for body fitness and many health problems like diabetes, heart strokes etc., can be avoided if a proper fitness program is followed. There are many options available for fitness training like yoga, aerobics, pilates, dancing etc., which people are following nowadays to keep themselves fit. The fitness training system which is becoming more and more popular nowadays is functional fitness training which is based on various exercises and functional movements. To include functional fitness training in your exercising schedule, it is necessary to initially know as to what is functional fitness training and which functional fitness equipment is used to achieve fitness goals successfully.

What is Functional FitnessTraining?

Functional Fitness training program is a fitness methodology which covers a full range of motion done at moderate or high intensity depending on your fitness level. This kind of fitness program is used by police academies, military, athletes, martial artists and special operation teams. Functional Fitness training is also getting popular in the gyms and fitness centres around the world.  The gyms have started understanding the importance of functional fitness training and utilizing for the benefit of their clients. If you are exercising on other gym equipments, then that means you are just concentrating on one or two areas of your body. Whereas, if you are attaining functional fitness training, then your focus is on multitude of muscles in your body. Crosfit training includes three basic exercises pull ups, push ups and squats which can be done by using some specific functional fitness equipments mentioned below:-

Pull Up Bars

A pull up bar the basic functional fitness equipment which can fit into any door frame and are inexpensive and gives best results.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball helps you in squatting and throwing the ball to the wall around 10 feet tall. Medicine ball is considered as the best functional fitness equipment used for squats, lifts and wall ball exercises.


A kettlebell is the metal ball with handle in which different sizes and weights are available. A kettlebell is a very effective functional fitness equipment for men and women both.

Jump Rope

A jump rope with the bearing in the handles is considered as an important functional fitness equipment as it runs faster.

Different types of functional fitness exercises are done using the above functional fitness equipments which are low priced and can be stored anywhere. Commercial gyms require fitness equipments which occupy lot of space and cost a lot. But, a cross training centre requires minimum of cross training equipments which give faster and accurate results. If you are interested in including functional fitness training workout in your daily schedule or want to start cross training in your fitness centre/gym, you can buy the functional fitness training equipment which suits you best from an online store of fitness equipments, https://www.worldfitness.com.au, as here you will find low price functional fitness fitness equipment of your choice.

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Cross Trainer – Get Benefits of Hiking, Cross Country Skiing and Biking with Elliptical Exercise Equipment


A cross trainer or an elliptical trainer is an exercise equipment that combines the movements of the stair climber, treadmill, and the exercise bike into one. It combines the movements and benefits of hiking, cross country skiing, and biking. With elliptical exercise equipment, your legs travel in an elongated circular motion. It is as if you are standing on a cross country ski machine but instead of your feet moving back and forth, the machine forces them to move around in an oval pattern. It provides similar type of workout as jogging but without the wear and tear on your joints, thus reducing the impact on them. With cross trainer, because your limbs remain in continuous contact with the machine, its operation limits the impact to your joints.Most fitness experts recommend the cross trainer to people who have a hard time exercising because of physical ailments such as bad joints and arthritis. Continue reading

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Functional Fitness Exercise Equipment

All of us should regularly follow an exercise program to maintain good health. Yet, there are some people who miss their workout or fail to visit the gym, due to certain reasons. These individuals can now easily perform many exercises in their home gym using a variety of home gym equipment including functional fitness exercise equipment. Most of the functional fitness equipment available in the local shops and online stores are relatively simpler and cheaper than any other gym equipment. Functional Fitness routine involves many conventional exercises and body movements, we often practice in our daily life. Continue reading

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