Body Solid – Triumph over Unwanted Calories with Personalized Body Solid Device

What Might Happen If Our Body Gains More Calories?

Body weight can be reduced when the calories are burned. Hence it is crystal clear that in order to reduce the body weight less calorie intake must be taken. When the body starts to take more calories than the body weight starts to gain weight. This is very harmful for the body as the fat content keeps on increasing. For effective body weight it must be ensured that the extent of calories lost must be equal to the calories gained. This is the most idea situation and helps to have a healthy body on the contrary when the calories intake increase that means there is unwanted calories residing in the body. If proper exercise is not done then it will lead to obesity.

Body Solid Pro ClubLine Incline Press

Various Ways of Reducing Calories

Calories can be reduced in a number of a number of ways by workouts for example,

  • The initial step begins with fewer intakes of foods that are rich in calories. This will drop the level of calories.

  • Workouts of different kinds is an ideal way to reduce calories in shorter time period

  • Moreover calories can be burned by running and skipping 30 minutes a day which will remove all the unwanted calories and fats.

  • In exercise walking and running are considered the best option to reduce calories and have a fat free body.

  • Even the diet needs to be given focus because food with fewer calories must be in the diet plan during the time of calories burn up.

Obtaining Efficient Results With Body Solid

Body solid is considered as the main equipment in free weight training. It manufactures the best machines which are required for a calorie free body like Smith machines; power racks etc. fitness equipments are required for getting a well toned body and effective results. This is the unique specialty of body solid it enables quick results and moreover the equipments provide flexibility. The fitness devices last for a lifetime because the material is of high quality. Hence it is the best device to burn calories and be in shape.

Body Solid ProClub Line Bicep Curl Machine

How Can We Benefit By Owning Body Solid Device?

Owing a body solid device is the need of the hour because it is the ultimate fitness equipment that will enable to produce significant results. It is safe too because it is manufactured from high quality steel and can be used extensively. It has an exceptional strength and excellent stability. This means that there is no chance of accident. The strength to strength ratio is very high and can be used in gym with ease. It has tough and durable frames which makes it one of the best equipment to work out. Moreover it is comfortable too. It is user friendly and weight sacks are within reach and can be easily adjusted. The bars and grips are designed in a way that easily suits the hand and provides comfort while doing exercise. It is also affordable which makes it more popular.  Hence it has the features of comfort, convenient and affordable price which makes it the ultimate choice. Get the best  Body Solid Pro Club-Decline Olympic Bench, here at –


Excess calorie accumulation leads to many health complexities. If weight gain is not cared for in the initial stage, it might result in severe problems where medical treatment might become expensive. Hence, buying a compact exercise component like body solid will stay a suitable option.

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Precautions One should take while Handling Body Solid Gym Equipments

All users are advised to take the following precautions while handling Body Solid gym equipments.

1. First of all it is essential to consult a physician before utilizing any exercise equipment. This is mandatory especially for people above 35 years, and for individuals who already have any health problem.

2. Secondly before using any exercise equipment you should properly read all the instructions related to that particular machine. These instructions are provided in order to ensure the safety of the user, and also to protect the machine from getting damaged.

3. Further, small kids should not be permitted to use these exercise equipments. This is especially necessary while exercising at home, because your child may fall down from the machine and thus get injured.

4. It is recommended to utilize the exercise equipment exclusively for the specific purpose; as explained in the user manual of that particular machine.

5. Further you should never use the accessories that are not suggested by Body Solid. In fact using any attachment which is not recommended is likely to cause accidents and may seriously injure the user.

6. Moreover it is necessary to wear suitable clothing and appropriate shoes while exercising. This is due to the fact that, if you wear improper or loose clothing it might get entangled in the exercise equipment during the workout. And the user may even get hurt while getting on, or getting off the machine.

7. Besides this you should never over strain your body while exercising. Similarly do not exercise until you are completely tired. In case you feel exhausted and experience any pain, or notice any kind of unusual symptoms in your body; you should instantly stop using that exercise equipment and contact your doctor without any delay.

8. Further you should never use damaged exercise equipments. It is better to keep away from a machine that is not functioning properly. Such equipments must be immediately sent to the service center of Body Solid for proper examination, and get it repaired by expert technicians.

9. Moreover you should avoid dropping or inserting any kind of object into any openings found on the exercise equipment. It is also recommended to thoroughly check the exercise machine including the pulleys, connection cables, etc. before using it. This will help to ensure that the equipment is in good operating condition; and all the attachments and cables are properly fastened. Thus the user will be secured from any possible injuries caused due to any loose parts of the machine.

10. It is advisable to always use these exercise equipments indoors. Besides this you should avoid using them near slippery surfaces, and on wet floorings.

11. Further it is essential to regularly maintain the exercise equipment as advised by Body Solid; to keep it in proper working condition. This will assure that the machine functions smoothly and lasts longer; and also ensure a safe and comfortable workout.

Hence one should always take the above mentioned precautions while handling Body Solid gym equipments.

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Back and Abdominal Muscles Training with Body-Solid Exercise Equipment

Nowadays, a variety of Body-Solid exercise equipments are available for back and abdominal muscles training, including the following.

Body-Solid Leverage Squat & Calf RaiseBody-Solid Leverage Squat

Performing a Squat exercise is the ideal way to build your lower body muscles. The Squat basically helps to strengthen your lower back, calves, glutes, and thighs. The Body-Solid Leverage Squat / Calf Raise machine is especially designed for doing squat exercises. Moreover, it is robustly built to easily handle heavy loads, and also reduces the associated risks. This highly beneficial and effective equipment enables you to do squats with 300 to 800 lbs. and much more. The Olympic style plate is one of salient features of this machine. Further it includes a heavy duty, extra large frame, which is made using high tensile strength 12 gauge steel; that is welded on all the 4 sides. Moreover, it has a heavy gauge diamond plate foot platform that is set to the right pitch for perfect development of the quadriceps and glutes. Besides the new and safe, round shaped calf raise block, enables a deep pre-stretch for intense calf strengthening workouts. Besides this the smooth and soft, ultra thick shoulder and back pads are specially crafted to perfectly accommodate your shoulders. It also comes with a spring loaded lockout handle which is appropriately positioned for user safety. Further, it has a capacity over 1000 pounds, and is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.

Body-Solid Adjustable Bench

The Body-Solid Adjustable Bench is the best strength training equipment. You can use this versatile machine independently, or with a barbell or dumbbells; or in a power rack or smith machine. In fact this free weight bench is the core of any free weight exercise routine. It has a heavy duty steel frame, and can easily handle a load capacity of more than 1000 pounds. The seat pads can be locked into different positions in order to align your body for the right posture while performing various exercises. The back pad can also be adjusted quickly and easily; and locked in various positions firmly and secure due to the ladder style locking system. Moreover, the extra thick upholstery enables you to comfortably execute the most intense workouts. You can lock your legs in the t-bar leg hold down; while the oversize rollers provide additional support and stability to conveniently perform the upper and lower abdominal exercises; as well as the incline and decline strength training. Further, the smooth caster wheels allow you to easily move the Body Solid adjustable bench in and out of any rack. The latest design of the adjustable seat pad permits users of all sizes to carry out bent knee sit-ups and abdominal crunches with perfect lower back support and proper hip alignment. Further, this machine is also expandable for leg developer, preacher curl attachment, and lat attachment. The Body Solid adjustable bench is ideal for home and commercial usage; and also comes with a full warranty. Hence you can effectively perform back and abdominal muscles training with these Body-Solid exercise equipments.

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Guide to Complete Body Workout on a Body Solid Smith Machine

Body Solid is highly reputed throughout the world, for providing a wide range of superior quality exercise equipments, including the Smith machine. In fact, the Body Solid Smith machine is one of the most popular exercise equipments. It consists of a self guided barbell which moves vertically between two robust poles. One of the outstanding features of this versatile machine is that, it helps you to exercise safely without a spotter. Moreover the unique design of Smith machine allows you to do numerous exercises to train the whole body and perform a total body workout.

Body Solid Smith Machine

The Body Solid Smith machine comprises of a metal rack which can hold heavy weights while lifting them. It provides the facility to safely do various lifting exercises since the barbell is attached to two steel rods that avoids dropping the weights. Hence you can train all the major muscles and work the full body. Besides, the Body Solid Smith machine also allows you to use a lifting belt and do free weight exercises for stabilizing your core muscles. It thereby reduces the chances of back injury while lifting the free weights. For increasing the core strength, you should first tighten your core and take a deep breath; then get into the correct posture, tighten the abs and compress your glutes. This will help to tone your core as well as the back, abs and glutes.

Complete Body Workout

The ideal way to carry out a complete body workout with a Body Solid Smith machine is to do a variety of exercises in order to build the different parts of your body. This machine is specially designed to enable the user to quickly and easily move from one exercise to the other. You can perform the following free weight exercises on the Body Solid Smith machine and train the related body parts. This includes squats, dead lifts, lunges, and calf raises, for training the lower body and core. Further you can do the bench press to tone the chest, triceps, and core; and upright rows for building the upper body and core; and shoulder shrugs for working the traps. To work the whole body, do each exercise for 3 sets of 10 reps with minimum rest. Then, swiftly move to the next exercise. You should alternately execute the upper body and lower body exercises to avoid getting tired soon, and thereby increase the duration and intensity of your workout. For maximizing the total body workout on a Body Solid Smith machine; ensure that the concentric phase takes 3 seconds, the isometric movement takes 2 seconds, and the eccentric work takes 3 seconds. For instance, to perform a calf raise with the bar on your shoulders; first push upwards on your toes for 3 seconds, then hold on for 3 seconds in this top position, and slowly return back to the initial position in 3 seconds. This is the best way to do a complete body workout on a Body Solid Smith machine.

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Body Solid Weight Bench for Intense and Safe Strength Training

Strength training, also known as resistance training is a form of exercise where resistance is used to build strength, muscles and endurance levels of an individual. The strength training exercises are usually performed with weight training equipments like dumb bells, barbells or kettlebells. A weight bench is important equipment used during weight training to ensure that exercise is performed with better safety while maintaining a proper posture. A weight bench can play an important role in a strength training workout.

Features of a Body Solid Weight Bench

Body Solid weight bench is designed for the intense weight trainers. Built with a 2″ x 3″ steel frame, this is a strong bench for weight training that is designed to provide stronger support and flexibility to the weight trainers so that they can try out different sorts of intense exercises without fear of losing out balance or falling off. Using this Body Solid bench for weight training will ensure that the trainer gets the best benefits from the training as he will be able to maintain a proper posture required for a proper workout. This commercial quality bench is designed can support 1000 lbs of weight and therefore is an excellent equipment for the professional weight trainers trying out various exercises with heavier weights. The bodysolid weight bench is versatile exercise equipment equipped with a secure 6-position ladder-style back pad adjustment and can also be adjusted in flat, incline and decline positions for performing different kinds of exercises.  One can easily and safely perform bent knee sit-ups, bench presses and ab crunches with proper lower back support and hip alignment on this strength training bench. This is an expandable weight bench which comes with the most desired features of a modern bench like preacher curl attachment, lat attachment, T-Bar leg hold down with oversize rollers for comfort and stability.

Benefits of Strength Training on a Body Solid Weight Bench

Body Solid weight benches can be of great support for the heavy weight trainers performing intense strength training. While training with heavy weights there are chances of the trainer to get hurt if he looses the balance off the weights. Therefore training with weights while sitting on this rugged weight bench beneath will eliminate the risks of getting injured while training because you get a good support and stability to avoid missing of the balance or control over your body.

One can use Bodysolid weight bench to try out different exercises with or without weight training equipment. The bench can be used in different forms for multiple types of workouts like step for step ups, base for pushups, mat for abdominal exercises and a support for cardio exercises. Therefore you can target different parts of body with different kinds of exercise using this weight bench.

For those who are unable to maintain a proper posture while training can use this weight bench to perform exercise without fear of falling down while concentrating only on the posture.

These are compact weight benches that are not so large and therefore can save space of storage. These are great multifunction equipments for a home gym where space is a constraint.


Body Solid weight bench is great strength training equipment for both professional as well as regular weight trainers. This compact and multifunctional device can best fit into the needs of a home as well as commercial gym.

This article educates reader about Body Solid weight bench including its features and benefits of strength training with it.

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Know the Important Features of Body Solid Smith Machine

The rapidly developing technology has helped to deliver a broad variety of fitness machines including the Smith Machine. A Smith Machine is primarily used for doing weight lifting exercises. It mainly comprises of a barbell which is fixed within steel rails. The earlier models of this machine permitted the users to execute only vertical movements by lifting the weight plates up and down. However, the recent models of this machine provide forward as well as backward movements.

Previously many people avoided using this versatile machine since they were under the false impression that weight lifting is not necessary to remain healthy. On the contrary, actually both men and women should carry out weight lifting exercises up to some extent in order to stay fit. Further, it is a fact that as we get older the capacity of our body to burn fat reduces, and our body metabolism also decreases. As a result, elderly persons are likely to be more obese even though they maintain regular eating habits and consume healthy food. Therefore older people should exercise regularly and especially perform weight lifting exercises, as it will help them to avoid obesity. Moreover, it enables us to shape our body, and also stay fit for a long period.

Smith Machine

Basically when you are lifting weights either at the health club or in your home, it is essential to have an experienced spotter or a workout partner; otherwise it may lead to a serious injury. The Smith Machine prevents this problem and all your worries, because you no more need a spotter. By simply twisting your wrist the lifting bar can be again placed safely on the rungs, and thus the weight load is completely lifted off. This is the most significant element of a Smith Machine. Further, it is a fact that you should use good quality equipments as they help you to get the most out of your exercise.

Hence a large number of people prefer using the Body Solid Smith Machine, for doing weight lifting exercises, building their muscles and for maintaining overall fitness. This is because Body Solid offers the most powerful equipments in the industry that includes the highly advanced Smith Machine. The important features of Body Solid Smith Machine are as follows. They are fundamentally made using high quality materials. It consists of an extra heavy duty steel tube main frame that has a top class metallic powder coating. Secondly the superior grade linear ball bearings provide smooth movement. It even has a solid lifting bar similar to an Olympic bar.

The heavy duty guide rods have hardened chrome plating.  Further, the upright design assists to accommodate the natural path of our body movement. It also has long spotters and Olympic plate storage posts on both the sides. The sturdy gun rack has numerous positions that can handle larger, heavier weights. Moreover the fully adjustable, sturdy and combined flat, incline, and decline bench; allows you to easily perform the shoulder press, barbell and dumbbell exercises.

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Bodysolid Exercise Equipment – The Best Option for your Home Gym

Exercising at home is now preferred by many people to remain healthy and achieve their fitness objectives. This is due to the fact that it helps to prevent paying the costly local gym membership fees. Further you need not wait in queue to use specific fitness equipments. And you can also avoid the extreme weather conditions outdoors. Therefore a home gym provides both convenience and comfort.

These days several types of fitness equipments are readily available in the market. This also includes a broad array of Body Solid exercise equipments such as the home gym. The Body Solid machines are made using top grade and long lasting materials that help to build your arms, abs, biceps, curl, legs, row, triceps, etc; and also tone the whole body.

Home Gyms

The Body Solid range of free weight equipments help to train and shape all the muscle groups. These machines utilize free weight plates to adjust and customize as required. Hence you need not bother about loose stacks and cables lying on the floor. In fact, they enable the individual to focus on a particular muscle group, and also use the precise weight required for a specific workout routine.

Both beginners and experienced users can use the vast range of free weights. For example a dumbbell set is available in various weight ranges for every level of user. Moreover the popular kettlebells also offers a great workout in your home gym. The multi press rack and the pro power rack are also used by many people who are especially interested in building their bodies using barbells. Lots of people also use other equipments like set of bars, belts and plates; weight benches, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, storage racks, treadmills, upper body and lower body machines, and various accessories; for a comfortable and safe workout at home.

Body Solid home gyms are actually multi-station exercise machines that permit the exerciser to perform a total body workout easily in the convenience of your home. The Body Solid home gyms include a pulley system that is fastened to a stack of weights in order to carry out upper body, lower body and core strengthening movements.  The Body Solid EXM1500S Home Gym enables the users to train the specific muscles of the arms, back, chest, legs, shoulders, and stomach. This versatile fitness machine allows you to carry out an intense routine and build your endurance at home.

Conclusion: You can utilize the straight bar which is based on the multi tasking low pulley method.  Besides this you can even execute the seated rows as well as other workouts, and strength building exercises such as the bicep curls, wrist curls, upright rows, shrug exercises, etc. as well as many other exercises with just one home gym equipment. It also enables you to do the standing calf raise, single arm cable curl, triceps press down, bent over row, standing leg curl, and much more. Hence the Body Solid exercise equipment is regarded as the best option for your home gym.

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Body Solid Gym Equipment – To Set Up A Custom Home Gym

Joining a commercial gym is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover some new exercisers feel shy and uncomfortable, while exercising with experienced body builders. However, you can now achieve your health objectives by training yourself comfortably at home. Hence, several people exercise in their own home gym with the same efficiency, safety, and privacy that was earlier only possible in a local health club.

These days, many fitness enthusiasts prefer to use Body Solid home gym equipments to set up a custom home gym. Body Solid offers a wide range of exercise machines that are designed by experts and manufactured from superior quality components. You can workout conveniently and follow a regular fitness routine at home by using Body Solid home gyms. Body Solid fitness equipments are ergonomically designed for functional and effective home workouts.

The Body Solid EXM1500S Home Gym provides you the capability to target specific muscles of your shoulders, arms, chest, back, stomach, and legs. Anyone can use this versatile fitness equipment, to perform particular exercises and strength training at home. This BodySolid gym equipment utilizes a pulley system attached to a stack of weights to perform upper body, lower body and core strengthening movements. By using the straight bar included in the multi-functional low pulley system, you can execute seated rows as well as upright rows, shrug exercises, wrist curls, biceps curls, etc. It also enables you to perform one arm cable curl, standing calf raise, bent over row, triceps press down, and standing leg curl.

The Body Solid Best Fitness BFSB10 Exercise Bike is another outstanding training machine that helps you to do effective home workouts. This modern equipment has numerous adjustments and riding positions, and a smooth and accurately designed flywheel; in order to make you feel like riding a real bike. This bike is an ideal solution to build leg strength, enhance the cardiovascular system and burn fat; as well as to shape the glut, quad, and calf muscles and also strengthen the tendons, without any load bearing.

It has a single 44 lbs flywheel and a long lasting, grooved V-belt transmission system; and is easy to assembly and simple to maintain. The chrome plated handle bar has more than 84 levels of forward, backward, high and low adjustments; and an unlimited range of tension adjustments. It also includes a comfortable seat; smooth and silent aluminum bearing pedals with 3 sealed bearing sets for the pedals, belt wheel, and flywheel.

The Body Solid BFCT1 Elliptical Cross Trainer also enables you to perform a non-impact cardio workout in your home gym. It has eight levels of smooth magnetic resistance that enables users to carry out intense workouts. The LED console gives you feedback regarding the time, distance, speed, calories burned and heart rate. The synchronized arms train the upper body and also offer a full body workout. This very compact equipment has transport wheels in order to easily move it anywhere. The elliptical trainers are one of the highly preferred cardio exercise machines and the BFCT1 model is the perfect gym equipment.

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Body Solid Flat, Incline, Decline Bench – The Most Important Commercial Gym Equipment

These days, many fitness fans visit the local gym to build their body and maintain good health. They use a variety of BodySolid gym equipments that also includes strength training equipments such as the weight benches. You can also use a range of free weights, dumbbells and barbells for strength training. However, the weight bench is considered as the base for all strength training exercises.

The weight bench is one of the best exercise equipments designed for strength training. Body Solid is well known for supplying a wide range of top quality, long lasting and highly effective fitness equipments at reasonable prices. Nowadays, the Body Solid Flat, Incline, Decline Bench is regarded as the most important commercial gym equipment; because it provides a full body workout, including the upper, mid, and lower body.

The Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat Incline Decline Bench GFID71 is a robust and flexible machine. It is made from a 2″ x 3″ well built steel frame; which is capable to effortlessly handle a load capacity of 1000 lbs. This versatile bench includes very thick pads made from high grade upholstery in order to allow the user to comfortably perform a variety of exercises. The back pads and seat pads also supports the complete body to conveniently carry out the most intense training routines.

Moreover, you can lock these durable pads in eight different positions, in order to align the body and maintain the right posture during all the workouts. The back pad is 9.5 inch wide and has a ladder-style adjustment that can be easily and swiftly adjusted as required. And the sturdy seat pad can also be adjusted for users of all sizes in order to safely execute a number of exercises; such as the bent knee sit-ups and ab crunches along with a total lower back support and accurate hip alignment.

This heavy duty model also incorporates the T-Bar Leg Hold Down with oversize rollers; in order to lock your legs and perform a stable and secure workout. You can also comfortably carry out the upper and lower abdominal exercises; the incline and decline strength training; and also tone your pectorals. Further, this totally commercial quality adjustable bench includes smooth caster wheels for easy mobility. Hence users can conveniently move this equipment in and out of the rack as and when needed. The overall machine dimensions are 19″H x 70″L x 28″W; and it weighs 101 lbs (70 kg). It is also offered with an in-home lifetime warranty.

The Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat Incline Decline Bench GFID71 is the perfect choice for your commercial gym. It is expandable with optional attachments such as the Leg Developer Station GLDA3, Preacher Curl Station GPCA, and Lat Pull Down /Row Station GLRA81. The Body Solid free weight benches are considered as the most efficient and highly adaptable weight benches supplied in the market. You can therefore enhance your strength, agility, and overall fitness with the help of Body Solid’s exclusive range of heavy duty weight benches.

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Different Body Solid Home Gym Equipments Which Make Body Building an Easy Task

Body Solid is a reliable manufacturer of various fitness equipments that are highly efficient, totally safe and also affordable. The different Body Solid home gym equipments which make body building an easy task are explained further.

The Body Solid G2B Bi-Angular Home Gym is a unique machine that includes the patented Bi-Angular Press Arm System. It is based on the bi-angular technology which uses a converging axis during the pressing motion, to enable the muscles to perform a rapid, effective and complete workout. This versatile BodySolid gym equipment is built on a very compact and highly stable footprint. It is the ideal home gym equipment; as it allows you to do a variety of exercises without occupying much space. It also includes a Multi-Hip Station to tone your thighs, glutes, and hips. Moreover the SmoothGlide Bearing System extends the lifespan of the multi-function leg developer and also facilitates a frictionless motion. You can workout comfortably and also avoid lower back strain; due to the lumbar support, and totally adjustable and extra thick back pad.

The Body Solid G9S Selectorized Home Gym is another multipurpose exercise machine; that allows three persons to perform strength training at the same time. In fact you can execute numerous types of workouts on this Body Solid multi-station home gym equipment, within a minimum amount of space. It consists of a heavy-gauge steel foot plate that is covered by a non-slip, rubber in order to safely perform the most intense workouts.

Further, the Perfect Pec Station is completely adjustable for various movements; and also permits you to achieve deeper muscle penetration for quick and better results. Moreover, the versatile Press Arm Station can be used to do different exercises such as the incline press, bench press; shoulder press and chest supported mid row exercises. The Leg Press/Calf Press Station functions on a 2 to 1 weight ratio; and thus this machine is capable to do a 420 lbs leg press. It also comes with an optional Vertical Knee Raise Attachment VKR9.

The Body Solid G6B Bi-Angular Home Gym is the most modern home gym equipment; and is rated as a Consumer Guide Best Buy. This advanced machine is capable to do much more than the simple pressing motions. The smooth and multi-directional resistance increases your muscle interaction. It also includes the latest Bi-Angular Technology, and the patented Bi-Angular Press Arm that allows you to perform an extensive range of movements. You can do the incline press, shoulder press, and chest press; and it feels like exercising with free weights.

The G6B also comes with the Perfect Pec Station. It includes swivel arms that are engineered for unilateral as well as bilateral movements. This machine enables you to achieve the maximum stretch for deep muscle toning and maximum upper body development. The leg developer SmoothGlide Bearing System with the self-aligning leg cuffs permits you to execute intense leg curls and leg extensions. You can also perform the concentrated curls, leg abduction, abdominal crunches, lat pull downs, triceps presses, and many more exercises.

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