Cardio Exercise – How Important is it with Professional Gym Equipments

Cardio exercises increase the rate of heart beat. You look younger and healthy when you exercise regularly and are physically active. A good exercise regimen includes cardio as well as muscle building exercises with the help of fitness equipments.

Cardio exercises if done regularly improve body resistance, stamina and improves the immune system. The metabolic rate becomes more proficient so more calories are burnt. It also reduces stress and improves your confidence.

During a good cardio exercise you move the large muscles of your body, which require more oxygen, so more oxygen gets circulated in the blood stream of your body. As the heart has to pump more blood to the muscles being exercised it becomes stronger.

Many different types of equipment like a treadmill, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes etc. are very good for cardio exercises and they are very simple to use.

Types of Gym Equipments for Cardio Exercise

Rowing Machine- This is an advanced cardio exercise machine. Since you have to push with your legs and pull using your arms, you need to coordinate. Even your abdominal muscles are being used in order to support the back.

A number of muscle groups are used while working on rowing machines, so loads of calories are burnt.

Treadmill –A wonderful machine for cardio exercise, it is used for walking or running without actually moving from the place. It has a moving area, a conveyor belt and a motor. The belt moving backward lets you run or walk in the opposite direction. Your speed of running or walking is the speed at which the belt moves. Thus, you can control the speed of your walk.

This cardio exercise is healthy for everyone as it is not very taxing since it is just like walking on the road.

Cross Trainer or Elliptical Trainer – A cardio exercise machine, this is used to produce the effect of climbing stairs, walking and running but does not put too much pressure on the joints. While working on these exercise machines a number of muscles from various parts of your body are involved in the activity.

It is more developed than a treadmill and is good for people who are recuperating from some injury or illness since you get a low force complete body work out.

Exercise Bike – These bikes are of two types, recumbent bikes and upright bikes. If you have pain in the lower back then recumbent bike is a good option.

People with knee problems can also work on these machines as these bikes do not strain the joints too much, but to avoid tension on the knees the cycle must be adjusted to your body. Once you get used to sitting on these, it’s quite comfortable.

Stair Climber – These are a fine option for cardio exercise along with making the lower body muscles stronger. One should not incline towards the side bars as the effect of the workout on the whole will become less. During the workout you should keep up a fine posture. Further more information about various professional Gym Equipments, visit -


How effective a cardio workout is depends on how hard you work and not which equipment you use. When you work on your cardio you must also work on other muscles of your body. Do not use only one set of muscles, but involve as many muscles as you can.

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Which Cardiovascular Exercise Equipments to Choose for your Home Gym?

Cardiovascular training helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, and also enables us to effectively lose weight. Hence this type of exercise should be included in your workout routine. Basically, the cardio machines are designed to provide the repetitive movement to the major muscles of our body in order to burn fat. All cardio equipments develop the heart health, burn calories, and improve your energy levels. Following are some of the highly preferred cardiovascular machines for your home gym.

Cross Trainer

The cross trainer or the elliptical trainer helps to tone both the upper body and lower body at the same time. It has a platform where you can stand, and handles for holding your hands firmly. The platform moves in a circular mode, while the handles can be moved back and forth with your arms. This ultimately helps to train the legs, shoulders, back and arms all together. Moreover, the cross trainer does not affect the joints.

Exercise Bike

Cycling primarily involves repetitive movement of the main muscles with little resistance. Hence exercise bikes are preferred for burning calories without any harmful effects. They are upright or recumbent, and are highly useful for the cardio system and legs. The upright bikes are just like the real bicycles and also have adjustable levels to mimic riding uphill. While the recumbent bike has a comfortable recline seat. Your legs can be kept in front of the body in a horizontal position. They are very suitable for persons with lower back pain or lower spine problems. You can burn between 200 to 300 calories in a 30 minute cycling session.


The treadmill provides a highly beneficial cardio workout. It enables you to run, jog or walk, in your home at any time. You can easily exercise even during the extreme weather, and also avoid the crowded or dangerous traffic outdoors. They help to improve our metabolism, which eventually helps to lose weight. Treadmill decks are shock absorbent and flexible; they have adjustable inclines for imitating walking or running up the hill.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machines or rowers also help to workout the complete body. You just need to sit on a sliding, cushion seat and keep the feet against a platform. You can hold the handles with your hands, and push yourself back with your legs and then pull the handle. It is exactly similar to the rowing movement done in a true boat. The intensity can be adjusted to make it easy or hard. They help to train the muscles of the back, shoulders, biceps, abs and legs.

As far as which cardiovascular exercise equipments to choose for your home gym is concerned, it actually depends on your budget limits, exercise goals and health levels. In fact all the cardio machines help to maintain overall fitness however you should select the one that is more suitable to your fitness requirements.  Moreover, some cardio equipment may help to burn more calories in relatively less time as compared to the other training equipment.

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Top 3 Cardio Equipments to Improve Your Overall Health

Recently there is a growing awareness amongst both men and women to remain fit. Hence many people perform suitable exercises, using various fitness machines such as the cardio equipment. You can do several types of cardio workouts using a variety of cardio equipments. The cardio training usually involves a repetitive movement of the major body muscles with little or no resistance.

Cardiovascular exercises basically help to lose weight, strengthen your heart and lungs, increase your body stamina and maintain general health. Therefore cardio workouts should be included in your daily workout program. You can perform cardio exercises by utilizing different cardio equipments, during the same training session; or use a particular cardio machine during one session, and another type of cardio equipment in the next workout session.

The top 3 cardio equipments to improve your overall health include the treadmill, exercise bike and cross trainer. It is advisable to incorporate these cardio equipments into your cardio workout as per your fitness needs. In order to obtain the best results, you should exercise for at least 30 minutes, three to four days a week; by either joining a local gym or just train yourself at home.

The treadmill is a popular cardio machine because it helps to replace the outdoor exercise of running or walking, particularly during adverse climates. It is the best equipment for people who are exercising for the first time; since walking on the treadmill is the ideal way to get started with a cardio program.

Walking on a treadmill is a typical weight bearing activity that assists to build your bones and muscles. Moreover, since it is a comparatively low-impact machine it is tolerable by most of the people and appropriate for everyone. Besides this the treadmill is also an efficient calorie burner. To use the treadmill more effectively, you need to run at different intensities.

Nowadays, various exercise bikes are available. You can use an upright bike, to get the feeling of riding a real conventional bicycle; as your body leans slightly forwards. While on the recumbent bike you can sit comfortably in the bucket seats, lean backwards and cycle with your legs in the front.

Anyway, these different exercise bikes, place less stress on your joints compared to the other cardio equipments. The recumbent bike is perfect for people with low back problem or joint pain in the lower spine; as well as for individuals who are learning cycling; because it provides better back support. Exercise bikes are great calorie burners; on an average you can burn 250 calories within a 30 minute cycling workout.

Cross trainers are also referred as elliptical trainers. They are ideal for people who like to walk or run, but do not wish to stress their joints. Low-impact cross trainer is the best alternative for the treadmill; and for individuals exercising for the first time, as well as for people with knee or leg injuries. It is a good calorie burner and trains the upper and lower body simultaneously.

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Why You Must Buy a Cross Trainer for your Home Gym?

Recently many people prefer to exercise at home, instead of visiting a local gym. Similarly you can also set up a home gym and train yourself using a variety of fitness equipments; that includes a cross trainer. The following paragraphs explain why you must buy a cross trainer for your home gym.

Cross trainers are also known as elliptical trainers. They help you to train the arms and legs simultaneously. Exercising on a cross trainer provides lots of advantages such as muscle toning, weight reduction, enhancing cardiovascular health etc. It is basically operated from a standing position and involves keeping your feet firmly on the foot pedals or pads; while you perform cardio workouts and toning exercises.

Cross trainers are best for people who like to walk or run. This versatile cardiovascular equipment has a platform to place your feet on, and handles for holding your hands. You need to move the platform circularly and use the arms for moving the handles back and forth. It helps to target your arms, shoulders, back and legs together without affecting the joints.

A cross trainer is a low impact machine; that imitates the foot style of running outdoors without straining the joints. It helps to avoid the risks of high impact activities like running or jogging, and is very useful for back pain treatment. You can improve your body shape by using this cardio machine and also maintain your overall health.

Regular workouts on a cross trainer helps to develop, shape and tone all the large muscle groups; especially the working muscles such as the hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. They also train the upper body and your arms as you exercise the legs. By increasing the resistance of the cross trainer, you can perform an intense workout for the lower body muscles.

These cross trainers enable you to do various types of aerobic exercises in order to enable your lungs and heart; to quickly supply blood and oxygen to all the working muscles. Hence, using a cross trainer continuously for a long period will increase the efficiency of the heart, lower the resting heart rate, and enhance your aerobic fitness.

Moreover, cross trainer is ideal for people with problems related to the lower limbs such as arthritic knees. The arm action provided by cross trainers will strengthen and tone your upper body. Cross training is also highly suitable for reducing the excess body fat. You can burn lots of calories and lose weight by incorporating a proper workout. For instance, when a person weighing 180 pounds, exercises on a cross trainer for one hour, he will burn 900 calories.

However, before starting a cross training program, you should always contact a medical expert; and inform him about your medical history and current health conditions. Stretching your lower body muscles such as the quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings etc., before and after your workouts will improve the flexibility of your body. Finally, to maintain good health throughout the program; you should take sufficient rest, in between the training sessions.

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Advantages of Exercising on Rowing Machine

You can stay fit by regularly performing your favorite exercises. Nowadays, both men and women try to lose weight and improve their cardiovascular system; by using suitable training equipments such as the rowing machine. Earlier people had forgotten or avoided this versatile machine; however recently lots of people have realized the various advantages of exercising on a rower machine as described below.

The rower or rowing machine is the perfect equipment for losing weight. It incorporates your whole body and trains large muscle groups of the upper as well as lower body. This powerful machine involves the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, abs, biceps, abdominals, buttocks, thighs, and legs. When the muscles are toned, the metabolism of the body increases and thus helps to burn more fats and reduce fat deposits.

Rowing machines are relatively cheaper and highly effective for strengthening your muscles, and building bone density. They also help to increase the heart rate and enhance heart and lung functioning. The rowing movement helps to shape the inner and outer thighs, the arms, back and gluteus. It involves a unique aerobic exercise that aids to strengthen your back and also improve your posture.

A typical rowing machine is one of the best cardio equipments which enables to develop your arms better by decreasing usage of the legs, and vice versa. You basically imitate the rowing action of pulling and pushing the oars at various resistance levels; as done in a real boat in order to move the rowing machine. The intensity can be changed to make the workout easy or hard. Adjusting the resistance setting on the machine helps to tone the muscles and burn calories.

Rowing machines provide a comprehensive, low-impact workout. Exercising on a rowing machine is virtually risk-free and impact-free; and involves a steady, rhythmic motion of the complete body. An ideal workout can be performed by sitting on a sliding, padded seat and placing the feet against a platform. You have to firmly hold the handle with your hands, and push yourself back with your legs and pull the handle; and continue repeating the actions.

Rowing is an effective exercise since it develops the joints, and helps to quickly produce a natural body lubricant, known as synovial fluid, which assists in maintaining healthy and flexible joints. Hence, physicians often advise patients needing low-impact rehabilitation training, to use rowing machines in order to recover from knee, hip or other joint injuries; as it involves smooth and uniform movements of the full body.

Normally it takes approximately a month, to burn around 100 calories from your body, during a daily 30-minute workout. A long training session will help to burn more calories. A pound of fat is nearly 3500 calories. You can therefore expect to burn between 200 to 250 calories for the same body weight and time; during a rowing machine workout, as compared to other cardio exercises using treadmill or exercise bike. Further as rowing may stress the legs and thigh muscles, it is recommended to exercise only 3 to 4 times a week in order to rest the muscles.

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Treadmill V/S. Rower – The Workout Comparison

Nowadays, many people perform different workouts to remain fit by utilizing suitable fitness equipments; including the treadmill and rower. Although both these exercise machines are used for cardiovascular training and weight loss; you should compare them to determine which equipment is appropriate for your health objectives.

All cardiovascular exercise equipments help to increase energy levels, burn calories, improve heart and lung functioning and maintain overall health. The specific training benefits also depend on the type of cardio training and cardio equipment. Hence, the workout comparison of the rower and treadmill is explained below.

A rower or rowing machine is basically one of the most low-impact cardio equipments that is designed to imitate the rowing action on water. The upper body movement resembles the action of moving an oar against the water resistance; whereas the lower body movement resembles bending and straightening the knees while performing the upper body movement. The muscle groups that get trained will depend on the stroke used.

A rower machine workout generally targets your biceps, lower back, abdomen, hamstrings and quadriceps. A narrow grip stroke is executed by holding the center of the rower and targets your gluteus, abdominal muscles, and thighs. And a wide grip stroke is performed by holding the outer edges of the rower; and targets your chest muscles, latissimus dorsi, and deltoids. Settings on the rower can decrease or increase the resistance on the muscle groups; and help to improve the body stamina accordingly.

On the other hand, the treadmill is considered as a high-impact exercise machine that is designed to enable running or walking indoors in a stationary place. It is the ideal way to train our lungs and heart; because it mimics the lower body movements and the natural action of walking and running outdoors. This equipment targets the lower body muscles, specifically the calf and abdominal muscles; hamstrings, buttock, and quadriceps.

The speed of a treadmill can be adjusted to stimulate running walking, jogging or sprinting, either on a horizontal level; or on an inclined level such as climbing uphill. In order to improve your balance and coordination; just move your arms forwards and backwards; while keeping the elbows at a 90 degree angle around your hips.

Normally, the precise amount of calories burned depends on various factors such as the age, weight, gender, intensity and duration of the workout. However, the specific body weight and muscle mass of a person are the main aspects that determine the number of calories utilized while training with both the rower and the treadmill.

Let us take an example of a person weighing 130 pounds and performing a 30 minute workout. An effective treadmill workout will burn 80 to 150 calories while walking; and 250 to 650 calories while running, as per the speed. While the rowing workout, will utilize 200 to 250 calories. Hence, the rowing machine burns more calories, compared to walking on a treadmill; but less while running. Thus you can select either the treadmill or the rower to stay fit and achieve your fitness goals.

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Best Cardio Exercise Equipments You Need to Use for Weight Loss

Performing one or the other exercise is the best way to keep yourself fit and fine.  You can either visit a local gym or just do some exercises at home. Nowadays a broad variety of exercise equipments are available including cardio exercise equipments. A cardio exercise is the short form of cardiovascular exercise. It is basically a type of workout that benefits a person’s heart, lungs and blood vessels.

Cardio training also helps to minimize the occurrences of some severe medical conditions such as heart strokes, hypertension, coronary heart disease etc. They strengthen your heart and also enhance your energy levels. Additionally they even assure to reduce your body weight by burning calories. Hence, it is advisable to include cardiovascular exercises in your exercise routine.

All cardiovascular exercise machines primarily help to maintain the overall health of your body. Moreover, these cardio exercise equipments can assist you to burn more calories in less time; as compared to other exercising machines and also helps to develop aerobic fitness. Today, several types of exercise equipments are utilized for losing weight; however the best cardio exercise equipments you need to use for weight loss are as follows:


The treadmill is one of the common gym equipments, widely used for cardio work outs. The basic advantage of treadmills is the facility of walking, jogging or running indoors; anytime and in all weather conditions. You can thus avoid traffic, pollution, severe climate etc; and also save time and energy. The main benefits of using treadmills are improved heart health, increased calories burned; and swift weight loss.

A treadmill has a rotating track with safety rails on the sides. They include a digital screen that records your heart rate, and running angle, speed and time. The decks of a treadmill are made of a flexible material, to absorb the shocks of your footfalls. They also have adjustable inclines that replicate walking or running up a slope.

Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are considered as one of the best ways to burn calories; without any side effects. It consists of an adjustable chair; that you can sit on and keep your legs horizontally, in front of your body. These versatile Exercise bikes can be tilted or upright, to provide an effective workout for your legs and aerobic system.

Upright bikes are similar to a normal bicycle, while the titled bikes enable to keep your feet in a slanting upward position. Exercise bikes have adjustable levels to replicate riding up a hill. They are highly suitable for people with lower back pain or lower spine pain.

Cross Trainer

Cross trainers are also known as elliptical trainers. They help to work the arms and legs simultaneously, and are therefore regarded as excellent calorie burners. The body action resembles to rowing a boat. The arm movements strengthen and build the upper body; and the leg movement tones your legs. The elliptical cross trainer enhances your aerobic fitness; and is preferred by people with lower limb problems and arthritic knees.

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Advantages of Gym Exercise Equipments


Experts say equipment helps motivate people to work harder on their bodies because a machine is more efficient. Today, the market gives you a wide range of gym equipment designed for each and every part of your body, be it for exercising or just toning yourself. The main advantage in using the exercise equipment is the selection of commercial models, which are designed with care and also scientifically so that, it will help you get in shape, in a surely better way. The equipment available for the home gym equipment is more compact and easier to use. One can stow it away in the closet after working out. The home gym exercise equipment is all about convenience. An exercise machine forces an exerciser into proper form as it guides a tracked weight safely up and down a designated path.

Exercise helps in many things like weight loss, keeping body in shape, keep your body working, maintaining good health, for keeping heart strong, for maintaining the level cholesterol in body etc. Improper lifestyle leads to obesity and many more health issues which are commonly seen in people these days. Exercise equipment comes in handy to get rid from these problems and to lead a fit and healthy life full of happiness and satisfaction. Exercise makes our body strong and helps in burning the calories of our body and gym equipment assist us in doing so. Regular exercise and increased physical activity can add years to your life and help you feel and look younger. Cardiovascular exercise helps to reduce stress and improve self-esteem. There are a wide variety of cardio equipment on the market today like the treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical trainers. These are the most popular choices for cardio and are also excellent for building endurance. They are easy to use as. By performing cardio exercise on a regular basis, your body gains stamina and endurance and becomes more efficient at burning calories. A set of dumbells will ensure strength training. Strength training work outs create strong muscles and also strengthen the ligaments and tendons. They are vital as they support our joints and decrease the possibility of injury from activities. Factors including, age, fitness goals, health, and budget are some of the important considerations while selecting the equipment for strength training. Exercise has many benefits. It encourages the addition of lean muscle mass while helping reduce body fat. If done consistently it has been shown to reduce resting heart rate, reduce blood pressure, strengthen bone density, and reduce stress. Gym Equipment can play an integral part in your exercise routine.

To achieve vital health features, regular physical activity with fitness equipment of proper frequency, intensity and duration needs to be undertaken by an individual. To remain healthy and pleased, we must exercise using gym equipment repeatedly. Regular exercise with pieces of equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machine, kettlebells etc., will conserve and build our skills. They will not mainly enhance our functioning however, will also create sensations of level of quality living. Exercise removes anger, prejudice, illness, irritability, very low self-esteem, uncooperative behaviour…….in short… keeps you happy and fit.

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Exercise with Kettlebells for Burning Fat & Building Muscles

A kettlebell is a cast iron weight which looks like cannonball with a handle used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Exercising with kettlebell has many benefits such as it provides you with a quick workout which targets all the major muscles of the body. It also increases the core strength. It develops your abdominal and back muscles. It lets you combine cardio and strength training. The kettlebell workout involves a circuit that gets your heart pumping while it strengthens muscles. Simplify your workout. Instead of having to use several gym machines or several weights to work all your muscle groups, you do it with one kettlebell. A kettlebell will help you do serious cardio without getting the boredom of treadmill. Kettlebell training is fun to do and you never get bored. It is also a compact and portable device. You can carry it anywhere you want. Kettlebells are safe for people of any age, shape or size. It also combines strength and cardio. It is the best solution for busy people. Busy people want the biggest bang form their money. Kettlebells are a perfect solution for them. They can do strength and cardio at the same time. Because of their busy schedule the work duration needs to be short.

The best thing of kettlebell is that it is portable and small. You can do training anywhere you like. It also helps burning greater amount of fat. First, there is the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around. Second, it’s a strength training workout creating dense muscle mass, which burns calories from fat stores all day long while increasing your resting metabolism.It is very different from dumbbells and barbells. Any person who has picked up kettlebell can feel the difference. Isolation exercise can be done with stability while exercising with kettlebells. Isolation exercises such as those done with dumbbells and barbells do not hit those stabilizing muscles to the same degree. It strengthens every muscle from head to toe. Kettlebell training includes exercises from head to toe. Kettlebells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less susceptible to injury. It helps build a muscular and lean physique. Men see that coveted wedge shape emerge as the training creates broad shoulders, defines abdominals, builds up their arms and pares down their waists. It’s a lean look. It is very easy to learn. Doing exercise with kettlebell is very easy. No matter how old or out-of-shape you are, everyone can do it and should be doing it.

Kettlebells are extremely versatile. Kettlebells can help you lose weight, build muscle, enhance sport performance or maintain fitness level, as well as improve quality of life as you age, all with one simple tool. Besides you get greater cardio benefits. Repetitive kettlebell ballistic drills challenge more muscles practically the entire body for a total-body cardiovascular adaptation. Kettlebells help you do exercise without having excessive pressure on joints which lead to injury. Exercising with kettlebells is one of the most effective ways to stay fit.

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How to Setup a Commercial Gym?

There are many health related problems people are facing nowadays due to which they get inspired to work out and exercise. Buying a home gym equipment and exercising at home has a major drawback and that is there are no personal trainers to motivate you for exercising and informing you the right way of workout for a particular fitness goal. Moreover, you can buy limited fitness equipments for your home gym whereas; in a commercial gym you find so many versatile fitness equipments enabling you to perform different types of exercises. If you are interested in body building, you also require doing cardiovascular exercises which can be possible with the help of a best recumbent bikes or a treadmill. It would be not at all practical to buy a multi station and an elliptical cross trainer at home as it will occupy lot of space and may prove to be expensive too. So, people who are really interested in bringing a drastic difference to their health and lifestyle, always choose to join a commercial gym instead of buying home gym equipments. In that case, commercial gyms are in high demand and if you are thinking of setting up a home gym, you need to take care of certain factors which are given below:-

Who will be using the gym?

As an owner of a commercial gym, you need to first determine, what type of users you are aiming at? Are you aiming for body builders or people interested in losing weight? The choice of fitness equipment for your commercial gym can be based on the answers of the questions mentioned above. If you are targeting body builders as your customers, then installing a multi station becomes a basic requirement of your gym. If the basic requirement of the members of your gym is to lose weight and inches from their body, then you need to buy different types of elliptical cross trainers, helping them to perform several cardiovascular exercises. You need to identify the majority of users visiting your commercial gym and then decide on which gym equipment to buy and how many of each of them to buy.

Budget to Setup a Commercial Gym

The total setup of a commercial gym which includes the space, lighting, flooring, gym equipments etc., depends on your budget. You need to decide the budget for each and every element of your commercial gym otherwise you may end up spending on things which may not be required in your gym. To setup a commercial gym, the quality of gym equipment is most important, so you cannot compromise on the quality of the gym equipment otherwise you may have to pay high maintenance and repairing costs in the future. So, the bifurcation of the budget in a smart manner is very much important while setting up a commercial gym.

Space Available

If you already own a space where you are going to setup your gym, then there is no problem, you can get your gym equipped according to the space available. But, if you don’t have the space available, you need to search for one and whether you want to buy it or lease it depends on the investment amount you possess. You can choose the gym equipments depending on the area and the shape of the room where you are setting up your gym. After having a look at the space available for the gym, you can imagine where you will be placing the treadmill, multi station, versatile power rack, exercise bike etc., keeping the convenience of your customers’ in mind.

Besides going through all the above factors, you also need to ensure that the fitness equipment you choose is completely commercial gym equipment which is suitable for heavy use throughout the day. You also need to take care of the overall design of your gym which includes flooring, lighting and ventilation so that your customers are comfortable while exercising. Just make sure that your commercial gym has proper water facilities as people performing heavy exercises require water frequently. After setting up your commercial gym, you need to make sure that you maintain exercising equipments regularly to provide safe exercising to your customers.

If you are planning to setup your own commercial gym and requiring best quality gym equipments at affordable prices, then visit

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