Cardio Exercise Equipments – Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Elliptical Cross Trainer

Common Cardio Exercise Equipments Found at a Gym

Cardio exercises are great for body training whether it is for weight loss, muscle building or general health. The great thing is that today a number of exercise equipments are available on which various kinds of cardio exercises can be easily and most effectively be performed for ultimate health benefits. Some of the widely used and commonly found cardio equipments at any gym are treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes etc. Let us have detailed look at few of these.

Exercise Bike

Cycling is an excellent cardio workout. For those who cannot go outdoors for cycling, working out on an exercise bike in home gym or commercial gym will offer great cardio workout. Similar to regular bike, on stationary exercise bikes also individual will be required to use the power of your legs thereby increasing his or her endurance and amount of calorie burn. Depending on one’s speed and resistance, anywhere from 250-500 calories can be burnt in around 30 minutes of bike work out. As compared to other workouts, a bike work out is low-impact one and therefore will be less stressful on your joints, knees and lower muscles. It is best exercise for toning and strengthening lower part of body especially the legs and buttocks. As any other cardio work out improves the functioning of heart, the exercise bike does the same.


Experts say that the best cardio exercise equipment is the one that helps you lose fat. What can be much better than a treadmill for weight loss? Treadmill is certainly the best exercise equipment for cardio training and therefore is always preferred by those who have higher weight loss goals. A treadmill can burn the highest number of calories in much lesser than any other cardiovascular machines. With an intense work out on treadmill with greater speeds you can expect to burn nearly 100 to 200 calories per mile depending on one’s body’s calorie burning capacity. You can use a treadmill with or without an incline and walk on it slowly or run briskly as per your choice. Inclined and brisk running or walking workout on treadmill will give you an intense cardio workout thereby helping you burn more calories for rapid weight loss. This will ultimately improve your heart health too. There is no doubt that a regular work out on treadmill will improve your cardiovascular health and will take you towards your weight loss goals much swiftly.

Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer

Elliptical trainer is certainly the most popular cardio machine found at the gym. An elliptical trainer will allow your body to move in a natural way but without the impact of the treadmill. With an elliptical cross trainer, you are basically running in place but with less impact on your knees and ankles than the actually running. You can also adjust the speed and resistance of the machine for more intense cardio workouts if necessary. With elliptical trainer, you can go backwards as well therefore adding variety while working your muscles in a different way. You are burning out calories all the time while you are working out on a trainer. Therefore you are burning out more calories throughout session. Actually you can burn more calories with trainer than a treadmill or exercise bike.

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