Men’s Workout World – The Most Essential Gym Equipments for Workout

Today working out and being in shape is extremely popular and it is a huge industry.  Many different gyms have opened up around the world and so many different workout tools and equipments are available. There is a variety of elaborate devices available but only a few pieces of equipment are really necessary. Portability, use, and cost are three important factors to consider while thinking of gym fitness equipment.

One of the most important equipment in any gym is hand weights i.e. Barbells and dumbbells. These are good for adding strength training to your overall fitness routine. Hand weights are available in different types, sizes and weights. With these you can train every part of the body and do exercises like curls, presses, and flies.

Weights that allow you to add on and remove weight plates to make them heavier or lighter are the best kind of weights to get. These allow you to change the weights depending on what you plan to do.

The portable kettle bells have become a very popular fitness product in the previous few years. You can do numerous exercises and get an entire body workout with just 1 or 2 kettle bells. They are very easy to store, and reasonably priced and if you want to work outdoors you can easily carry them in your car. You can use these in small spaces also and work out all the muscles in the body to help burn fat, build up endurance and gain strength.

A medicine ball is a heavy ball that comes in different sizes, weights and materials.  They are easily  moveable, inexpensive, versatile and fun to use. There are lots of different moves and drills you can do and get a good overall body workout.

A versatile bench press is a popular lift program in the gym to strengthen muscles like biceps, forearms, the neck and abs. It is an upper body exercise to build upper body strength and development by lifting the weight. Flat bench press, decline bench press, and incline bench press are the various types of bench presses available.

A variety of styles are available in weight benches today. They are flat, have multiple adjustments, some are portable with wheels, while others include bars for dumbbell and bar bell lifting. With weight bench, you can do all kinds of stretches, aerobic exercises using the bench as a prop and individual exercises such as sit-ups and crunches.

The multi-station features a multi-function Press Arm Station for bench press and chest supported mid-row exercises. It allows users to achieve deeper muscle penetration for faster, more defined results. Men usually prefer this well functional multi station as the weights are adjustable and the intensity of the workout can be adjusted with a simple change in the number of weights. With one machine you are able to work out different muscle groups and achieve the desired fitness levels. There are models in which new parts can be assembled and disassembled to fit your routine.

Find the best home gym fitness equipment for you to achieve your fitness goals.

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Why is Bench Press Considered as Perfect for a Complete Weight Training Workout?

Bench press is one of the most popular and effective weight training exercises in the gym. You exercise the upper body by lifting the weights in order to strengthen and develop muscles of biceps, forearms,  neck, and abs. Bench press is an advanced weight training exercise.

There are various types of bench press like flat bench press, decline bench press, incline bench press etc. Flat bench press emphasizes weight on chest and it is the best exercise for overall chest development. Incline bench press stresses upper chest and shoulders strength. Decline bench press allows more weight on lower chest.

Bench press builds a large number of muscles like the pectorals, shoulders, triceps and forearms. It helps you to develop more mass of your body and also helps you to improve your inner strength. It requires you to first develop other muscle groups that are essential for the safe and proper implementation of the program. More muscle groups are further developed by bench press and your strength is also increased.

The bench press workout is the clear-cut example of how you display your arm and chest strength and is often the basis of just how strong you really are. The workout is the standard for weightlifting. As with any exercise program you have to start slowly and then work on your body to make sure you are not injured. When the exercise is done properly, in a short period of time you put in a sizeable amount of weight.

This movement focuses mainly on the chest muscles, but the shoulders, triceps and the abdominal muscle are also used while  moving  the barbell or dumbbells. This is why compound movements work very well and you should include them in your regular workout .

While lifting the weight you should keep your elbows tucked in near your sides and arch your back. This takes some of the stress off your shoulders and places it on the triceps. After bench press set, since your triceps will already be tired, do not use too much weight for your close bench press.

To begin, start with  less weights, when you are comfortable  with that then add on more weight. You must rest one day between workouts so that your muscles can heal and grow stronger. So for maximum effect, do bench press workout three times per week.

The bench press is a complex, multi-join exercise. The bones involved in the exercise, bones of the arms, hands, shoulder and  chest,  become denser as the  bone cells deposit bone tissues in these bones.

With dedication and regular weight training you will become stronger and healthier, add muscle, burn fat and get into great shape. It helps you to develop a strong back, rippling shoulders, fine-tuned arms, and well-defined chest muscles. Nutrition plays a very important role in adding lean muscles to your body.

By selecting the right exercise routine using appropriate gym training equipment, you will see the results a great deal faster.  Rugby players, football players and professional athletes use bench press as strength building and conditioning exercise. It is definitely a perfect match for your chest supersets.

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Body Solid Flat Bench Helps You To Increase Your Strength

These days the Body Solid free weight benches are regarded as the most effective and well built weight benches available in the market. You can surely increase your strength, alertness, and flexibility with the help of Body Solid’s wide range of heavy duty weight benches; such as the Body Solid Flat Bench GFB350. This high quality flat bench enables you to carry out all the basic barbell and dumbbell exercises comfortably and is also useful to train the pectorals.

It consists of a 2″ x 3″ commercial mainframe, which is built using a heavy gauge steel and welded on all the four sides. A very thick pad made from top grade upholstery is placed on this sturdy frame; that assists you to perform your training programs at ease. The height of the pad in flat position is 19 inches whereas the back pad is 9.5 inches wide. This popular flat bench also has a wide base that prevents the bench from rocking and thus assures a safe workout. The stylish foot levelers can be conveniently adjusted to fit all users.

The overall size of the flat bench is 20″H x 46″L x 23″W, and it weighs 55 lbs. It is the perfect BodySolid gym equipment to achieve your fitness goals, either in the commercial gym or in your home gym. You can perform various exercises such as bench press, dip, ab crunch, pec fly, pull over, shoulder press, tricep kickback, bent over row, reverse fly, deltoid raise, biceps curl etc. This Body Solid Flat Bench GFB350 model is offered with in-home lifetime warranty.

The flat bench is considered as the foundation of all strength training equipments. The Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat Incline/Decline Bench GFID71 is an adjustable and versatile model. It comprises of a very tough 2″ x 3″ steel frame; that has the ability to easily handle a load capacity of 1000 lbs. The seat and back pads are made from extra thick upholstery; and can therefore support your body to do the most extreme workouts. These highly comfortable pads can be locked in eight different positions to align your body for a perfect posture while performing all your exercises.

The 9.5 inch wide back pad has a quick and easy ladder-style adjustment. While the seat pad has a solid and secure adjustment that enables users of all sizes to perform ab crunches and bent knee sit-ups; with perfect hip alignment and complete lower back support. The T-Bar Leg Hold Down with oversize rollers allows you to lock your legs for maximum comfort and stability; while you are executing the incline and decline strength training, as well as the upper and lower abdominal exercises.

Moreover, the smooth caster wheels enable the user to easily move the bench in and out of any rack as per their convenience and requirement. This heavy duty model is backed by in-home lifetime warranty; and is expandable for Lat Pull Down / Row Attachment GLRA81, Leg Developer Attachment GLDA3 and Preacher Curl Attachment GPCA.

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Essential Body Solid Fitness Equipments Required for Setting up a Home Gym

Every man and woman has a desire of possessing well shaped and healthy body nowadays. But many times due to junk food eating habits, stressful life, carelessness etc., people are not able to maintain good health and at that time they understand the importance of being fit. Exercising is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape and take you in the direction of physical perfection.  Not everybody has time to attend gyms and perform workouts. So, many people now buy fitness equipment for setting up their home gym, so that they don’t have to stand in queue in a gym, waiting for their turn to come. Moreover, they can just exercise at their own convenient time. If you are planning to setup your own home gym, but don’t have an idea as to which fitness equipments are required, then this article will tell you about the essential Body Solid fitness equipments required for setting up a home gym. The fitness equipments you buy for your home gym depends on your fitness goals. If you are a serious body builder, then you may require weight training fitness equipments and if your aim is to lose some weight, then you may need cardiovascular fitness equipments like treadmill, exercise bike etc. Just go through the below mentioned details about the fitness equipments available for weight training as well as cardiovascular exercises and then decide on which gym equipments are essential for your home gym.

Body Solid Home Gym Equipments for Cardiovascular Exercises

Weight gain is the common problem of many people. In that case, the basic requirement of people becomes losing weight and maintaining body in shape. For that, you require to do many cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, jogging etc. It is not practical to go for jogging and running in the park because of either weather or your busy schedule. So, for that you can buy a treadmill or an exercise bike to perform exercises which can help you in losing weight. You can also select an elliptical cross trainer which is multipurpose and can help you in performing many exercises so that you don’t get bored of the workout in which you need to repeat one exercise over and over again. For cardiovascular exercises, rowing machine is also highly popular, as it gives movement to the muscles of your arms and legs both. Rowers give complete workout to the body which can cut off extra inches and reduce your weight both resulting to a well toned and shaped body.

Body Solid Home Gym Equipments for Weight Training

If the main purpose of yours to set up a home gym is to build your body, then your basic requirement would be dumbbells and a weight bench. You can do many body building exercises enhancing every group of your body with the help of dumbbells. Moreover, there is not much space required to store dumbbells. After you have got dumbbells, you require a comfortable and solid weight bench, where you can sit in a straight or inclining position while exercising using your dumbbells. Barbell and kettlebells can also be wonderful option when it comes to body building. If you have got a barbell, you can definitely buy weight plates depending on your weight lifting capacity and requirement. A power rack, smith machine or a multi gym can be the best choice if you have more space in your home gym as these Body Solid gym equipments are versatile and will enable you to do many exercises relating to body building.

Which Home Gym Equipments to Buy?

If you are confused with the idea as to which fitness equipments to buy for your home gym, then you need to first decide your fitness goal. The decision of buying home gym equipments depends on whether you need to lose weight or gain muscles. Even if you are into weight lifting, you may require exercising on a treadmill to improve your heart beat rate and metabolism. So, the decision of buying home gym equipment entirely depends on your fitness goals and the exercises you need to perform. For setting up a perfect home gym, as per your requirements, you can consult your personal trainer and decide accordingly. This decision can be very crucial as home gym equipments are quite expensive and it should not happen that you end up buying fitness equipments which are higher than your capacity or lower than your capacity which will result to failure in solving your purpose of setting up a home gym. Thus, just think over again and again to buy home gym equipment just suiting to your requirement, capacity, space, budget and the most important your fitness goal.

From Where to Buy Home Gym Equipments?

As you know that buying home gym equipments is a crucial decision and needs to be taken carefully, just go through the features and specifications of the exercising equipments you require at different online stores of gym equipments. Compare the prices and features to make the perfect choice. There may be many local shops of gym equipments, but if you need to buy home gym equipments at affordable prices, always go for online store of home gym equipments and select the latest exercising equipments and accessories with best features available at competitive prices.

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Body Solid Home Gym Equipments for Muscle Building Workouts

Possessing a well toned body is a pride for each and every body builder. If you are serious about building muscles but having busy schedules being no time left to attend a gym, then it would be better for you to buy home gym equipments which are used for muscle building workouts. Having perfectly shaped arms, abs, legs etc., require lot of serious workout. Not only muscle building workouts, you also need to do cardiovascular exercises to strengthen your muscle and burn fat. Now you must be wondering as to why burning fat is required to build strong muscles? The answer to this question is that you need to convert unwanted fat of your body into strong muscles which will improve your stamina and strength keeping you healthy for a life time. If you have got the determination of building strong muscles, then you should be ready for a strict muscle workout which can be done with the help of effective gym equipments mentioned below for building strong body and muscles.

Weight Lifting Exercises Using Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells

Incorporating weight lifting exercises using dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells etc., can be a perfect way of building the muscles of torso and arms. The advantage of these weights is that you can manipulate them as per your capacity and performance level. For example, if you have just started muscle building, then you can incorporate light weight dumbbells in your exercising routine. Whereas, if you are a highly experienced body builder, then you can lift heavy weight medicine balls, kettlebells to maintain your muscles and make them stronger.

Body Solid Weight Bench

A weight bench is a tool used while body building. It is made of steel and padded to ensure the comfort level of the users. It is wonderful multipurpose exercising equipment used with various weights like barbells and dumbbells to perform versatile body building exercises. The choice of right kind of weights and weight benches can help a person in performing perfect body building exercises. The different types of weight benches like flat bench, incline/decline bench, abdomen bench etc., are found in most of the gyms and fitness centres. But, now people also buy for their home gym to enhance their workouts and achieve their weight training goals. The flat weight bench is just perfect for simple weight lifting exercises but other weight benches which can be adjusted to incline and decline positions are used for complex weight lifting exercising in various positions.

Body Solid Power Rack

If you are targeting on your abdominal muscles and want to have six pack abs, then the job cannot be easier. You require having determination, discipline, focus and the right gym equipment to achieve your fitness goals. A power rack is gym equipment which holds the barbell at a height chosen by you. The power rack is extremely safe and versatile while performing weight lifting exercises. If you are using power rack while weight lifting, it enables you to perform many crucial weight lifting exercises safely because at any point of time, you are not able to hold the barbell, you can just rest it on the adjustable height safety catch of the power rack without injuring you. A wide variety of body building exercises like squatting, inclining, declining etc., have become quite safe with the help of high quality Bodysolid Power Rack.

Body Solid Smith Machine

The Body Solid Smith machine is highly versatile exercise equipment which is designed to perform various weight lifting exercises. If you buy a Smith machine for your home gym, then you don’t require any other bodysolid gym equipment for your muscle building workouts. It is just all in one fitness equipment which is very much versatile including barbell which moves vertically. The Bodysolid Smith machine has pre determined slots on which the barbell can be hooked and secured. The best thing about Smith machine is that you don’t require your weight training coach with you while exercising using this versatile gym equipment. You can even do your squatting exercises and bench presses safely with the help of this Smith machine.

Many times, the home exercisers don’t have enough space to accommodate Smith machine or a power rack in their home gym. In that case, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls etc., weight lifting gym equipments can be the perfect choice. But, if you have space and want perform muscle building exercise effectively to achieve your fitness goals quickly, it would be better if you buy professional gym equipments like Smith machine, power rack, weight bench etc., for your home gym. For more information on Body Solid home gym equipment, visit

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Body Solid Gym Equipment for Setting up a Commercial Gym

When you are looking forward to set up your own gym, the first thought would be to have entirely professional and multi-functional gym equipments which are of high quality and long lasting. Different kinds of people with different fitness goals would be visiting your gym and using exercising machines and equipments you have set up in your gym. You need to take care all the different requirements of those people and buy gym equipment accordingly. Some people would come to your gym for losing weight whereas; some would be coming for body building. There is a wide variety of Body Solid gym equipments available in the market of best quality to choose from, some of them are explained in detail as given below:-

Weight Bench

The weight bench is the flexible device must for any commercial gym. A weight bench can be adjusted to incline, decline and flat positions to enable different types of exercises comfortably. A weight bench is not just perfect for a dumbbell workout but can be used with power rack, smith machine and squat racks for other different workouts. There are many different types of weight benches available, like flat bench, incline/decline bench, Olympic bench etc. The flat bench is considered to be just perfect if you need to perform basic dumbbell exercises. An incline decline bench is preferred when you need to adjust the torso section to vary your workout. Moreover, Olympic weight bench works great when workouts with heavier weights are to be performed. Most of the weight benches come with a leg press which enable you to perform leg extensions to strengthen your leg muscles. Click here to know more about Body Solid Gym  Equipment for Setting up a Commercial Gym

Power Rack

A power rack is a large metal frame providing support while weight lifting using barbells. It is just perfect for a safe weight lifting workout because it has adjustable bars on both sides to hold the weights at different intervals. The adjustable bars holding the weights can be adjusted up and down according to your requirements. So, the chances of getting injured during weight lifting using power racks become very less. As soon as the weight lifter feels heavy weight on the body, he can just drop the barbell on any adjustable bar which is the nearest. Being a gym owner, it becomes your responsibility to provide a versatile and safe power rack to the body builders coming to your gym for workouts. The Body Solid Power Rack can be the perfect choice for your gym as it is designed and engineered in such a way that even extreme workouts can be performed in a comfortable manner.

Squat Rack

A squat rack is the basic requirement of any gym as it enables you to perform squats and leg presses safely. There is an integrated weight storage which allows placing weight plates exactly where you need them. Various exercises like pull ups, chin ups, inversions etc., can be performed using this squat rack. A squat rack helps in building a well toned body as it enables muscle building and chest building as well as also helps in developing strong and powerful legs. The most important factor of weight lifting exercise is the safety and you need to keep that in mind while buying gym equipments for your commercial gym.  A Body Solid squat rack perfectly fulfils that requirement as it prevents knees and back injuries. The best thing about a Bodysolid squat rack is that it can be used by beginners and professional body builders both.

Besides above mentioned Bodysolid gym equipments, you may also require treadmills, exercise bikes, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells etc., for your commercial gym. So, just visit and go through the details of other gym equipments for commercial gyms.

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Weight Training Bench for Heavy Weight Lifting


A weight training bench is a piece of equipment that has a resemblance to a normal bench, but is designed for use in weight training. Weight training benches may be of various designs: fixed horizontal, fixed inclined, fixed in a folded position, with one adjustable portion, with two or more adjustable portions, with racks to hold bars, etc. Weight benches have an important role in the exercise routine of people.

Gym benches aid the movement of hyper-extension. This helps strengthen the lower back muscles that improve core stability and posture. Gym benches provide the support needed to lift heavy weights and will not break or buckle under strain. It also gives the user more confidence to focus on the muscle without having to stress about losing balance or control during the movement.

New weight trainers will struggle to remember proper posture, technique and breathing guidelines and using a bench will help to teach the basic principles without worrying about falling over or using momentum of the body. They guarantee the necessary support and stability in order for the lifter to focus on what actually matters: focusing on the muscle. One great thing about weight benches is that they need not only be used with weights. They can also be used in other exercise routines, including cardiovascular workouts. People who are just starting to exercise using weights may find it hard to remember what the proper postures are, as well as proper technique. Therefore, these benches are excellent so that you can learn about proper technique and posture without having to worry about any mistake or injury Things like core stability, posture, and strengthening of the lower back can be accomplished by using this equipment. Weight benches are widely available in gyms, but you can also install one in your home to achieve maximum benefits for your workout. Benches are perfect when it comes to saving space, especially in small home gyms. Stabilization of the body and form is crucial when lifting weights, which is why a weight bench has become an important part of any gym workout. Weight benches provide stable support necessary to be able to lift heavy weights. This will help prevent injuries such as muscle strain or break, and will also gives you more confidence and concentration when you lift the weights because you no longer have to worry about keeping your balance or control during the process. Weight benches serve multiple purposes. Apart from offering stable support for heavy lifting, you can use it as a step for step-up exercises, platform for push- ups and mat for abdominal crunches. This bench is very helpful for you to lift barbells for weight lifting without pressuring your body too much. Aside from that this bench helps you target every part of your muscle that you need to develop. You will not be over strained in weightlifting for it will focus on the muscle that only needs to be developed. A weight bench also helps parts of the body that are not always exercised. This one simple tool, coupled with a few weights allows you to do a large variety of different exercises.

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Important Variants of Bench Press

Bench press is a staple exercise of the bodybuilders usually performed for strengthening the upper muscles of the body. The exercise helps in development of pectorals, deltoids, and triceps of the trainer. All the upper body major muscles and also the supporting muscles including anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapulae fixers and trapezii are best trained with different kinds of bench press movements. Bench press is performed using weights on a weight bench. Depending on the types of weight used, angle and the way the exercise is performed there are different classifications in bench press.

Depending on the weights used, bench press can be classified into the following

Dumbbell Bench Press

Bench press performed with dumbbells is a dumbbell bench press. In a dumbbell bench press trainer grasps two dumbbells firmly in his hands while lying on the weight bench performing different sorts of movements to create stress in muscles which helps in their toning. Dumbbell bench press works wonders for chest development. It not only trains the major chest muscles but also provides good exercise for overall upper body muscles including the secondary muscles because with dumbbells wide range of motions are possible that might not be possible with other forms like barbell bench press. Dumbbell press is safer because it is easy to drop the dumbbells in case of any accidents.

Barbell Bench Press

For those looking for intense chest or upper body training, barbell bench press is good alternative to dumbbell bench press. In the dumbbell bench press, when the lifter reaches a certain strength, he witnesses awkwardness of holding a big dumbbell and getting it into position which seriously limits his strength but with barbell which is balanced on both sides with rod is much systematic form of load which can be conveniently be used for intense exercising of muscles and fibers in those muscles. Therefore a barbell bench press with heavier weights can also help in much calorie loss too and is definitely a good exercise for body shaping too.

Depending on the position or angle at which the exercise is performed bench press can be classified as

Flat Bench Press

A bench press is also called as flat bench press usually. A flat bench press is a regular bench press that is performed while lying flat on back parallel to ground. The flat bench press is good for the pectoralis major muscle especially the lower as well as the anterior deltoid muscle workouts. It is good for overall chest and upper shoulder training.

Incline Bench Press

Compared to flat position of flat bench press, incline bench press is performed while rising up at an incline. The position of a trainer in incline bench press will be similar to position of a person while reclining in a chair which means the shoulders are at elevation while the pelvis at lower position. This inclined position helps to target the upper chest muscles. The only problem with incline bench press is that it cannot be performed using such heavier weights that are possible with flat bench press.

Decline Bench Press

Decline bench press is performed at reverse angle. Here the pelvis is at elevated position while the head being at lowered angle. The workout performed in this declined position bench press is a great work out for the lower chest muscles.

Apart from these there are still other secondary variants of bench press like flat dumbbell bench press, flat barbell bench press, incline and decline variants of barbell and dumbbell bench press, close grip bench press, reverse grip bench press etc. With so many strategies and methods for bench press workout, it is really important for a trainer to select a right bench press strategy or method that gives him the best results.

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Things to Consider While Performing Bench Press

Bench press is an excellent form of exercise for upper body training. It trains the chest and shoulder muscles. The major muscles of the body including pectorals, deltoids, and triceps and also the secondary muscles are trained when bench press is done with continuous and varied movements with weights. There are different kinds of bench press are performed by the body builders for upper body training including incline bench press, decline bench press, flat bench press, reverse grip bench press, conventional bench press, bamboo bench press etc. Bench press can either be done using a barbell or with a set of dumbbells. The bench press done with barbell is barbell bench press and that with dumbbells is a dumbbell bench press. However the modern way of performing bench press is on a Smith machine. In bench press with Smith machine the exercise is performed by lowering and raising the barbell that is restricted between the steel runners.

Whatever be the type of bench press, it is very important to perform it with proper techniques and methods to ensure that the top level safety and best results are achieved. Following are some of most important things one needs to focus on for performing bench press to ensure healthy shoulders and longevity.

Select the Right Equipment

To perform bench press safely and most accurately, the basic and most important thing one should consider is equipment. Depending on training requirements and experience in performing the exercise, one should rightly select the equipment for best results. For example if the trainer is just beginner he can go with barbell with light weight initially and then eventually add up the weights for much intense muscle training as the convenience grows.

Have a Spotter for Help

Secondly while performing a bench press, especially the barbell bench press it is very important to have a spotter for help because this will ensure safety from accidents often resulting due to weights mishandling or falling.

Warm Up Before Bench Press

You need to prepare your body for training. For this trainer should perform some basic warm up and stretch up exercises initially before performing the bench press. With start-up exercises upper body will get loosened and ready for the training.

Proper Posture is Very Important

The position really matters. Right position will ensure that the exercise is performed to the best and with proper safety. It is very important to position the legs flat and at 90 degrees to the floor during the lifts. Moreover a tight grip on the weight at all times is important because a tighter grip creates more tension in the lower arms, upper back and chest. Keep your chest up throughout the movement. Make sure that you do not arch your back as you press the bar up because this will decrease the effectiveness of the exercise.

Once you have set proper posture and started training, you will feel stress in your upper body parts especially the shoulders and chest. Once you get comfortable with the bench press, slowly increase the difficulty of your routine. Try out different forms of bench press performed alternately. For example initially start up with flat bench press, then do a set of incline presses followed by a set of decline presses. This will give your muscles the best movement and training for strength. Never forget to use a spotter for safety.

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Equipments to Perform Bench Press – Dumbbell, Barbell, Smith Machine

Equipments to Perform Bench Press – Dumbbell, Barbell, Smith Machine

Bench press is the king of all chest or upper body exercises. When done in a way specifically targeted for bodybuilding, bench press can show wonderful results for development of the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. It also helps in the development of the chest muscles serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapulae fixers, trapezii and biceps muscles. While performing a bench press a trainer lies on a weight bench and raises and lowers a weight from the level of the chest and repeats the same for number of times. Therefore the basic equipment used in performing bench press is a weight bench and a type of weight with which this exercise is performed however a variant of bench press is also performed with weight machine called smith machine.

Bench Press with Barbells (Barbell Bench Press)

Bench press performed with barbells is termed as barbell bench press. Studies show that most individuals can lift more weight by benching with a barbell. Therefore with barbells greater loads can be used and more muscles and plenty muscle fibers within those muscles can be targeted for intense weight training for enhanced testosterone production and calorie burning.

Bench Press with Dumbbells (Dumbbell Bench Press)

A dumbbell bench press is a good alternative to the barbell press. Performed with individual dumbbells, this type of bench press eliminates the muscular imbalance issues often faced in barbell bench presses. More ranges of motions much conveniently are possible to perform with bench press using dumbbells. This causes an extra stretch in the muscle and can result in a higher quality of muscle contraction. Performing bench press with dumbbells does not require any spotter for help as these are much safer and convenient to perform. They can be easily dropped off in the event of any harmful occurrence and thereby help in avoiding the freak accidents like muscle cramps that can result in barbell presses.

Bench Press with Smith Machine (Smith Machine Bench Press)

The smith machine is actually a multipurpose machine used for a variety of exercises. It is popular exercise equipment often used for working on the pectoral muscles in the gyms. A smith machine consists of a barbell is fixed within steel rails. Bench press with smith machine is a favorite chest exercise for many because the machine has built in safety guards that eliminates the need for the trainer to have a own spotter. Therefore exercising or bench press with smith machine can be done with more intensity using much heavier loads. is the best place to buy these equipments for performing bench press ncluding dumbbells for dumbbell bench press, barbells for barbell bench press and smith machine for smith machine bench press. For details visit

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