Cardio Exercise – How Important is it with Professional Gym Equipments

Cardio exercises increase the rate of heart beat. You look younger and healthy when you exercise regularly and are physically active. A good exercise regimen includes cardio as well as muscle building exercises with the help of fitness equipments.

Cardio exercises if done regularly improve body resistance, stamina and improves the immune system. The metabolic rate becomes more proficient so more calories are burnt. It also reduces stress and improves your confidence.

During a good cardio exercise you move the large muscles of your body, which require more oxygen, so more oxygen gets circulated in the blood stream of your body. As the heart has to pump more blood to the muscles being exercised it becomes stronger.

Many different types of equipment like a treadmill, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes etc. are very good for cardio exercises and they are very simple to use.

Types of Gym Equipments for Cardio Exercise

Rowing Machine- This is an advanced cardio exercise machine. Since you have to push with your legs and pull using your arms, you need to coordinate. Even your abdominal muscles are being used in order to support the back.

A number of muscle groups are used while working on rowing machines, so loads of calories are burnt.

Treadmill –A wonderful machine for cardio exercise, it is used for walking or running without actually moving from the place. It has a moving area, a conveyor belt and a motor. The belt moving backward lets you run or walk in the opposite direction. Your speed of running or walking is the speed at which the belt moves. Thus, you can control the speed of your walk.

This cardio exercise is healthy for everyone as it is not very taxing since it is just like walking on the road.

Cross Trainer or Elliptical Trainer – A cardio exercise machine, this is used to produce the effect of climbing stairs, walking and running but does not put too much pressure on the joints. While working on these exercise machines a number of muscles from various parts of your body are involved in the activity.

It is more developed than a treadmill and is good for people who are recuperating from some injury or illness since you get a low force complete body work out.

Exercise Bike – These bikes are of two types, recumbent bikes and upright bikes. If you have pain in the lower back then recumbent bike is a good option.

People with knee problems can also work on these machines as these bikes do not strain the joints too much, but to avoid tension on the knees the cycle must be adjusted to your body. Once you get used to sitting on these, it’s quite comfortable.

Stair Climber – These are a fine option for cardio exercise along with making the lower body muscles stronger. One should not incline towards the side bars as the effect of the workout on the whole will become less. During the workout you should keep up a fine posture. Further more information about various professional Gym Equipments, visit -


How effective a cardio workout is depends on how hard you work and not which equipment you use. When you work on your cardio you must also work on other muscles of your body. Do not use only one set of muscles, but involve as many muscles as you can.

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